Saturday, April 30, 2005

Peter Hoe Beyond

We were invited to the 3rd Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards - Cocktail Gathering themed ‘Pink Mischief’ at Peter Hoe’s Beyond Outlet. (Thank you! Thank you! To Kathy of and Paddy Schubert for the invitation.. J ) We were wondering where this venue was in the rain from the fuzzy map faxed to us, as the cocktail was not held at some normal hotel or restaurant venue .. well the people in the arts have to do things creatively right? Nevertheless, we managed to find this jewel of a place called Peter Hoe’s neatly tucked in China Town. Why are we telling you all this?? Simply because we believe in sharing. This place is Amazing! Yes yes, we could go on and on about the function and who performed and who was there but we specifically wanted to highlight the venue. They are after all one of the many sponsors for the awards. We felt that this was too good a secret to keep quiet about despite their wishes to grow slowly and by word of mouth. Peter Hoe has two outlets, Beyond (picture) and Evolution. For those of you who love shopping and interior decorating, this is heaven. You have to experience it for yourself. It’s interesting what you can find in KL that you never knew existed. To us, it was a revelation. We came across a note in a frame that said, “This store is the result of 15 years of hard work, so enjoy yourselves.” How fitting it was as it was very apparent from the diversity of products they had on display. He has painstakingly sourced and had items custom made from India, Indonesia, Thailand and other places. From Fashion, Unique Batik Materials, Clothes, Accessories, Jewellery, Home Décor, Cutleries, Stationery, Bags, Gifts in Silver, Leather, Wood, Silk, Wool, Paper in colours of Fuschia Pink, Lime Green and … Let me catch my breath.. Enuff Said! There’s even a café just for you to chill out to. Yes I know we sound like kids discovering candy for the first time. It was!! Like Ikea meets Ombak meets Thai Silk! Yours truly was so busy shopping while the other guests were enjoying their cocktails and conversations. Where was the ATM when you needed one! Whatever it is, this place is wonderful to find those unique items that will be the envy of your friends. Haiya.. don’t tell them that the prices are very reasonable laa! Hush hush.. our little seclet aaa.. Peter Hoe’s is open everyday till late evening including Sundays. You can call them at 03-20269788 or 03-20262788. Look for a very helpful staff by the name of Mutiara and mention that Ascension sent you. It is located at No 145, Jalan Tun H.S Lee, 2nd Floor Lee Rubber Building (above Popular Bookstore). Easiest way to get there is to head to Central Market from Puduraya, turn left at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee and you will see Popular Bookstore on your right. Highly recommended by Smoove & Ascension. Posted by Hello

Casting for the new session of 3R

3R (Respect, Relax, Respond) is an award-winning, ½ hour informative-cum-magazine style programme which is hosted in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. The show aims to empower young women by providing information and different perspectives for our women audiences to be empowered when making decisions. '3R is targeted at young people from the ages of 15-35, but over the years, this bilingual programme has captured viewers up to the age of 40! 3R’s viewers represent the women of today: independent, modern, IT savvy and can do whatever they set themselves up to!! For our Drama Segment, we are currently looking for talented and versatile actor/actress, age 3 yrs-60yrs old. Looks don't matter. Just Call us to book an audition slot!! For Red Communications Angie Choo Tel:03-7955 3345

Friday, April 29, 2005

The Actors Studio Bangsar presents Life Sdn. Bhd. Session 3

LIFE...Sdn Bhd 3 opened to a Full House in KL, now heads to Penang and Ipoh!! LIFE...Sdn Bhd 3 heads up north this 29 & 30 April @ 8.30 p.m. and 1st May @ 3 p.m. at TAS Green Hall, Penang and 2nd May @ 8.30 Ipoh's Taman Budaya, Perak. For Penang, please call 04 - 263 5400 to book seats. For Ipoh, book by emailing or call our Penang number or just come to the door an hour before the show! Entry for both Penang & Ipoh - by donations minimum RM30. 50% off for students, Senior citizens above 55 & the disabled. Ensemble theatre about Malaysian life, off- and on-stage, culled from the experiences of theatre veterans including Patrick Teoh, Gavin Yap, Ben Tan, Christina Orow, Andrew Tan, Ari Ratos, Fang Chyi, Mary George, Mohd Sobri Anuar, Nell Ng, Reza Zainal, Susan Lankester, and Samantha Schubert. Performers tell stories about radio stations, stand-up comedy, families and friends in monologues, dance and song. Presented by The Actors Studio, Life ... Sdn Bhd 3 wants to "make you smile, chuckle, laugh – perhaps think a little", like its two previous installments, in Feb and Oct 2004; both of which having been very well received by audiences. Directed and produced by Faridah Merican. Scripted and dramaturged by Joe Hasham. MUST Go watch it!! Side splitting, rib tickling, chair falling originality about the realities of Malaysian Life! - Smoove Guide Recommends! Posted by Hello

Canton International Summer Music Academy (CISMA) 2005 Auditions Kick Off in May

Auditions for the inaugural session of the Canton International Summer Music Academy (CISMA) are scheduled to begin in May in major arts centres across Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hanoi, as well as Taipei and Hong Kong. Auditions in Malaysia will be held on the 15th May at the Music Training Room, Dewan Filharmonik Petronas from 9.00am to 6 p.m. Audition candidates will have the opportunity to showcase their musical skills and talents in front of celebrated Canadian violinist, Chantal Juillet. Juillet, who is the Director of the Saratoga International Chamber Music Festival and former Head of Chamber Music at the Pacific Music Festival, is also the Artistic Associate and Director of Chamber Music at the CISMA. Students and musicians interested to participate in auditions are encouraged to submit their applications by the application deadline on 6th May.Successful candidates to the CISMA will be under the tutelage of the finest orchestral players and teachers in their fields. The piano faculty of CISMA 2005 will include Gary Graffman, former President of the Curtis Institute of Music, as well as Alexis Golovine, Professor of the Piano Faculty at the Geneva Conservatory. Principals of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra de la Suisse Romande, and Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich will form the resident faculty at CISMA.Students of the CISMA will also take part in rehearsals and performances alongside CISMA soloists, Gary Graffman (Piano), Jean-Philippe Collard (Piano), and Akiko Suwanai (Violin). World-renowned conductors, Claus Peter Flor and Janos Furst will lead the CISMA student orchestras. For more information on the Canton International Summer Music Academy, application procedures and auditions, please visit or contact the CISMA International Student Liaison Office on +603 21662166 or Fax +603 21626634.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jamie Woon at Backyard Pub

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Subliminal Sessions Tour Singapore

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Zouk Labour Day Holiday Special

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Heineken Thirst Finals at Sepang Circuit

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Discover Music with Hennessy VSOP

