Monday, February 28, 2005

The Little Prince

Venue: Panggung Bandaraya Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Jalan Raja, 50506, Kuala Lumpur Date & Time: Mar 2 (Wed) - 6 (Sun), 2005 (8.30 pm; Sun: 3 pm) Tickets: RM32 / RM12 (children / students) Ticket Contact: Masakini Theatre Company / Axcess Telephone: 603-7711 5000 (Axcess Hotline) / 603-2698 3566 Synopsis: The embassy of Sweden, Alliance Francaise Kuala Lumpur and Masakini Theatre Company will be presenting an adaptation of Antoine de Saint Exuperys novel The Little Prince by the Folkteatern of Sweden. This beloved, world famous story by French author St. Exupery tells the story of a pilot who had to make an emergency landing in an African dessert where he meets a little prince from another planet and learns about the true meaning of love, friendship, loneliness, death and compassion. The nine member team headed by Professor Michael Meschke will consist of one actor (the pilot) five puppet players and two technicians. This masterpiece of fantasy will last one-hour and can be enjoyed both by adults and children. The first show on the 2nd March 2005 is by invitation only. There will be a The Little Prince adventure workshop at Mar 6 (Sun), 2005 (10.30 am) free of charge. All are welcome. Links:

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Articles on Moral Policing

Rights groups slam Malaysia's morality Tuesday 22 March 2005, 16:32 Makka Time, 13:32 GMT A group of Malaysian civic organisations have launched a campaign against what it called the state's increasing role in moral policing and snooping into private lives. "We question the state's role in defining and controlling the morality of its citizens and its use of punitive religious and municipal laws," said a statement by 50 rights and women's groups. "Forced and fearful compliance with such laws results not in a more moral society but a mass of terrified, submissive and hypocritical subjects," said the statement, which also bears more than 200 names of individuals, including journalists and members of parliament. The statement highlighted incidents such as a recent raid on a nightclub in the capital, the detention of about 100 Muslim patrons by religious officials, and the arrest of a non-Muslim couple for holding hands in a public park two years ago. The incidents created an outcry in Malaysia where 60% of the population of 25 million are Muslims, and there are large non-Muslim minorities. Action needed Arutchelvan Subramaniam, spokesperson for Suaram, an independent Malaysian human rights group and one of the main groups behind the statement, told "When the state uses moral issues to violate the human rights of individuals that is when action needs to be taken."These violations have been going on for a number of years, but lately a lot of religious officers have been more outrageous in carrying out their duties. For example arresting people holding hands in the streets, or people - mainly Muslims - found in a pub, even though they may not have been drinking alcohol. "Subramaniam said he thought Malaysia needed to adhere to the United Nations Human Rights Declaration rather than the moral police taking a "very narrow interpretation of Sharia Law." Unreported "In the past, many similar incidents went unreported because those who were charged pleaded guilty without legal representation for fear of the shame and discrimination of a prolonged public trial," said the statement, which was signed by both Muslims and non-Muslims. "It is clear that public opinion has changed, and that laws must be changed to reflect our increasingly open and progressive society." Given the multi-religious and multi-ethnic composition of our society, any attempt to regulate a person's conscience, faith or private life has grave implications for all citizens and communities," it said. Violations The use of Muslim youths to spy on other Muslims as proposed and implemented in southern Malacca state "violates not only Quranic injunctions but also common standards of community trust," it said. "We are against the use of these state instruments, and the individuals and groups enlisted as their surrogates, to regulate morality. How people dress and where, how and with whom they socialise are personal choices. "The groups called on the government to repeal "provisions in religious and municipal laws that deny citizens their fundamental right to privacy, freedom of speech and expression" and those that overlap with the federal penal code. (Aljazeera + Agencies) --------------------------------------------------- Stop the policing of morality, say NGOs The Star Online > News Wednesday March 23, 2005 KUALA LUMPUR: The state has no role in policing morality, declared a group comprising 50 non-governmental organisations and trade unions. In a joint statement yesterday, the group and more than 200 individuals urged for the repeal of religious and municipal law provisions that denied citizens their right to privacy, and freedom of speech and expression. They also called for the setting up of a committee, which should include women's groups, human rights groups, progressive religious scholars and constitutional experts, to monitor the process of repealing these laws. The statement follows the recent cases, including the alleged misconduct of Jawi officers during a raid here in January and the arrest of a transgender person by religious authorities in Taiping in March. Among those in the group were the Malaysian Trades Union Congress(MTUC), All Women's Action Society (Awam), National Human Rights Society(Hakam), Sisters in Islam (SIS), Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), Women'sDevelopment Collective (WDC), Women's Aid Organisation (WAO), International Movement for A Just World (JUST) and the Malaysian AidsCouncil. Suaram executive director Zaitun Kasim said the increase in monitoring only "adds to the mentality that Malaysians cannot be trusted". "Otherwise, why do we have to be monitored all the time?" she asked. Various individuals and Members of Parliament also endorsed the memorandum, including Kota Baru MP Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok. Puteri Umno representative Haezreena Begum Abdul Hamid said while the movement agreed to most parts of the joint statement, it did not agree with the proposal to repeal the laws. ----------------------------------------- Call to act against policing of morality Adrian David, The Star KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 22 More than 40 non-governmental organisations and about 190 individuals today endorsed a move against the policing of morality. They called for a repeal of provisions in laws that deny citizens their fundamental rights to privacy, freedom of speech and expression, and which overlap the Federal Penal Code. Speaking on their behalf, lawyer and National Human Rights Society representative Raja Aziz Addruse said they also wanted a committee to be appointed to monitor the process of repealing such laws, with representation from women's groups, human rights groups, civil society organisations, progressive religious scholars and constitutional experts. He also called for the strengthening of pluralism through community dialogue, rather than the divisiveness bred by the "sub-contracting of moral policing" and neighbours spying on each other." This is in line with the spirit of our democratic and pluralistic society." It is the responsibility of the Government to uphold and protect the rights of its citizens to justice, equality, freedom and dignity at all times," Raja Aziz told reporters. He was speaking at a Press conference at a hotel in Jalan Klang Lama here after the discussions themed "The state has no role in policing morality". Present were Malaysian AIDS Council president Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok. The conference was held following a number of incidents which demonstrated how moral policing violated the personal dignity of humans and their rights as citizens. Among them: The arrest of a trans-sexual in the garden of a friend's house by religious authorities in Taiping earlier this month; the Malacca 4B Youth campaign last month to spy on young people on the pretext of controlling morality; the Federal Territory Religious Department's raid on a city nightclub with the detention of 100 young Muslims in January; and the case of the couple booked by City Hall enforcement officers for holding hands at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre park in August 2003. Raja Aziz said that given the multi-religious and multi-ethnic composition of Malaysian society, any attempt to regulate a person's conscience, faith or private life had grave implications for all citizens and communities, as well as the relationships between communities. -------------------------------------- Malaysians condemn 'state spying' By Jonathan Kent BBC News, Kuala Lumpur Tuesday, 22 March, 2005, 05:17 GMT Campaigning groups in Malaysia are asking their government to put a stop to what they are calling "state snooping" into people's private lives. A statement by some 50 human rights, labour and women's groups calls for private lives to be just that. The move follows attempts by a leading government politician to encourage young people to spy on Muslim couples. Dozens of people have been arrested recently for visiting night clubs or even holding hands. The protesters say the issue has been brought to a head by recent events. In one incident in January, dozens of young Muslim women were allegedly sexually harassed by Islamic Department officers after being detained during a raid on a fashionable nightclub. The chief minister of Malacca, who is the vice-president in the prime minister's party, has angered liberals by encouraging members of a local youth movement to spy. The protesters also want laws abolished that infringe citizens' rights to privacy, freedom of speech and expression. Moral conservatism However, there are plenty of groups here who will oppose any attempt to limit the state's power to regulate the private lives of citizens. Many Malaysian Muslims believe that all followers of Islam should be strictly subject to religious law. They are backed by the conservative Islamic opposition party (PAS), and by sections of the government. However, the issue is further complicated by fears that Malaysia's growing moral conservatism may be imposed on non-Muslims. That could threaten the delicate balance between the country's races and religious groups that has kept the peace here for more than 30 years. ------------------------------------ Back to Press Statement Back to Home

