Sunday, December 05, 2004

Trans Regional Sound Music Festival on 18 December 2004

Music Without Frontiers! Outdoor music festival has become increasingly popular among the local music lovers. Major foreign music festivals like Big Day Out, Glastonbury and Baybeats has been tearing down the boundaries in rock music. On 18 December 2004, Tiger Powerhitz and Soundscape Records will provide local music lovers with an avenue to experience a 6 hours long marathon music festival at the open air car park, situated at Culture Street, Jalan Balai Polis, Kuala Lumpur. Themed Trans Regional Sound, the music festival is aimed at promoting non-mainstream and independent sound across Asia. It involves artistes from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, as well as our homegrown acts. As the presenter of the music festival, Tiger Powerhitz primary objective is to provide a platform for unsigned bands and musician to perform Live Music to local music lovers. As more and more local musicians are venturing into the direction of DIY and independent music, Tiger Powerhitz sees this as a great opportunity to provide a liberal space for them to unleash their energetic and avant-garde sound. Tiger Powerhitz set out to present a music festival that will break through all the barriers, in terms of musical styles and genres. This festival will showcase eight diverse international and local acts from around Asia. Event: Trans Regional Sound Music Festival Date : 18 December 2004 Time : 3pm - 5pm (Flea Market, Unplugged Session, Graffitti Art Exhibition and etc) 6pm-12am (Music Festival) Venue: Culture Street, Open Air Carpark (Opposite Wow Wow Cafe, Near Petaling Street)Admission : Free! Line-Up: The Fly (China) Lim Giong & Stingrays (Taiwan) King Ly Chee (Hong Kong) Nevada #51 (South Korea) Cpj (Singapore) Furniture (Malaysia) Lang Mang (Malaysia) Nao (Malaysia) Official Information Website:

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