Press Release Hennessy V.S.O.P proudly launches the Discover Music with Hennessy V.S.O.P 2005 series aimed at reigniting Malaysians’ interests and passion for ‘live’ music concept that is upbeat, innovative and fresh. Beginning in May, the Discover Music with Hennessy V.S.O.P 2005 series will infuse some of the trendiest outlets in the Klang Valley, featuring both local and international acts in six exciting sessions. It will also bring to Malaysia an exposure to sophisticated experimental music with influence from genres such as Jazz, Funk, Electronica and Acid Jazz. Among the most admired artistes that will be performing is Digital Cutup Lounge (DCL). These famous producers, John von Seggern from U.S.A. and Stephen Ives from the U.K., kicks off the series with their ingenious techniques of engaging laptops to mix dance tracks, jazz solos and ambient noise - in what is called a radical form of new art laptop MP3 DJ-ing. DCL’s music is live with instinctive rhythms and powerful transitions of Drum 'n' Bass, and presents a seamless fusion of the electronic underground with avant-garde jazz. DCL has also incorporated their cutting-edge digital music technologies into remixes for such popular artistes as Madonna, Astrud Gilberto, Barry White and Sam Hui. Be sure not to miss out on their innovative performance at Bliss, the Lounge at twelveSi on 6 May. Apart from DCL, music lovers may also look forward to the unique style of famous Taiwan singer-songwriter Cat Peng in June. Cat, also known by her Chinese name as Peng Ching Hui, is well-known for her creative compositions of jazz melodies and modern rhythms. Her creativity is the result of pure talent, which has been cultivated since the tender age of five, and inspiration from artistes such as Natalie Cole, Laura Fygi, Carol Kidd, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. With three albums to her name, Cat’s performance at the upcoming Discover Music with Hennessy V.S.O.P 2005 event promises to be exhilarating. (Editors Note: Omigod she's awesome!!) June Neoh, Marketing Director of Moet Hennessy Brands, Riche Monde Malaysia says that Hennessy V.S.O.P’s latest repertoire is most appropriate, as the world’s No. 1 cognac brand continues to cultivate and build on its long standing intimate relationship with fine music. “For over two centuries, Hennessy V.S.O.P has led in the discovery of sensation and in sharing pleasurable moments with loyal followers through its music series. The Hennessy V.S.O.P music series is always ‘live’, and rich in flavour and taste, just like the liqueur itself. The possibilities of enjoying the world’s finest cognac with music are simply limitless and the relationship is inseparable owing to Hennessy V.S.O.P’s rich legacy in fine living,” Neoh said. Riche Monde Malaysia is committed to share the appreciation of music with Malaysians and every year, the Discover Music with Hennessy V.S.O.P series only gets better. Stay tuned for more upcoming information on Hennessy V.S.O.P acts, schedules and venues for the Discover Music with Hennessy V.S.O.P 2005 series. For more information on Hennessy V.S.O.P, please visit Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Peter Pan (Indonesia) 'Live' at Planet Hollywood

Duago exclusively presents the Indonesia band Peterpan, performing its first ever showcase at the Planet Hollywood, Kuala Lumpur on the 1st May, 2005. Show starts at 3pm but get there early to buy the tickets. Tickets at RM40 (inclusive 1 drink). Enter the sms contest (details at and you'll have the chance to win exclusive prizes including dinner with Peterpan. Duago is offering exclusive prizes to be won including dinner withPeterpan (10), CD (10) & T-shirts (autographed by Peterpan) as well as show passes. They just need to sms PETERPAN MENANG and send it to 32300. This contest is open to Duago and Peterpan Fan members only. They can join Peterpan Fan now by sms'ing PETERPAN FAN and send it to 32300. Extra tip for Smoove readers..... Duago will send an sms alert to all Peterpan Fan mobilephones on the night of 1st May to inform them of the venue where they can party with Peterpan. sms DUAGO YES and send it to 32300 to be a Smoove Duago Member. It's so easy! Another great band from Indonesia, Dewa will also perform in Kuala Lumpur on the 28th of May, 2005. Just keep yourself posted at our website for more details. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

All Out War Against Drugs

Officials from the Malaysian Drug Prevention Association declared all-out war against club drugs this week, warning they’ll be cracking down hard on any and all nightspots where revellers are suspected of misbehaving. Local police chief Datuk Mohd Najib Abdul Aziz stressed drug-using celebrities and off duty cops will also face jail if detected in the raids, which he promised will happen imminently. "We have already compiled a list of nightclubs involved in such activities nationwide and are waiting for the right time to strike," the Deputy Commissioner told the Malaysia Star. "No one will be spared." In recent years Malaysia has become one of the top global destinations for superstar DJs though in the last year a number of clubs have been raided in high profile swoops. One such club was the Techno Discotheque in Bandar Sri Damansara, where in the early hours of New Years Day this year, narcotics cops drug-tested everybody present, arresting and jailing 261 clubbers after they tested positive for E. Revellers risk the death penalty if caught with even relatively small amounts of drugs while pot smoking visitors could face problems if they smoke a joint within six weeks of visiting the country. "You could be asked to take a urine test on arrival in Malaysia if you are suspected of having used drugs before your visit," Britain’s Foreign Office warn on their website. "Should the test prove positive, you could be referred for rehabilitation treatment or be deported." Editors note: Moral of the story is.. we believe in having good clean wholesome fun and if need be, being high natural-E (naturally). We do not need artificial substances to have a great time.. but hey, if feel you should screw yourself up to have a buzz.. well.. do it where it doesn't inconvenience others and be responsible for your own actions.. if you get caught.. well there's the always "What to do if you get arrested" self help guide below.. Drugs sucks!

Lotus Track Days At Sepang Circuit

Hi Folks and Friends, 1. Lotus Track are trackday sessions at Sepang F1 Circuit (SIC) 9am-12noon. They fall mainly on Saturdays (please call to check and confirm!) 2. Lotus Drift are days when we will carry out our usual drivers training sessions with drifting in the afternoon when everyone's tired of listening to Sean's/Kenvin's instructions. Don't waste the opportunity to learn something from our professional instructors during these sessions. Then, the best bit in the afternoons, Drifting. 3. There are 3 rounds left in the AAM KKS Autocross Championship 2005. The dates are penned in together with the preceeding practice rounds. Note the practice rounds will only be half-day sessions. (email to enquire) All dates are subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances. All sessions have been OK'd by Lotus Cars AP for our usual technical support. Any queries please feel free to call/SMS me 017-3336900 or email Have fun safely! Cheers, Dr Kenneth Seow Motorsport Director Lotus Cars Club Malaysia

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Red and White Singles Party

From the organizers of last year's highly successful Red and White Singles Party, Red and White are back in town again and this time, we're coming back BIGGER than ever before!!! Promising you another night of fun, games galore to hook people up and covered my major magazines and graced by local celebs, this is certainly the party of the year not to be missed! With only 500 tickets are up for sale, (set quotas of 250 tickets for guys and 250 for girls), you are bound to meet someone there! Details are as follows : Lock & Key Nite Time : 8pm to 3am the wee hours of the morning Date : Thursday, 28 April 2005 Venue : Passion Club, 18-1, Jalan P.Ramlee, 50250 KL Dress Code: Dressed to kill (singles party mah) Ticket Price: RM 50 nett Tons of singles to hook up with. Tons of attached people to hook up and network with Fantastic games & exciting prizes to be won Passion, the poshest joint in KL, will have its in-house DJ Kesh, to groove the house with plenty of R&B and contemporary tunes. Parts of the proceeds shall go to charity of the organisers' choice. Who should attend? Everyone!!! Whether you're single and desperate to meet someone new, or attached but would love to meet and make new friends, or a party animal or if you are just bored with nothing to do, this is the party to go to!!!! Attached but still would like to come? Just come... as mentioned earlier, the party's open to all!!! So singles, couples, straight and the not so straight, 24 or 42, get those tickets now!!! How do I get a ticket? Easy! Simply call 012-3261422 and ask for Pat. Should you have any queries, you can always ask Pat or email