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GE's Chief Learning Officer Speaks on Leadership & Growth

Come share lessons learnt by the World's Largest Company on Leadership & Growth One share of GE stock purchased in 1892 for US$100 would today, with dividend reinvestment, be worth more than US$5,000,000. GE was voted The World's Most Respected Company by the Financial Times from 1998 - 2004. GE's debt has been rated Triple-A since 1956. GE filed > 50,000 patents between 1900 - 2000, the highest in the world. Featuring Robert L. Corcoran, GE's Chief Learning Officer at the Sultan Ballroom, Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur Thursday, 3rd March 2005 1000 - 1200 hours, (Registration & tea from 0945 ) Business or smart casual attire Entry by donation to the Elfun Society, GE's community service arm, who will channel all proceeds to community building efforts. Please send your cheque, minimum of RM150 per person, to be made out to The Elfun Society-Malaysia Chapter, along with your full name, company name, designation in your company, email and contact telephone to: The Community Officer, GE International Inc , 8th Floor Block 3B, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, 50470 Kuala Lumpur Enquiries to Ms. Yap at 03 2273 9788 Supported by The Edge Newspaper

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Nicky C @ ICE Bar

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The End Of A Love Affair at The Piano Bar, 1919 Bistro

The End Of A Love Affair @ The Piano Bar @ 1919 Bistro featuring Michelle Nunis, Cheong Whye Mun Suzan Manen and Llewellyn Marsh **Last shows Saturday 26th February, 9:30pm, 11pm Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we've come to the end of a love affair with one of the best-known secrets in KL. It's sad but it's true - 1919 Bistro & Wine Bar will be closing after this weekend. And so this Saturday 26th February, The Piano Bar will play its last two shows - and maybe an encore if you're swingin' enough - featuring not one, not two, not even three, but four talented entertainers who have turned our upstart Piano Bar into a main attraction. Firstly there's our inimitable piano man Llewellyn Marsh, who's joined by elegant songstress Suzan Manen, musical theatre's own Cheong Whye Mun and vivacious jazzbird Michelle Nunis, who did the opening number at the first Piano Bar in July last year and who will now be our "fat lady" when it's all over. [Our other resident Ida Mariana is currently in Australia while Izlyn Ramli sang her last song for us last Saturday]. 1919 Bistro & Wine Bar is proud to have been associated with such an accomplished group of fine music artistes. So for their last performances, they are going to take you on a jorney through time and love in their own stripped-down, raise-the-roof style. Come to the cabaret for one last time, and whoop it up as they work the house with their swaggering brew of comic camaraderie and vocal bravado. Soak up the heat as they fire up the night with torch songs and late-night confessionals. There'll be songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy David Jr, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Liza Minelli, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, and whole lot more! So set 'em up because it's going to be a swingin' night! Make it one for your baby, and one more for the road. 1919 Bistro & Wine Bar, 44 Jalan Pudu Lama, KL 50200. Phone (03) 2072-7960 for dinner reservations.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Gateway Gulf 2005 Exhibition