Nicky C - Dreams CD

If Nicky C's been keeping his head down, it's cause he's been busy creating. Now his monster is born, and what a snarling beast it is. Crammed with nine predominantly instrumental tracks built for the floor, Dreams reverentially pays respect to all of Nicky's influences, and the dark, dingy clubs and sleek bars he's had to work. 'Me & You' is an extended excursion through Balearic territory; 'Bad Boyz' a sinister floor destroying track with scattershot drums, noodly keyboards and Richter scale bass; and 'Annihilating Rhythm' a breaks stampede. Even Dido's 'White Flag' gets a rework. Clearly paying attention to how it's done, the veteran DJ and producing star takes a left turn into hip hop mix tape territory before slamming down tribal house that can only come from the molten core of some subterranean sweat pit. Not all the tracks have been designed for the casual listener, but many like the jaw dropping 'Pop The Trip' are. A slick hybrid of pounding kick drums, menacing horns, nasty scratching and a killer hook, it ('Pop The Trip') could easily rise to the sunny side of international hip hop/dance charts. It's about time Nicky got the cred he deserves; this brilliant piece of work should leave no argument as to why. Self released, Dreams is only available at Nicky C gigs for only RM 18 Review by Muna Noor - Editor, Juice Magazine Smoove Note: If you are interested to purchase this CD.. Now on Sale RM18 only available from Nicky himself at Luna Bar on weekends!!.. Special Price (not inclusive of postal charges)!! Just drop an email to us to order your copy and we will get in touch with you with further instructions. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

3rd Annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards Night

And the winners were..

Malaysian Public Decide Winners Of Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2004

The time has come – the performing arts industry is about to hail the best of 2004 in dance, music and theatre at Malaysia’s only performing arts awards organised by Some 1000 guests will be there including the Deputy Minister of Arts, Culture & Heritage, corporate sponsors such as Boh Plantations, Tumasek Pewter, Astro and Genting, dancers, singers, musicians, actors and actresses, directors, producers and technical crew – they will all be there at this glittering event themed “Dramanya …”. 30 prestigious awards will be presented to Malaysia’s top talents and special awards to be bestowed on outstanding individuals in the local arts scene., organiser of Malaysia’s only performing arts industry awards the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards, call all Malaysians to exercise their voting rights to select the winners of three categories for the 2004 Awards to be held on 22 April 2005 at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. The three categories are: Audience Choice Awards for Best Dance Performance, Best Music Performance and Best Theatre Performance. Earlier this month, professional judges had named the nominees for 24 categories for which awards will be presented but Malaysian public casting votes online for the three Audience Choice Awards may root for any one of the eligible shows throughout 2004. The list to choose from numbers a total of 17 dance productions, 19 concerts and 46 plays. All you need to do is log on to and click on the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards icon to reach the Awards homepage or alternatively, directly to before the 10th of April. Five lucky voters will receive a pair of tickets to attend the exciting event, touted to be a glitzy and glittering evening to be graced by the Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, YB Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, and attended by some of Malaysia’s top performing artists, celebrities, arts activists and academics as well as members of the media and fans of the local arts. would also like to call upon all theatre groups, NGOs, youth associations and the like to submit, by 30th March 2005, details of projects that they had organised between 1 January 2004 and 31 December 2004 with the aim of educating, providing opportunities, developing and empowering people in the community.

Your projects stand a chance of winning the IMG Artists Most Outstanding Educational or Community Development Project Award 2004, sponsored by IMG Artists and carries a cash prize of RM5,000 and a Tumasek Pewter trophy. The Five Arts Centre won last year’s award for their Taman Medan Community Arts Project. Interested parties can log on to kakiseni website for the submission forms or contact Kathy Rowland at 7493 4240 for more information.

The 3rd Annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards Night will be held at the Grand Ballroom, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, on Friday 22 April 2005, 8.30 pm. Zahim Albakri (Best Director, 2002) has been appointed the Artistic Director of the Awards Ceremony Night. Actor and playwright Jit Murad, returns as the host of the evening, together with singer Izlyn Ramli, and the night will feature performances by some of Malaysia’s most talented artists. Tickets (RM40 each) will be available on or call Axcess ticketing hotline on 03-7711 5000 (Axcess ticketing charge of RM2 per ticket applies) today!

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Nokia Presents Four Four Two Zone.. Outdoor Football Screening

7th May.. Free Admission with Invitation. Click here for more information for invitation. Posted by Hello

Cinema Online Movie Jumble Challenge

Click here for more information Posted by Hello

"Kallianees" Authentic Indian Kerala Restaurant

Kallianees will have a special Mother's Day Lunch Buffet on Sunday, May 8th, 2005 from 11:30am to 4pm for only RM25 nett per adult and RM12 nett per child under 12 years old. Mothers will also be given a door gift Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

April Club, Arts & Social Events Calendar

More events to be posted soon.. please check this space regularly. VooDoo presents Mike Koglin @ Zouk Mainroom Friday, 1st April 2005 As the one bonafide super club remaining in the KL scene, it’s only natural for Zouk to open up the dance floor to globally renowned Trance acts of the century. With a more diverse music policy, Zouk presents to you Voodoo – a Trance infused evening, set to rock you to the realm of ecstasy every first Friday of the month. Voodoo presents - Mike DJ technique showcases a style that’s truly 2005 trance, driving, empowered, upfront, with the quality outweighing the cheese with a factor of 10 to 1. The man’s deft techniques more than turned the heads of the Illusion crew in Belgium who upon Mike’s first outing in front of 5000 people alongside Marco V and Cor Finjman were so impressed they re-booked him for both their massive club night Illusion, and also their beach festival – Illusion Beach in July ’05. Admission (inc 1 drink): RM 30 before 11pm; RM35 (Ladies) / RM40 (Men) after 11pm The Von Dutch April Fool @ Dragon Bar Fri 01 Apr - Sat 02 Apr . 9pm The brand that has conned the masses with its range of high street casual wear thanks to the likes of socialites, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, lands at Dragon Bar to fool you into its influential fashion forte. Assemble Von Dutch on your body and the best combo wins a prize through votes. Double Dutch and Bacardi party packages will be given away as treats to some very lucky clubbers. Be a fashion victim, because it's never your fault to be clued in. RM20 inc. 1 drink. Glam presents Trailer Trash @ Velvet Underground Friday, 1st April 2005 For the third installment of the highly acclaimed Glam series, we are going to be dressed like cowboys. Okay, maybe not literally cowboys, but this look has been a major trend, a bit tough but casual, and yet very western and romantic. It proves that denim could never go out of fashion. And if the weather permits….we’d be wearing our leathers and suedes. Set in a Trailer Park cum Coyote Ugly setting, we invite you to throw on your frayed mini skirts, plaid shirts, sleeveless, tuck your jeans into your UGH boots or maybe even chuck on a pair of Cowboy boots. Bring out your redneck side, just like Britney, Sienna Miller, Madonna did when they jumped in the bandwagon of the formidable Dsquared2 label who reinvented Trailer Trash fashion into the hottest catwalk shows and coolest fashion parties in Milan. Velvet Underground promises an eventful evening with our trademark show. Glam gives the uber cool and ultra chic their fashion doses. Hosted by: Elaine Daly Special Guest Appearance: Carmen Soo Designer: Starlet by Cris Yong Stylist: Victor Goh Make-Up Stylists: Monica Lee & Yoo Yo Hair Stylist: David Shaw Models: Andrews Models Admission (inc 1 drink): RM30 before 11pm; RM35 (ladies)/RM40 (men) after 11pm Euphoria pres. Groovedoctor @ Cream Sat 02 Apr . 10pm. Groovedoctor does the check-up on Victor G by showing him how it's done. Lecturing via his proggy house and funk techno spinning and mixing on the turntables, Groovedoctor sits Victor down with a graduation cap on his head and teaches him that time is the biggest lesson of all. RM40 inc. 1 drink. Eclectic Phunk! featuring Banco De Gaia (LIVE), Tony Tay & DJ Blink @ Zouk Mainroom Friday, 8th April 2005 Toby Marks - the creative force behind Banco De Gaia is a free thinker and also one of the worlds leading exponents of globally inspired eclectic electronica. Mixing electronic and accoustic instruments, he voices his work defying genre classification. He has worked with legendary saxophonist Dick Parry who played on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and leading edge breaks re-mixer Jack Dangers. Banco De Gaia cut his teeth on the early 90s Ambient Dub compilations. Ambient music was the precursor of the current “chill out” marketing phenomena. In 1994 he released his first studio album Maya on Planet Dog records. Maya was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize on its release, followed in 1995 by the critically acclaimed Last Train To Lhasa. Both albums reached No1# in the independent charts. Since then Banco De Gaia has released Big Men Cry, Live At Glastonbury, The Magical Sounds Of Banco De Gaia and 2000’s Igizeh as well as the ‘best of’ compilations '10 Years' and '10 Years Remixed'. May 2002 saw the start of the long awaited re-release of the classic Banco De Gaia albums Maya, Last Train To Lhasa, Live At Glastonbury and Big Men Cry. The catalogue had been held in a legal limbo for a number of years. In that time they had fallen into the hands of the Disney Corporation in the US. In 1999 he started Disco Gecko Recordings, for The Magical Sounds Of Banco De Gaia. He took a year out from the label in 2000, when he licensed Igizeh, to San Francisco’s Six Degrees Records for the world. In September 2002 he released the first ever Banco De Gaia compilation '10 Years', which was a critical and commercial success, followed by '10 Years Remixed' in 2003. 'You Are Here', his first artist album in three years is scheduled for global release in April 2004, with Six Degrees Records once again handling the album outside Europe. Admission (inc 1 drink): RM 30 before 11pm; RM35 (Ladies) / RM40 (Men) after 11pm Hype Noise Tune @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI Saturday, 9th april Battle of the band with ROTTW coming in as the official magazine for this event. Cover: RM22 New Chapter Saturday, 9th April 2005, 2pm Lots of bands at this show! Featuring The Deepset Joy, Missing Chapter, The Times, Kuchalana, Windchime, MUZE, Polaris, Simon The Fag, The Other Side Orchestra, Childhood, Superhero, Rina and April. Paul's Place, No 8, Jalan 2/137B, Resource Industrial Centre, Off Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 016 2768962 RM10 Push presents Petrae Foy @ Zouk Mainroom Saturday, 9th April 2005 "Dance music needs stars. We need exciting young DJs to step in and move our music and culture that next big step forward" - Mixmag Advocating Push’s unique music policy where distinctive profusion of cutting-edge and innovative sounds prevail, we proudly bring you internationally acclaimed Petrae Foy. At the tender age of 23, Petrae Foy looks set to be a name on many clubbers lips for years to come. His tough but funky techno sound and seamless mixing has won him many admirers and he now looks set to make his mark on an international level. The story begins in the mid 90's when, as a schoolboy Petrae bought his first set of decks. Within a year he had his first gig at the Hacienda. At the age of 15, Petrae was the youngest known DJ to play at the legendary venue and word quickly spread of Petrae's supreme talent of being able to lift a crowd at any given moment. "I don't like to be labelled as a DJ who plays just one genre of music," he says. "Whilst I generally like to keep things quite hard, my sets often contain quite a lot of funky techno." It's this diversity that helped Petrae build his name throughout the Manchester club scene and Petrae could be found rocking many venues across the city as he built himself a strong following in the 1990s. Two years ago Petrae secured a residency at Godskitchen. As well as regular club gigs at the superclub's home "Air", Petrae has played the past two illustrious Global Gathering Festivals and in February 2004 Petrae was selected to play alongside Carl Cox at Godskitchen after Carl himself personally approved his demo. Quite an achievement! Earlier this year, Trevor Rockliffe also happened to listen to one of Petrae's demos and gave him a date in May at his own night in London "Stomp". As a result of this booking Petrae has gone into the studio with Trevor to start work on their forthcoming track. Not only is Petrae kicking up a storm in the clubs, in the last two years he has done three Radio 1 mixes, with a fourth one is looking set before the end of the year. In June Petrae was also Pete Tong's "man on the phone". Some of Petrae's biggest DJ' experiences to date are Homelands 2003 Radio 1 stage alongside Paul Oakenfold, Timo Maas and Seb Fontaine; Headlining Inside Out New Years Eve 2003 at The Arches in Glasgow to a crowd of 3000 people and summer of 2004 playing in Ibiza for Most Wanted Global at Privilege - the worlds biggest club! Mixmag has ear marked Petrae as one of their future hero's but you can also find Petrae's name across the water in countries like Singapore, Venezuela and Brazil to name a few. Admission (inc 1 drink): RM 30 before 11pm; RM35 (Ladies) / RM40 (Men) after 11pm My House pres. Joey G, Gabriel & Steve Thornton @ Velvet Underground Sat 09 Apr . 