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We have the pleasure to invite your prestigious organization to be one of the participants at the event of Gateway Gulf 2005, which is the First Ever Malaysian Exhibition in Oman starting from 23rd to 26th May, 2005. Oman is an important member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The country enjoys a prosperous economy and is in a stage where there is great demands for products and services which could be offered by the Malaysian companies and organizations. The event is supported by the Omani Embassy in Malaysia and the Omani Center for Investment Promotion and Export Development (OCIPED), and participating companies/SMEs who qualifies can apply for the Market Development Fund offered through Malaysian Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE). We believe your company participation at this event will be a valuable investment to your organization. Below are the information about the event and our market representatives will have the pleasure to receive any inquiries. Please visit for more information on the event. Thank you. Best regards. Gateway Gulf Exhibitions Organizers

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Malaysia Venture Capital Association's (MVCA) 2005 Showcase

Just to let you all know that the closing date for applications to Malaysia Venture Capital Association's (MVCA) 2005 Showcase event has been extended to 22nd February. So if you have yet to submit your application to be eligible for potential funding, you now have an extra couple of days to do so! This event is part of an on-going series organised by MVCA to present eligible companies (Malaysian or foreign) that are seeking funding for expansion of their business and/or development of new products. To qualify, companies must either have demonstrated significant growth, or have the potential for significant growth. The 2005 Showcase offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to raise funding and to network with the Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry and also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas or plans to potential investors, angel investors or venture capitalist. For more information about the MVCA 2005 Showcase event, go to Best regards TeAM - Technopreneurs Association Malaysia

MAS Fair Prices & Bookings

Hi All, Here we have it, the latest news and updates on the Happening MAS Fair which is going to be on this weekend 19th & 20th Feb!!! FAL Resorts & Tours will be participating in this much awaited and talked about fair. Hot from the Press, see the prices of the fares (Click Link for Excel File Download) that has just been released by MAS. Please go through so that you are fully aware of their conditions. Print Ready. We will be at : Mines Exhibition Hall 2 Time: 10.00am - 10.00pm FALResorts & Tours Sdn Bhd will be in Booth # B22 (You can't miss us cuz we're in the same hall as the MAS main ticketing booth) But!!!.. Here's some even better news.... For our very valued regular clients and friends, we have decided that you shouldn't need to drive all the way to the Mines, fight your way through the traffic and thousands and thousands of crazed bargain hunters. Just for you, we will be opening our office to service you. Go through the fares that we have attached (MAS will also be advertising these same fares in all the major newspapers), decide on where you want to go and come to our office to do the bookings and get immediate confirmations. Please note, as usual, seats will be limited and fares will come with many restrictions (please go through attached conditions) but with the fantastic prices we guess it would still be worth your while. We apologies that we will be unable to take bookings over the phone so do come early and grab the seats..... avoid disappointment. It's so seriously dead cheap!! FAL's office will be opened from 9.30am to 7.30pm Date : 19th & 20th Feb (both the days of the fair) Office Address: No. 68, Jalan 1/76D, Desa Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur (if you need a map to the office, call Wati at Tel : 92832268 or email: for her to fax you) Some further good news! Credit card payments will be accepted and there will be absolutely NO additional charge for all payments made on these two days!! Happy Holidays! On Behalf of.. FAL Resorts & Tours Sdn Bhd Wisma FAL, No. 68, Jalan 1/76D Desa Pandan 55100 Kuala Lumpur Tel : 03 - 92832268 Fax : 03 - 92872249 Website: Download MAS Fair Prices Excel File (or click the Article Title) - Thanks to Sharizal

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The Birthday Party @ Aero Lounge 19th February

Friends are invited to special birthday party for Hafiz Hajeedar and friends at the Aero Lounge (opposite Istana) Date: Saturday, 19th February 2005 Time: 10pm-3am Dress code: Free & Sexy Music: Chillout . Rock . House . RnB . Disco Entry: Free for all friends. You know who you are. Supported by GrooveSyndicate Aero Lounge :

Starbucks Music Series in association with Klue

Starting from 17 February, live music returns to Starbucks Coffee outlets around the Klang Valley. In the months of February, June and October, Starbucks Coffee and KLue are set to bring you live musical performances from some of the finest new and up-and-coming acts from the local scene. The inviting and intimate settings of Starbucks Coffee outlets will serve as a platform for our local performers to bring their music to the masses at Starbucks Music Series shows. Don’t miss out on the fun in February, with the likes of Qings & Kueens, Lied, Sei Hon, Her Reverie, Ron & Bedsheet Wonders ready to light up the stage. Starbucks Coffee The Curve, 17 Feb (9pm – 11.30pm) Sei Hon,Lied, Qings & Kueens Starbucks Coffee Bangsar Baru, 18 Feb (9pm – 11.30pm) Sei Hon, Lied, Qings & Kueens Starbucks Coffee Ikano, 19 Feb (6pm – 8.30pm) Sei Hon, Lied, Qings & Kueens Starbucks Coffee 1-Utama, 24 Feb (9pm – 11.30pm) Bedsheet Wonders, Ron, Her Reverie Starbucks Coffee Mont Kiara, 25 Feb (9pm – 11.30pm) Bedsheet Wonders, Ron, Her Reverie Starbucks Coffee Bangsar Village, 26 Feb (6pm – 8.30pm) Bedsheet Wonders, Ron, Her Reverie For more info on the Music Series, you can email or call 03-2274 1377