10pm It's a musical match off of decks and skins. Joey G and Gabriel summon their progressive techno funk onto the dancefloor while Steve Thornton, who's a master at Latin beats and swing having worked with Miles Davis and David Morales, takes to the drums. Be prepared for a night of tribal perfection. RM30 bef. 11pm; ladies RM35, men RM40 aft., inc. 1 drink. Euphoria pres. Roxy @ Cream, Renaissance Hotel Sat 09 Apr Cream softens the cool house ice princess with the help of Victor G. Together they reminisce their duets at Obsession events and perhaps their unspoken rivalry on the decks; it's a battle of the sexes when sexy house meets progressive beats. Witness the chemistry. 10pm. RM40 inc. 1 drink. Ghetto Heaven’s 1st Anniversary Party @ Zouk Mainroom Thursday, 14th April 2005 After 1 year of pimping phat tunes and ghetto style, Zouk is taking over the Mainroom and courtyard. That's right. It's a block party over here as the Mainroom gets tricked out and the courtyard hits the street beat. DJ posse Goldfish, T-Bone and Singapore's Andrew Chow in da' house. Joe Flizzow is dropping it like it's hot and Zapp, Adidas and L'Oreal Paris Studio Line will be packing threads, treads and heads so off the hook, you gonna wanna get you some of that. So ditch your crib and roll out in your rides. With street basketballers, uprockin' b-boys and taggers throwing up graff, it's all up in here tonight, party peeps! 9-11pm strictly by invite only, RM30 inc. 1 drink aft. Honeys enter free bef. 12mn. To roll up for free with 1 homie, whip out your invite bef. 11pm. Invites available at Zouk and in the Apr issue of Juice. See also previous posting. Vasaikhi Night @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI Thursday, 14th april New Year party for Punjabs. Pump those shoulders, raise both palms in the air and make sure your soles are comfy because there'll be a whole lota shakin' going on tonight with performers all the way from Mumbai maximising the cultural camaraderie. The lucky draw will have you scoring some great prizes too. Pre-sale: RM25; Door sale: RM30 The Circle pres. Glam Rock Chic @ Zeta Bar Thursday, 14th April 2005 It's glam! It's rock! It's chic! But enough of the lame connotations, it's a real party to celebrate the impact bands like Aerosmith, Iggy Pop and The Darkness have had on lifestyle and fashion. From the people who've been bringing you the most exclusive parties in KL, The Circle embraces cutting edge glamour at Zeta Bar. Sparkle and shine with over the top colours, and adorn those vivid headbands and twinkly sequins in a celebration of music and models. 9pm. By invite only. For info, e-mail Lompat @ BlissTwelveSI Thu 14 Apr . 10pm Jump around. After a brilliant stint at the now defunct China Max and the occasional international gig, of which London Electricity was the most recent, Loops Collective's Acid and Low take up a monthly residency here in the hope of building up solid support for the woefully sidelined dee bee and breakbeat scene. MCs Spyda and Nicky C will be out to work up the posse and get the heads to scuff the floors. Bo! Every 2nd Thu of the month. No cover. Delicious presents Victor G @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI Saturday, 16th April 2005 Atmosphere is proud to bring local dj Victor G to display his talent for the crowd of delicious on 16 april. Vestax and Pioneer battle champ (we'll say it over and over until he gets the cred he deserves), Victor G, steps up to the plate, gives a coy bow to ressies, Gregoire and Romel, and whips up a palatable serving of funky progressive house for the club's hungry minions. cover: RM40 + 1 drink Motorola Release pres. Giorgio Acosta @ Bliss, TwelveSI Saturday, 16th April 2005 Motorola's Release parties, encompassing 4 weekends of liberating music with Partymoto, goes on a mission to set your mind and body free. On its 2nd foray into freedom, Giorgio Acosta embraces Bliss and applies his experiences in US and Thailand clubs onto Bliss' polished dancefloor, with his deep, jazzy house and Latin inflected tribal grooves rhythmically assisted by a guest percussionist. RM40 inc. 1 drink. Free for the 1st 150 Motorola mobile phone users. Heineken presents Thirst Malaysia semi-finals @ Zouk Mainroom Saturday, 16th April 2005 Heineken Music Thirst is back in an unparalleled global DJ competition with never before seen unique live sets and collaborations from some of the world’s biggest names in dance music including Roger Sanchez and Steve Lawler while continuing the global search for fresh DJ talent. Having launched in Indonesia in April this year, Thirst will travel to 25 cities, resulting in four regional heats culminating in the first ever global final in January 06. The semi’s the short-listed entrants will be performing their 30 minute track at Thirst Malaysia in Zouk KL. Once the showcase of talents are over, DJ Aldrin- Zouk ressie from Zouk Singapore take over the night to continue the party with his tough & edgy beats. See previous posting. Admission (incl. 1 drink): RM25 before 11pm; RM30 (ladies) & RM35 (men) after 11pm Blissboys presents Graduation Party @ Bliss Sunday, 17th April 2005 It's time to put on your rainbow coloured robes and head down to a graduation party unlike any other. After years of pulling off stupendous parties, Bobby B rounds up students of all classes for a prom night of epic proportions. Throw your mortarboards in the air and wave those scrolls like you would a glowstick. You've finally made it! Cover: RM30 + 1 drink The World of the Material Girl - Mambo Jambo Holiday Eve Special @ Velvet Underground Wednesday, 20th April 2005 During this holiday eve special, we’re taking Mambo Jambo from Velvet Underground to Zouk’s Mainroom for a night full of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Starting 10pm onwards, Zouk brings you to “The World of the Material Girl”. While the Madonna inspired dress code is welcome, all ladies are also welcome to walk through our doors dressed as flashy and glamorous as you can get. Madonna impersonators will be present to specially perform to Madonna’s medleys. Best dressed walks away with a bottle of champagne. Allow Leonard T to mesmerize and get your feet on the dancefloor. Admission (incl. 1 drink): RM35 (all night long) Double Trouble Round 10 @ The Living Room, Nouvo 22 April 2005 . 10pm Well its time to double the fun and energy as KL’s monthly club night –Double Trouble- takes centerstage at Nouvo yet again! DJ Yansi vs DJ Kamil in a challenge to keep the ancefloor burning right from the start to finish. Come early to catch the heat from the start! Best variety of House music presented by the Living Room. DJ Augie from 10pm – 11pm, DJ Biggie from 11pm – 12pm, DJ Yansi & DJ Kamil from there onwards. Music Style: House. Cover Charge: RM 25 before 11.30pm and RM 35 afta Looking Good III Party @ The Living Room, Nouvo 23 April 2005 . 9pm till late Hosted by Loops Collective. Best known of Malaysian Breakbeat and Drum n Bass arena. Promotions: Limited Goodie Bags for early birds DJs: Mac, Siv, Az, Acid, Nujita & Low Music Style: Drum & Bass Cover Charge: FOC from 9pm till 10pm. Female RM 25, Male RM 30 all inclusive of 1 drink. Full Moon Party @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI Saturday, 23rd April . 10pm We don't need to see the moon and feel the sand in between our toes to celebrate the full moon, do we? At Atmosphere, Gregoire and Romel pummel their progressive house and (uncheesy) techno out of the speakers and onto the parquet so you can dance and drown in the sea ... of bodies, that is. Cover: RM40 + 1 drink Full Moon Beach Party @ Suria Resorts Cherating *WOW* Sat 23 Apr - Sun 24 Apr Progressive house and techno Yodas, Groovedoctor and Jungle Jerry, take to Cherating beach and are joined by their deck sister, Desire, and good time friends, Bobby and Ned Acosta. Raise your hands up to the stars and revel in the sand, surf and sounds. It's a beachy partee! Package 1: RM288 inc. 2 drinks, 1 lunch, 1 night stay (twin sharing) & transportation; Package 2: RM200 inc. 2 drinks & 1 night stay (twin sharing); Package 3: RM180 inc. 2 drinks & 1 night stay (triple sharing); walk-in package: RM80 inc. 2 drinks. For info, call Stephanie at 03-7726 8912. Chic Flick pres. Rock Da Block @ The Backroom (Former Federal Cinema) 28 April 2005 . 10pm The Jakeman and King K Klan warm up the venue before World DMC Championship finalists, Fanatic from Australia and MC Dice from the USA, show the crowd how to battle on an international level. Ladies free, men RM30 inc. 1 drink Lock & Key Nite @ Passion 28 April 2005 . 8pm Topping other singles parties, Passion adheres to her name and promises a bigger, better night of fun, games and activities; basically anything possible to break the ice and push you a few steps forward from where you've been coyly hiding. DJ Kesh plays soulful, sensual r 'n' b and funky contemporary tunes; perfect music to set the mood. The dress code? You figure out what makes you the most attractive. Bring your black books and palm pilots, and be prepared to increase your social network. RM50 inc. 1 drink. Nouvolicious Hip Hop R&B Ladiez Nite Launch Party @ The Living Room, Nouvo 28 April 2005 . 8.30pm till late Nouvo is considered an icon in the entertainment business despite the mushroom emolument of many other clubs. This is due to the fact that we are always a “breath of fresh air”. Nouvo has been through multiple changes in order to feed the hunger of our customers hence why we are known as a trendsetter in the entertainment industry. It is time for Nouvo yet again to go through another change. From Groovalicious Ladies Nite, Nouvo is now embarking into a new journey towards the launching of Nouvolicious into a new journey towards the launching of Nouvolicious Ladiez Nite. This launch party is to formally introduce this new ladies night which in the past has been a successful weekly event. Nouvolicious was the chosen name for the simple reason that it is a rademarkof our own branding. The night would be held on a weekly basis every Thursday specially dedicated to our ladies. They would be served with free entrance and free drinks. The music genre would be absolute Hip Hop & R&B. The launch party of Nouvolicious Ladiez Nite promises you a spectacular night to remember. A night of extravagant filled with amazing performances, yummy food and fine Hip Hop R&B tunes to get you dancing all night long. We guarantee you Maximum Satizfaction! Navigator pres. Bobby B & Mr. Q @ The Backroom (Former Federal Cinema) Friday, 29th April 2005 Fashion is a passion and no one projects it through music more glamorously than DJ Bobby B, who knows how to match a voice to a beat without clashing its colour palette. Mr. Q experiments boldly with his patterns and alterations, and portrays them through his tribal, electro, progressive house tunes. There's also a 30% discount on all liqour bottles tonight. No cover. KLiQ pres. Hard Labour: Welcome Party @ Cream Friday, 29th April 2005 . 9.30pm. Boys will be boys. No, seriously, boys must be boys tonight 'cause that's what the theme calls for. Toys get tossed back and forth in the air while Victor G and Fendie slap on some deep progressive house on the sizzle dizzle decks, and the bartenders juggle your glasses. RM30. Door sales limited. For info and ticketing, log onto Push Special featuring Gabriel vs RaySoo exclusive 5 hour back-to-back @ Zouk Mainroom Saturday, 30th April 2005 Come and bear witness to the greatness of 2 of the best of KL DJ’s where they battle it out for supremacy behind the decks. The best of DJ Gabriel & RaySoo combined during this special feature edition of Push nights special. Admission (incl. 1 drink): RM25 before 11pm; RM30 (ladies) & RM35 (men) after 11pm My House pres. Joey G, Gabriel & Steve Thornton @ Velvet Underground Saturday, 30th April 2005 . 10pm It's a musical match off of decks and skins. Joey G and Gabriel summon their progressive techno funk onto the dancefloor while Steve Thornton, who's a master at Latin beats and swing having worked with Miles Davis and David Morales, takes to the drums. Be prepared for a night of tribal perfection. RM30 bef. 11pm; ladies RM35, men RM40 aft., inc. 1 drink. For info, log onto Burning ft. Mikus @ Passion Saturday, 30th April 2005 . 10pm Former Bliss ressie Mikus returns from his short journey of self-discovery (or so we perceive) and proves to our country that he is not done with us yet. Saturday sees him warming up his soulful funky house in (unspoken) battle with Passion's Tim Coates back to back. Be prepared for a night of deep house, and be prepared to walk in looking good, or you won't be let in at all. No offense, but it's gonna be a grand party, babe. No cover. Call 03-21418888 for RSVP. Maydaze: Men In Uniform @ The Disco Saturday, 30th April 2005 . 10pm Saturday Sensual, Liquid's mobile events brand, brings you 3 nights of parties to celebrate all the years of sweat and toil in conjunction with Labour Day. The weekend marathon kicks off with The Drill at the sizzling, and sometimes slippery, chamber of The Disco. Gary slaps on the sexy and chilled out tunes early on, Jason marches in and puts the funk in your step and Fendie rounds up a battalion of proggy rhythms so you can perfect that Coyote Ugly number you've always dreamed of performing on your boss' desk. RM28, RM70 for all 3 nights. For info, log onto KLiQ pres. Hard Labour: Main Party @ Bliss, TwelveSI Saturday, 30th April 2005 . 10pm Chuck your crisp shirts and your slacks, and bring out the rude tees, mad trainers, and ridiculous quaffs. It's all Hard Labour at TwelveSI where you'll be forced to work off the sweat from your bow-dee. Ressies, Jose and Gregoire, throw progressive house and funk-a-bump-bump techno before Argo from Taiwan provides the whoomp-there-it-is. Wear lots of denim. Note: not denim as in "It's casual Friday at the office" denim, but go all out on the tearing, shredding and adorning! RM50 inc. 2 drinks and access to Atmosphere and Gerai. Door sales limited. For info and ticketing, log onto Heineken Music Thirst 2005 Final @ Sepang F1 Circuit Grandstand Saturday, 30th April 2005 9pm. Finalists carefully selected from the Thirst Semi Final climb on the decks of the Sepang Grandstand to battle one on one tonight for the Thirst Malaysia crown. Honouring this smackdown of epic proportions are this year's Thirst ambassadors, Roger Sanchez with his New York band and Steve Lawler, master of twisted house beats, while Heineken Found@Thirst 2003 winner, Fono, pushes his tech house might, and Goldfish and Blink pair up to send shivers of eclectic electricity so hot you'll be gasping for air. RM40, presale RM30, inc. 1 Heineken. Tickets