Monday, February 14, 2005

Volunteers For Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2005

Dear all, Greetings from Sepang International Circuit! SIC is in the midst of preparing for the upcoming Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2005 which will be held at Sepang from 18-20 March 2005. The Marketing Communications Department will be in charge of the F1 Drivers Parade, the Air Show and Perdana Suite (VVIP Hospitality Area). We would like to invite you or anyone you know who would be interested candidates to help us as Volunteers for either Perdana Suite or Bunga Raya Hospitality centers that will open on 19th & 20th March 2005. *Skills /Attitude required* - VVIP/Royalty Protocol management experience helpful - Hospitality management (would be good) - Professional, Pleasant, Polite, Cheerful disposition - Fluent in English & Bahasa Malaysia (knowledge of another language would be an added advantage) - Able to work under pressure and very very long hours (no whiners and freeloaders please! We need serious people) - Event organising skills/experience an advantage. - Above 18 years - Malaysian citizen - Presentable and Good Looking Male & Female Preferred! About Perdana Suite Duties: You will be required to usher and assist the VVIP guests which may include Royalties, the Prime Minister and other Ministers, CEO's and other very distinguished guests. You may be required to assist in the Pit Lane Walkabout where the F1 Cars are. You will be required to assist with the security of the invited guests and trespassers. Additional task may include working the lifts, radio'ing for shuttle transportation to Bunga Raya and assisting with the Podium Ceremony. To put it simply, you will be working and paid to be in the same room where the VVIP's are with the best view and seat in the house that no money can buy. Additional perks may happen if you are lucky. Meals will be provided and you will be paid allowances of RM50 per day. About Bunga Raya Duties: You will be stationed at the Bunga Raya hospitality center in KLIA Airport to assist and distribute the VIP Invitations and Security Tags. You will be also responsible for coordinating the VVIP Guests Shuttle transportation to the Circuit. Note: Anyone caught not doing their tasks or dissapearing to watch the race will be escorted out of the Circuit. You will be required to be at the Circuit from 7am-7pm daily. Black Shoes and Black Slacks Compulsary Attire during the Race Weekend. Interested candidates can come for the interview and report to Ms. Fyreen/ Mr. Azizi at: Date - 19 Feb 2005 (Saturday) Time - 12 noon - 4.00pm Venue - Operations Room, 2nd floor, Welcome Centre - Main Building, Sepang International Circuit Sdn Bhd,Jalan Perkeliling, 64000 KLIA Please bring along 2 passport size photos and your short CV Thank you & have a nice day! Marketing Communications Department Sepang International Circuit Sdn Bhd Jalan Perkeliling 64000 KLIA Malaysia GL +603.8526.2000 Fax +603.8526.1000 / 1020 Ticket Hotline +603.8526.2222 Website:

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Seminar: The Qualities Of A Leader

Corporate In-Company Viewing: The Qualities Of A Leader Align Your Leadership Qualities with the World's Best Join over 50,000 business professionals in 400+ cities worldwide in a Premiere Leadership Event featuring revolutionary leaders whose practical and tactical approaches to personal and organizational challenges have made them legendary. An unparalleled opportunity to learn from an elite lineup of the world's foremost leadership authorities to enable you to unleash your potential for high performance leadership and exceed your company's standards for performance, productivity and profits in the coming year 2005 and beyond! View Program Online: Download Program Brochure: Corporate In-Company Viewing, Call NOW! (03) 7804 4666 / 777 / 888 Email: Posted by Hello
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Prana & Friends At The Actors Studio @ BSC Charity Concert

A Malaysians For Peace Charity Concert Prana and The Actors Studio are proud to present ‘Prana & Friends At The Actors Studio @ BSC Charity Concert Featuring Prana with guest artistes Susan Lankester, Jaclyn Victor, Harith Iskandar and Reshmonu, with the combined talent of backing vocalists Elvira, Michelle and Parveen Abraham. Date : Thursday - Saturday, 10 – 12 February 2005 Time : 8.00pm – 10.00 pm Venue : The Actors Studio @ BSC Tickets : RM 35 Call 03-20940400/20941400 or Prana is a versatile Malaysian fusion ensemble of talent, bringing together the harmony of the “chill out” sounds of the Indian Sitar, Tabla, Mridhangham and Ganjeera, together with the Acoustic Steel Guitar, Acoustic Bass Guitar and the Acoustic Nylon Guitar. Prana comprises 5 renowned and highly acclaimed musicians, led by Malaysia’s top sitarist; Samuel J. Dass, Jamie Wilson on the Acoustic Steel Guitar and Acoustic Bass Guitar, Fauzi Samin on the Acoustic Nylon Guitar, Prakash Kandasamy on the Tabla and S. Sivabalan on the Mridhangham and Ganjeera. Everyone will see Prana and Susan Lankester as the vibrant and talented master of ceremony for all three nights, Jaclyn Victor belting out two numbers from her new album “Gemilang” on the 11 February, stand-up comedian Harith Iskandar on 12 February and Reshmonu together with his beautiful backing vocalists jamming on 12 February.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Sutra Dance Theatre presents Spellbound - Odissi Live!