are available at Zouk, Excessive Records and Tower Records. From 4-29 Apr, buy a 5-btl bucket of Heineken at RM100 and get 2 free tickets. The Arts, Dance & Theatre Scene contributed by Kakiseni KL Sing Song Thu 7 – Fri 8, Apr 2005. Attention all closet songwriters, musical poets and loners whose only friends are their instruments, here’s the chance for you to meet your kind, get connected, get tips and get inspired. At International College of Music: Workshops (RM10 per entry) and dialogues (RM5) with singer-songwriters from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia (Pete Teo, Jerome Kugan, Azmyl Yunor, Mia Palencia, Peter Hassan Brown, Meor, et al). At Paul’s Place: Special gig called ‘Troubadours’ (RM15). Folk groupies welcome! Alone It Stands Tue 5 – Sat 16, Apr 2005 Rugby team from a small Irish province vs. the New Zealand’s All Blacks. No prizes to guess who won – it certainly wouldn’t make a play if the side with the funnier looking folks lost. With six Irish actors scrumming against 62 roles, from Maori players to limerick fanatics. The Actors Studio Bangsar. Anyone Can Play Fri 8 – Sat 9, Apr 2005. Operating out of a Bangsar house, the Kuala Lumpur Chamber Music Players are: father James Vadiveloo (56), daughter Premila (17) and son Prem (24), who won’t be joining us this round. For now, daughter plays Bach, while dad plays Beethoven and accompanies soprano Claris Chin on ‘The Aviary’ and ‘The Catalogue of Flowers’. Let’s hope these titles signal the sweet sounds to follow in the free-for-all later. Lightweight Heavyweight Sat 2 – Sun 24, Apr 2005 Heavyweight UiTM art lecturer and surrealist painter Iron Paiman vs. emerging autobiographical artist Ise the Robot. Will they beat each other into pulp good enough to paint on? Galeri Seni Maya, KL. Malaysian Documentaries Mon 4, Apr 2005. Due to a shortage of submissions (perhaps folks are saving their epic exposés for the Freedom Film Fest), this instalment will feature Khoo Eng Yow’s Ah Kew The Digger, a candid and poignant docu of one man’s obsession with the graves of early Chinese migrants, and by extension, our buried history. Also screening: Lydia Lubon and Ahmad Yazid’s Sex Education in Malaysia: Are We Doing Enough? Help Institute, KL. PETA 2005 - Final Year Assessments Mar 28 (Mon) - Apr 14 (Thu), 2005 (8.30 pm) Showcasing the talents, progress and achievements of 54 final year students of ASK in the fields of theatre, music, dance,... Monkey Business - Rhythm In Bronze Gamelan Theatre Mar 31 (Thu) - Apr 2 (Sat), 2005 (8.30 pm); Apr 2 (Sat) & 3 (Sun), 2005 (3 pm) Five Arts Centre and The Actors Studio present the popular and critically acclaimed Rhythm In Bronze gamelan ensemble in Monkey... Alone It Stands Apr 5 (Tue) - 16 (Sat), 2005 (Tue - Sat: 8 pm; Wed & Sun: 3 pm; Sat: 12 pm; no Mon performances) Presented by Malaysia Airlines and the Embassy of Ireland, Alone It Stands is Gardner & Wife's second Irish production after... The Sound of Music Mar 12 - Apr 3, 2005 (8.30 pm; matinees on Sat & Sun: 3 pm; no performances on Mon) Escape fascism with the von Trapp family: Maria (Jennifer Semrick) woos widower Captain Georg Von Trapp (Jim Ballard) by vocal-training... A Night of Jazz from Movies & Musicals - BabyJazz at Alexis Ampang Fri 1 - Sat 2, Apr 2005 (10.30 pm) BabyJazz begins Apr with a tribute to great jazz tunes from Broadway and Hollywood: Porgy & Bess's 'Summertime', My Fair... Avanti Friday Nite Jazz - Jeep Jazz Trio Apr 1 (Fri), 2005 (10 pm) The Avanti Friday Nite Jazz series returns for a fourth season at the Avanti Italian-American Ristorante at Sunway Lagoon Resort... Expression of the Soul Sat 2, Apr 2005 (8.30 pm) A musical concert presented by the Music Department of the MARA University of Technology's Faculty of Performing Arts, in collaboration... MPO Series - Gerard Schwarz & Alexander Rozhdestvensky Apr 2 (Sat) & 3 (Sun), 2005 (Sat: 8.30 pm; Sun: 3 pm) The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra plays: Richard Strauss's Second Waltz Sequence from "Der Rosenkavalier", Violin Conerto in D minor, Op 8, and... OAG & The Times - Saturday Rock Fever at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur Apr 2 (Sat), 2005 (3 pm) Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur presents rock outfit OAG, post-break-up. Naza and Mono, OAG alumni, are now The Times. But... 2nd International Dance Sport Championship 2005 Apr 2 (Sat), 2005The A & C Dynamic Dance Studio annually hosts this dance sport competition. This year, competitors dance their legs off... Festival Tari Selangor 2005 Apr 2 (Sat), 9 (Sat), 23 (Sat), 30 (Sat), May 7 (Sat) & 8 (Sun), 2005 Jabatan Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan Negeri Selangor akan menganjurkan Festival Tari Selangor 2005 selama 6 minggu berturut-turut. Penyertaan terbuka kepada... Cromok - Sunday Nite Live at Planet Hollywood Apr 3 (Sun) & 17 (Sun), 2005 (10.30 pm) Cromok (Sam, Miji, and Hillary) is one of Malaysia's more popular metal bands, having recorded 7 albums: Image Of Purity,... Malaysian Documentaries (Apr 4, 2005) Apr 4, 2005 (8 pm) A new collection of documentaries that bear witness to the increasing popularity of the genre among Malaysian filmmakers. This series... MPO Chamber Concert - Organ and Brass Apr 4 (Mon), 2005 (6 pm) Marc Rochester plays: Richard Strauss's Solemn Entry of the Knights of the Order of St John; Charles M Widor's Salvum Fac... KL Sing Song 2005 - Troubadours Wed 6, Apr 2005 (7.30 pm) A night devoted to singer songwriters, presenting performances by locals and invited regional guests. Held in conjunction with KL Sing... MPO Chamber Concert - Trombetti, Weber, Ysaye & Janacek Apr 6 (Wed), 2005 (6 pm) The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra's Chamber Players play: Trombetti's Motets and Madrigals for Low Brass Quintet; Weber's Trio in Carl M von... The Malaysian Piano Trio in KL Wed 6, Apr 2005 (8.30 pm) The year-old Malaysian Piano Trio comes to Kuala Lumpur after their first concert in Kota Kinabalu a few weeks back,... KL Sing Song 2005 Thu 7 - Fri 8, Apr 2005 Hosted by the International College of Music and supported by Arts Network Asia, KL Sing Song brings together solo singer-songwriters... KL Sing Song 2005 - Workshop 1: Singer-songwriters Discuss and Demonstrate Their Musical Approaches Thu 7, Apr 2005 (10 am) Singer-songwriters Meor, Nityalila G Saulo, Pete Teo, and June Somsiri Sangkeaw discuss and demonstrate to workshop participants the different ways... KL Sing Song 2005 - Workshop 2: Singer-songwriters Discuss and Demonstrate Their Musical Approaches Thu 7, Apr 2005 (1 pm) Singer-songwriters Azmyl Yunor, Kelvin Tan, Mia Palencia, and Oppie Andaresta discuss and demonstrate to workshop participants the different ways they... The Beautiful Washing Machine Opening: Thu 7, Apr 2005 When Teoh (Loh Bok Lai) is dumped by his live-in girlfriend, she takes the washing machine with her, leaving him... Van Gogh Thu 7 & Sat 9, Apr 2005 (Thu: 8.30 pm; Sat: 7.30 pm) A powerful evocation of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh's last days, during the summer of 1890. When Van Gogh... Anyone Can Play! Apr 8 (Fri) & 9 (Sat), 2005 (8.30 pm) The Kuala Lumpur Chamber Music Players presents Anyone Can Play!, a free-for-all wet dream for aspirant stage strutters: "You (adult,... Avanti Friday Nite Jazz - Aseana Percussion Unit Apr 8 (Fri), 2005 (10 pm) The Avanti Friday Nite Jazz series returns for a fourth season at the Avanti Italian-American Ristorante at Sunway Lagoon Resort... KL Sing Song 2005 - Dialogue 1: Singing from the Soul: the Singer-songwriter in Asian Music Fri 8, Apr 2005 (10 am) Dr Wan Zawawi (UKM), Pete Teo, Nityalila, Meor, and Oppie Andaresta explore the definitions of a singer-songwriter, especially within the... KL Sing Song 2005 - Dialogue 2: For Art Or Money: Singer-songwriters and the Music Industry Fri 8, Apr 2005 (12.30 pm) Edwin Wong (, Daryl Goh (The Star), June Somsiri Sangkeaw, Kelvin Tan, and Peter Hassan Brown explore issues surrounding the... Dama's 'Memories' Singing Competition Apr 9 (Sat), 2005 (8 pm) Dama Orchestra's Memories was a May 2004 concert featuring excerpts from five of Dama’s critically-acclaimed and award-winning productions – Spring... MPO Series - Gerard Schwarz, Ronald Brautigam & Melvyn Tan Apr 9 (Sat) & 10 (Sun), 2005 (Sat: 8.30 pm; Sun: 3 pm) The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra plays: Franz J Haydn's Symphony No 103 in B flat; Wolfgang A Mozart's Concerto for Two Pianos... Songwriters Round 17 Sat 9, Apr 2005 (9.45 pm) The opaque smoke and guitar strums of Pete Teo's Songwriters Round used to happen at the ill-lit No Black Tie;... The Royal London Circus 21st Anniversary Special Edition Feb 25 (Fri) - Apr 10 (Sun), 2005 (Mon - Fri: 8 pm; Sat: 4 pm & 7 pm; Sun: 1 pm, 4 pm & 7 pm) The Lee family has managed the Royal London Circus since 1988. By staying true to the rich and age-old traditions... The Breakers at Alexis Ampang Mon 11, Apr 2005 (9.30 pm) This preview performance for The Breakers - Equinox Tour (Thu 14 - Sat 16, Apr 2005) is a jam session,... Akarui Mirai (Bright Future) Apr 11, 2005 (8 pm) Prolific director Kurosawa creates a provocative commentary on inter-generational conflict and the hopeless outlook of Japanese youth. Enigmatic Mamoru (Tadanobu... Anarkali Apr 12 (Tue) & (Wed), 2005 (8.30 pm) A dance drama from Pakistan.... MPO Chamber Concert - Chong Kee Yong & Pook Apr 13 (Wed), 2005 (6 pm) The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Players play: Chong Kee Yong's The Echoed Dream; and Pook's Portraits in Absentia. Conducted by Kevin Field.... The Breakers – Equinox Tour Thu 14 - Sat 16, Apr 2005 (8.30 pm; audience participation session Sat: 3 pm) The cute musical wonderboy Cameronian nominee Adam Farouk and his cute fellow acappella boy band geeks from Cornell University America sing U2, George Michael and Maroon 5, with no other instruments but their cute throats. Masterclass on Sat 3pm. Securities Commission Auditorium. Avanti Friday Nite Jazz - Black Machine & Noryn Aziz Apr 15 (Fri), 2005 (10 pm The Avanti Friday Nite Jazz series returns for a fourth season at the Avanti Italian-American Ristorante at Sunway Lagoon Resort... Secretaries Luncheon With Anuar Zain 14 & 15 April, 12pm - 3pm Malaysia's award winning R&B sensation, Anuar Zain will be entertaining guests during the International Secretaries Week here. Guests will also be served the best of Chinese cuisine prepared chefs from Hong Kong. Exciting prizes ranging from flight tickets to international hotel stays also awaits you! First tier seats: RM260++; Second tier seats: RM210++ Mayang Sari Grand Ballroom, JW Marriott Hotel, 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-27157010 Mina Tannenbaum Thu 14 & Sat 16, Apr 2005 (Thu: 8.30 pm; Sat: 7.30 pm) Two young girls meet in a ballet class in 1970s Paris. Although totally dissimilar in temperament, they remain friends throughout... FestaCanzone 2005 – Discovering Art Songs Apr 15 (Fri) - 17 (Sun), 2005 The first of its kind in Singapore and Asia, FestaCanzone 2005 aims to introduce "Art Songs" to the general public,... Freedom Film Fest 2005 - Workshop: Making Film that Matters! (extended) Sat 26 & Sat 9 & Sat 16, Apr 2005 (10 am) Understand Article 19 and the concept of Freedom of Information (this year's theme for the Freedom Film Fest). Learn how... Freedom Film Festival 2005 - Competition Closing date for submissions: May 31 (Tue), 2005 KOMAS attests that "technological advances have brought about a democratising effect to filmmaking in recent years. With a handicam in... Kontot 2005 - Short Films Convention Closing date: Mon 16, Apr 2005; Awards and screenings: Sat 4, Jun 2005 KakiWayangKakiLima (roughly translatable as FilmBuffBums) is a group of friends who, one day, realised they enjoy film appreciation. They would... eight: (insert witty tagline here) Sun 17, Apr 2005. Psychology and mass communication students from Sedaya University stage eight original works based on issues close to them, like animal suffering, urban life and arranged marriage. Directed by Kelvin K. Wong, last seen as a confident albeit conflicted heartbreaker under Rey Buono’s direction. The Actors Studio Bangsar. Petronas Art Collection Series 2 - Presence: An Exhibition of the Photographic Tue 12, Apr – Sun 3, May 2005. Upping the ante on the National Art Gallery’s photography survey last year, this present exhibition boasts of some crucial works in the Petronas collection, including the beautiful rustic pictures of Terengganu Sultan Al-Marhum Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, the living room shots by Simryn Gill, and photos by children who were workshopped by the legendary Eric Peris. Galeri Petronas. 18th Singapore International Film Festival 2005 Thu 14 – Sun 30, Apr 2005. While two films have been banned and two more passed with cuts but withdrawn by the directors, this annual festival has largely been responsible for the gradual cooling of Singapore’s censorship. This year, beside a slew of salacious arty titles, it also brings us: 11-hour-long Filipino film, 12-hour-long German film, focus on Iraqi and Vietnamese films, Hou Hsiao-Hsien retrospective, sequel to Ghost in the Shell, Amir Muhammad’s Tokyo Magic Hour and The Year of Living Vicariously, and Ho Yuhang’s Sanctuary. Singapore. Nasi Campur Mar 25 - Apr 12, 2005 (9.30 am - 6 pm; closed Sun) An eye-opening international group show featuring artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Australia: Fauzul Yusri, Milenko... Weekend Fare at the Backyard Pub Friday, April 22nd, 2005 S.W.V.Comprising two-parts Lost Souls, See and Wan, and one-part musical extraordinaire, Vishnu, S.W.V. were the Carlsberg Center Stage band champions in 2003. Their repertoire of songs include 60s to 70s (Beatles to the Bee Gees), 80s to 90s (Wham to Prince), and contemporary stuff (If you request it, they'll try it). More Info : Quiz Finals! at the Backyard Pub Tuesday, April 26th Win a 3D/2N free trip, worth RM675 to Gem Wellness Spa & Island Resort, located near Pulau Kapas off the coast of Terengganu - for the top scorer in the simultaneous quizzes at Backyard Pub or Bojangles. First prize winner also gets bottle of Black Label, or RM150 and two jugs of beer (to be consumed within one week) courtesy of Backyard Pub. Runners-up gets a bottle of White Label, or RM100.00 and one jug of beer (also to be consumed within one week). Alfred Ho at the Backyard Pub Wednesday, April 27th For good, old-fashioned evergreen songs, no one comes close to the entertaining Alfred Ho, a perennial favourite in the local circuit. Viji & Fasy at the Backyard Pub Thursday, April 28th Their guitaring continues to amaze - every Thursday night. Jamie Woon at Backyard Pub Friday, Apr 29th Swoon to Jamie Woon, a young and talented alternative rock/soul, songwriter/guitarist who hails from England. This 21-year-old Scottish/Malaysian-Chinese has received consistently excellent reception from audiences on the acoustic and cabaret circuits of London. He is in Malaysia to promote his five-track EP, "HowLong" and will be making his debut on the Backyardstage at 9pm. Jamie is the 4th generation of a line of professional musicians, which includes Hugh and Ted McKenna from the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. His mother, Mae McKenna, is a folk/celtic artist and session singer. More Info : Amizan, Jason and Colin at Backyard Pub Saturday, Apr 30th Keyboardist Amizan joins forces with Colin Jansen and Jason Noah of Jericho who promise to bring the housedown with their guitar-driven grooving on stage!