Sutra Dance Theatre presents Spellbound - Odissi Live! ( Malaysia / Singapore Tour) Ramli Ibrahim & The Sutra Dancers feat. Guru Durga Charan Ranbir Live Music from Orissa 11 February -5 March 2005. Dates: Langkawi (Tanjung Rhu) 11/12 February Kuala Lumpur (Istana Budaya) 16 – 20 February Penang (Dewan Sri Pinang) 25 February Ipoh (Dewan Bandaran) 26 February Seremban (Dewan Bandaran) 2 March Johor Bahru (Dewan Mawar) 4 March Singapore 5 March Everything else changes, Only Beauty remains… Sutra Dance Theatre proudly presents its major production for a Malaysia Tour – Spellbound - an extravaganza Odissi production for 2005 under the artistic direction of Ramli Ibrahim. The best of Sutra dancers and Ramli will perform, accompanied by master musicians from Orissa , India in their first ever Odissi Gala Premiere Kuala Lumpur performance at the Istana Budaya on 16 th February 2005. Presented in Sutra's inimitable theatrical style, Spellbound is an international production not to be missed. Spellbound will be the fourth time Sutra would be touring Odissi in Malaysia , and second time in Singapore , fulfilling a demand by Malaysian audience to experience one of the most beautiful classical dances in the world accompanied by live music. Sutra's last Odissi tour (2003), the highly successful A Kind of Radiance , took on major cities of Malaysia and India , culminating with a performance at the Khajuraho Dance Festival . This tour was captured by India 's film director, Sunil Mehra, in his highly acclaimed documentary film - Sutra in India . With subsequent such tours, not only Odissi gained a firm footing in Malaysia, but Sutra and it's Indian collaborators, the Orissan musicians, have become identified as cross-cultural ambassadors of the two countries – Malaysia and India. The Spellbound tour hopes to sustain, nationally and internationally, Sutra Dance Theatre's creative impulse in projecting further this ancient classical tradition to the forefront and affirm Odissi new roots in the Malaysian soil - a rare and unique phenomenon indeed! New works are being commissioned for Spellbound in the effort to pioneer and forge a unique Odissi tradition with identifiable ‘Malaysian' characteristics. Sutra continues its collaboration with Guru Durga Charan Ranbir , an outstanding guru of the late Guru Deba Prasad Das style. The latter was Ramli's Odissi guru, who took Odissi in the late fifties, to the outside world, for the first time. It has been eighteen years since the first generation of Malaysia-trained Odissi dancers were unleashed on stage. Sutra has since then produced an outstanding bevy of ‘home-trained' Odissi dancers who have gained international recognition. Sutra can boast a multi-racial cast of not only Indian and Malay, but also Chinese. Not surprisingly, a Malaysian Odissi parampara (school with identifiable style) is presently being created by Sutra. With artistic director Ramli Ibrahim presently recognised as world best Odissi exponent, the tour hopes to sustain this reputation and subsequently extend this accolade to these talented young dancers. Spellbound will feature new stage design by well known set and lighting designer, Sivarajah Natarajan and will also be performed in aid of several charitable organisations in Malaysia. Major Sponsors HSBC, ASTRO and Malaysia Airlines (Official Carrier) In association with Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage Malaysia Contact details: Sutra Dance Theatre T: 03-40211092/03-40229669 F: 03-40232548

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Upcoming Events & The Arts till 28th February

Look out for Zouk Fest 2005 in March at Genting Highlands. Click here for article on regular club nites worth checking out. Ghetto Heaven pres. DJ Fluke & Simon Sez @ Zouk 3 Feb & 10 Feb . Thursday . 9pm Playing at almost every nightclub across Australia, DJ Fluke has also pumped it up for Ja Rule, Naughty By Nature and The Black Eyed Peas. The maestro's indistinguishable sound, scratching style and remixes has got him hot on every club's DJ calendar. Pairing up with Simon Sez, a weekly resident at Melbourne's highest profile hip hop and r 'n' b joint, witness the duo on their return trip to Zouk. RM30 inc. 1 drink. Ladies free before 12mn. Sessions presents Terrence C & Suhaimie @ Velvet Underground 3 Feb . Thursday . 10pm RM 20 (incl 1 Drink) or Rm 30 (with crossover to Zouk for Ghetto Heaven) Avanti Restorante @ Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel 4 Feb . Friday . 10pm. Friday night jazz with Soundstream. Free Admission Ms Cheongsam - The Final @ Dragon Bar (formerly Bar Med) 4 Feb . Friday . 9pm. The final round of the Cheongsam Idol takes place. You have shortlisted a row of oriental beauties, now let's see who deserves to be crowned empress and rule the title until the next assembly of the contenders. RM20 inc. 1 drink Marco Bailey (Belgium), Live @ Zouk Mainroom 4 Feb . Friday Tickets: Rm 27 (incl. 1 drink) Marina Xavier and friends at Alexis Bistro Ampang 4 Feb . Friday & 5 Feb . Saturday, 10.30pm. Free Admission Sondaya at Alexis Ampang Feb 4 & 5, 2005 (10.30 pm) Sondaya, led by British saxophonist / composer Greg Lyons, is the first real exponent of Latin Jazz in Kuala Lumpur. Gerhana Ska Cinta @ Hard Rock Cafe 5 Feb . Saturday . 3pm Presenting Malaysia's very own ska band 'Gerhana Ska Cinta' featuring musics from their lates album 'The New Authentic' comprising elements of ska, reggae,dancehall, rocksteady and many more. Admission: RM25, includes 1 drink DJ Gregory @ Velvet Underground 5 Feb . Saturday . 10pm DJ Gregory has been everywhere. This DJ/Producer with multiple identities has shown enormous versatility, with his Headcore EP revealing his dark, strange and radically underground side. Besides being featured on the Parisian Source Lab 3 project, he has worked with Julien Jabre and on the Africanism initiative. Founding his own label, Faya Combo, its first release, 'Damelo', went on to become a club hit and has since been on the playlists of DJs around the world. Turn to the dark side. RM35 bef. 11pm, ladies RM40, men RM45 aft., inc. 1 drink. Inferno Drum n Bass Sessions @ Ice Bar (beside Modesto's Hartamas) 5 Feb . Saturday . 10pm Loops Collective releases DJ's Anowl, Jasmin, Cryme, Mac and more drum and bass soldiers as they retaliate against all odds and prepare to show off their skills, cool as ice, Malaysian style. A long awaited return since their stint at China Max, the crew snip the ribbon tonight. Fans of the genre are required to be present; it's a community reunion to support the new breed. FREE. Louder Than Love @ Zouk 6 Feb . Sunday . 3pm-3am 12 hours marathon in aid of the unfortunate Tsunami victims. Presented by Laguna Records and Unicef. Featuring.. Electronica Set: Ray Soo, Jungle Jerry, Victor G, DJ Blink, Groovedoctor, Syko G, Space Bar, Six & Fono Rock Set: Kamasutra II, The Official, Love Me Butch, Tempered Mental, Lied, Republic of Brickfields, Sever Collar T-shirt, Deja Voodoo, False Opus, Nervewreck, T.W.K.U.A, Pop Shuvit, OAG, Prana, Kluk Kluk Adventure Tribal Art: Members of Asian Percussion Unit, KKB Chant, Stickman, Percussive Poi, Firetwirling, Capoeira. Cover charge: RM 20 Strictly above 21 after 10pm onwards. James Holden @ Zouk, CNY Eve 8 Feb . Tuesday . 10pm As the digital Producer par excellence, James Holden has been blazing a trail through unchartered territory and showing those who have followed in his wake how it should be done. At the helm of his own buzz label, Border Community, he has discovered like-minded souls to help turn his musical vision into reality by peddling something different to the record buying public. Underlying the three components of the James Holden recipe for success is an unerring belief in his own vision. Catch the work in progress as he carves out a niche of his own. RM30 bef. 11pm, ladies RM35, RM40 aft., inc. 1 drink. Glamourpuss Groove pres. Diva @ Dragon Bar 9 Feb . Wednesday . 10pm Ladies' Night turns from chic to chaotic as the divas storm onto the stage in lace, corsets, string colours and sheer underthings to do some swaying and shaking-the world outside is just too frustrating. You can look but you can't touch. Free for ladies. RM20 inc. 1 drink. Sessions presents Special K & Da Funkie Junkie @ Velvet Underground 10 Feb . Thursday . 10pm A nite of not so serious house. Fun! RM 20 (incl 1 Drink) or Rm 30 (with crossover to Zouk for Ghetto Heaven) Kid Loco @ Velvet Underground 11 Feb . Friday . 10pm An easy listening trip hopper with style comparisons to his countrymen, Air and Dimitri From Paris, Kid Loco has an even stronger kinship with the long tradition of French pop characterised by Serge Gainsbourg. His album, A Grand Love Story, earned praises from many in the indie rock and electronica community, and besides working with St. Etienne's Sarah Cracknell on Gershwin's 'The Man I Love', he has done remix work for Stereolab, Mogwai and Talvin Singh. With Kid Loco moving up to the majors with his 2001 album, Kill Your Darlings, you won't be disappointed. RM35 bef. 11pm, ladies RM40, men RM45 aft., inc. 1 drink. Eclectic Phunk featuring Tony Tay & DJ Blink 11 Feb . Friday . 10pm Breakbeat, Funk, Soul, Trip Hop, Electro. Rm25 (incl. 1 drink b4 11pm) Jazz with Suflan at Avanti Restorante, Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel 11 Feb . Friday . 10pm . Free Admission Valentine's Party @ Dragon Bar 12 Feb . Saturday . 10pm It's pre-Valentine's for those with bosses who won't let you leave early on Monday eve. The theme: beds. The concept: erm, beds. It's a night of romping on beds. Expect lots of sheets and throw pillows, red wine and rose petals, all at the fiery red Dragon Bar. RM20 inc. 1 drink Adibah Noor & The Sunday Lollies @ Alexis Bistro Ampang 11 Feb . Friday & 12 Feb . Saturday 10.30pm. 2005 marks Adibah's 11th year in show business. Often hailed as "the most celebrated singer in Malaysia without an album Jaclyn Victor Valentine Affair @ Avanti Ristorante, Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel 14 Feb . Monday . 7pm . Dinner is at RM320++ and RM400++. Reservations: 03-7492 8000 Sessions presents Mickey Mclean @ Velvet Underground 17 Feb . Thursday . 10pm A versatile DJ that has been a long stay of the KL Club scene. Fun! RM 20 (incl 1 Drink) or Rm 30 (with crossover to Zouk for Ghetto Heaven) Night Jazz with Greg Lyons @ Avanti Restorante, Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel 18 Feb . Friday . 10pm . Free Admission Suflan and friends featuring Sharizan @ Alexis Bistro Ampang 18 Feb . Friday & 19 Feb . Saturday . 10.30pm . Free Admission Catch Sharizan in action belting great Jazz & Swing Hits!!! backed by 4 very talented and renowned musicians. Suflan - Piano; Razak Rahman - Saxaphone; David Yee (Wa) - Bass; Purnama Booty - Drums Passion pres. Deetron @ Atmosphere TwelveSI 18 Feb . Friday . 10pm Zurich-born Deetron has decided to transport his playlist of stomping electronic beats to our shores. Helming a residency at Trax and doing remixes for the likes of Samuel L Session, Ben Sims and Damon Wild, among others, his energetic DJ sets has exploded in clubs in Europe, England and Australia. With remixes for Green Velvet, Gary Martin and Mark Broom currently keeping him busy, he takes a breather from production duties to drop his bombs in KL. Take cover! RM40 inc. 1 drink. Umek @ Zouk 18 Feb . Friday . 10pm Umek will be doing a feat of playing on 4 decks simultaneously. Seeing is believing. RM30 inc. 1 drink before 11pm. Wings @ Planet Hollywood 20 & 27 Feb . Sunday . 10.30pm Sunday Nite Live with Malaysia's famous rock group Wings. Admission: RM 35, includes 1 drink Judge Jules @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI 23 Feb . Wednesday . 10pm Not a stranger to the dance world, Judge Jules returns fully armed and prepared to hit the gravel with pounding trance anthems straight out of the courtroom. With his lethal ammunition pouncing on dancefloors since 1983, Jules has risen to meteoric heights by playing at some of the best clubs across the world including Cream, Godskitchen and MOS. This time, the Judge presides at Atmosphere; get ready to be blown away. RM30, 1st 300 KCC members bef. 1am RM15 inc. 1 drink. Sessions presents Funk.K & Spinz @ Velvet Underground 24 Feb . Thursday . 10pm A nite of tribal and techhouse. Fun! RM 20 (incl 1 Drink) or Rm 30 (with crossover to Zouk for Ghetto Heaven) MYNC Project @ Velvet Underground 25 Feb . Friday. 10pm Hailing from the Midlands, Mark Younghead and Nick Corelli have taken the house scene by storm as their bizarre 4-deck, 2-mixer and 2-EFX performances have wowed clubbers both at their residency at Passion, appearances at Ministry and Cream, and at Miami's Groovejet. They bring DJing into the realms of their musical creativity, twisting pre-recorded sounds into new and original dance potions. Spellbinding! RM35 bef. 11pm, ladies RM40, men RM45 aft., inc. 1 drink. Juwita Suwito and friends @ Alexis Bistro Ampang 25 Feb . Friday & 26 Feb . Saturday . 10.30pm . Free Admission. One Tribe Party @ Zouk 25 Feb . Friday. 10pm Bringing you back to the roots of ancestral civilisation, Zouk teleports you through the deep, hidden confines of Earth and defines the future of partying in the concrete jungle. Enveloping you will be the sounds of rushing water from the nearby waterfall, fireflies in the trees lighting the pathway into the forbidden and the soft glimmer of stars above. Raising temperatures to scorching levels will be Zouk Singapore's Aldrin churning out tribal on decks, Krishna and Justin of APU banging on the bongos, and capoeira dancers and flamethrowers dominating the dancefloor. Welcome to the jungle. By Invitation. John Askew @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI 25 Feb . Friday . 10pm John Askew is, without a doubt, one of the hottest tech-trance DJ/Producers in the UK, if not the world. Following the huge success of his singles, 'Vellum', 'The Door' and 'New Dimension', he has gone on to consistently deliver high quality club music through his own Discover and Kompressed labels, and via his many remix projects for prominent labels such as Duty Free, Ministry Of Sound and Paul van Dyk's legendary Vandit. Spinning at some of the coolest clubs around the globe, he arrives in Malaysia to rock the floor. 9pm. RM40 inc. 1 drink. Hitz.FM 8th Birthday Bash @ Sunway Lagoon Sat 26 Feb . 8pm Hitz.FM celebrates its 8th birthday and launches its first Malaysian English Top 10 Awards with a lot of skin and water. The most listened to radio station cruises to Sunway Lagoon where everyone can make believe that KL is by the sea after all. Hosted by your favourite Hitz.FM DJs, get watered down with performances from Jaclyn Victor, VE, Disagree, and special appearances by the nominees. By invite only. For info, log onto Invitation to be audience of HO Live Show at ASTRO Sunday 27 February You are invited to be with Halim Othman at Astro for the new show called HO Live! At Studio 2, Astro on Sunday 27 February. SMS your name and IC Number to 016-6833306 to register. other bits and Pieces we received from Atmosphere so far. Atmosphere presents UNI-SX featuring DJ Romy & DJ Iman - February 11. Delicious presents Electric Circus with Excessive Records featuring DJBurger & Callen @ atmosphere - February 12 (see flyer below) Valentine's Dinner & Dance @ atmosphere - Monday, Feb 14. Bollywood night - date has been changed to 17th February (thursday) Passion presents Deetron @ atmosphere - 18 Feb (see above) Atmosphere presents Judge Jules @ atmosphere - 23 Feb (see above) Passion presents John Askew @ atmosphere - 25 Feb (see above) More updates soon. Arts & Theatre Stuff contributed by Kakiseni Alarippu to Moksha 2005 Jan 21 - 23, 2005 (8.30 pm); Jan 28 & 29, 2005 (8.30 pm) Sutra Dance Theatre presents the ever-evolving experience of the dancer. Artistically directed by Ramli Ibrahim, Shangita Namashivayam and Guna, Alarippu.. Spirit of the Wood and Other Treasures Feb 3 – 28, 2005. Gallerie Taksu. Presenting the keris works of the late Master Carver Nik Rashiddin Nik Hussein, scourer of artitic traditions and believer of the Langkasuka Empire. Also: paintings and photographs by Ahmad Fuad Osman, Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Bernice Chauly, Jalaini Abu Hassan and Noor Mahnum Mohamed, with their contemporary interpretations of traditional Malay culture. Hamlet Feb 3 – 6, 2005. The Actors Studio. Faridah Merican presents everybody’s favourite Bahasa-speaking Danish prince, played by everybody’s favourite American-accented Malaysian actor. Yes, Gavin Yap is the angsty Hamlet, while cute Sepet star Sharifah Amani plays his angsty girlfriend, and the ubiquitous Patrick Teoh as her voyeuristic father. To peep or not to peep? Aiyah, peep lah! The Lady Esplanade by Pete Teo 01 / 02 / 2005 Pete Teo swoons into the arms of Singapore’s sexy arts facility, but returns home to the love of local groupies... MPO Chamber Concert - Lindgren, Ravel, Wieniawski, Brahms Feb 1, 2005 (6 pm) The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Players play: Poulenc's Sonata for Clarinet and Bassoon; Maurice Ravel's Sonata for Violin & Cello; Henryk... Sting - Live in Kuala Lumpur - Sacred Love World Tour Feb 2, 2005 (8.30 pm) Sting’s Sacred Love Tour continues in 2005 with performances in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Australia and New Zealand, among... Voices Of Hope - In Aid of Tsunami Victims Feb 2, 2005 (8 pm) The predicament of 80 families in Permatang Damar Laut, a fishing village in Penang, has come to light. In aid... Hidup Rakyat! by Fahmi Fadzil Festival Kesenian Rakyat Malaysia 03 / 02 / 2005 Memasyarakatkan seni dan budaya melalui tarian asli dan permainan galah panjang... Harry Connick, Jr. with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra - Sold Out Feb 3 - 5, 2005 (8.30 pm) Harry Connick, Jr. was a WW2 bomber tail-gunner in Memphis Belle (1990), a serial killer in Copycat (1995), and the... Cool Stuff 1 by The Special Bunch Arts happenings worldwide 04 / 02 / 2005 Hardcore soft toys, Webcomics evangelism, Arts fest junkies... Anting+Anting & Matahati Jan 26 -Feb 28 Political mural-making art group from the Philippines with expensive painting-making art collective from Malaysia come together to sell works from RM400 onwards at Bangsar. Stepping Out! Feb 12 & 13 Under the charismatic leadership of Joseph Gonzales, the dance department of Akademi Seni Kebangsaan will once again launch the careers of “hopefully exciting” young choreographers. Jaclyn Victor Valentine Affair Feb 14 Well, you have wasted good SMS money on her. Why not make her work for it? Our Malaysian Idol will serenade your date and try to turn her/him gooey in time for desert. Which may not even be necessary – Valentine dates are pretty foolproof. Spellbound Feb 16 - 20 Forging an Odissi tradition with Malaysian characteristics, Spellbound will feature new works, in collaboration with Guru Durga Charan Ranbir, a guru of Ramli Ibrahim’s own guru. Accompanied by master musicians from Orissa, India, Ramli and the best of the Sutra Dance Theatre dancers will embark on this, their fourth Malaysian tour. Hamlet (Extension)* Feb 3 - 5, 2005 (8.30 pm); Feb 6, 2005 (3 pm) / Feb 18 (Fri) - 20 (Sun), 2005 (8.30 pm) Run extended: This is Faridah Merican's third attempt at staging Hamlet. So why does this Shakespearean play warrant so many re-stagings?... Bangsawan 12 Dayung Petani Feb 17 (Thu) - 19 (Sat), 2005 (8.30 pm) Kerana keperitan hidup maka 6 orang anak Melayu Petani yang diketuai oleh Syed Saaban dan Megat Sulung merentangi lautan samudera... Raya Terakhir Feb 20 (Sun), 2005 (8.30 pm) Pementasan Teater Raya Terakhir arahan Azmi Zainun (Amizai) dari Group Teater Anak Seni Warisan (ASWA) dengan kerjasama Jabatan Kebudayaan, Kesenian... Classrooms & S21 – the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine Feb 21 The first is a short meditation by Ho Yuhang on Cambodia’s ‘genocide museum’. The second is a full blown, unflinching documentary of the building, which used to be an interrogation centre during 1975-1979 when almost two million were put to death. The documentary, directed by Rithy Panh, won the Francois Chalais Award, Cannes Film Fest 2003. MPO Chamber Concert – Schnittke, Poulenc, Spohr Feb 22 Presenting Schnittke’s Epilogue for cello, piano and tape; Poulenc’s Sonata for horn, trumpet & trombone; and Spohr’s Nonet in F, Op 31. Schnittke is a moody late-20th Century Russian and Poulenc is an Orientalist early-20th Century French. Spohr, a six-feet-five German conductor of the century before, is inventor of the chin-rest. Mansor, Manhattan and Movies: Wed Feb 23 – Wed Mar 9, 2005, Alliance Francaise, KL Last year, Mansor Puteh released 57 books for the price of RM1957 per set. With titles like Awang ke Universiti Dunia Melayu, he hopes to “narrow the cultural and intellectual divide, and to balance the image deficit experienced by Muslims and the Malays.” Alliance Francaise, which bought the entire set, will exhibit his self-designed book covers as well as photos of Bali, which will “question people’s expectations in photography.” 33rd Hong Kong Arts Fest: Thu Feb 17 - Sun Mar 20, 2005, Hong Kong. As near as we can get to some stellar international acts: Blind Boys of Alabama, Musicians and Poets of Rajasthan, Lila Downs (who looks like Frida and sang on soundtrack of Frida), Spain’s Ballet Nacional de Espana, Italy’s Compagnia Aterballeto, and a festival commission, Little Prince Hamlet, bringing together Saint Exupery, Shakespeare and six Asian dancers. Also: a Dario Fo play, a Verdi opera, and a puppet play about a man born without arms and legs. Dance, The Colour Rouge 3 - Awakening Crows Feb 19, 2005 (8 pm) / Feb 20, 2005 (11 am, 3 pm, 8 pm) Ushering in 2005, the year of the Rooster, Batu Dance Theatre’s Dance, the Color Rouge parties into its third year... The KL Writer's Club (Feb 2005) Feb 19, 2005 (11 am) The KL Writers' Club is a support group for local aspiring book authors, run by freelance writer Oon Yeoh in... Comedy Court All Stars Feb 21 (Mon) - 26 (Sat), 2005 (8.30 pm) Comedy Court presents Comedy Court All Stars, welcoming the New Year with new stories, new scenarios and some old stuff.... MPO Encounter - Operaholics: The Birth of Opera Feb 20, 2005 (11 am) Let MPO musician Joost Flach take you on a journey into the intricate world of opera. Back by popular demand,... Wings - Sunday Nite Live @ Hard Rock Cafe Feb 20 (Sun) & 27 (Sun), 2005 (10.30 pm) Perhaps Malaysia’s most popular rock group, the band Wings, including Awie himself, are back once again to indulge and bring... MPO Chamber Concert - Schnittke, Poulenc, Spohr Feb 22, 2005 (6 pm) The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Players play: Alfred Schnittke's Epilogue for cello, piano and tape; Poulenc's Sonata for horn, trumpet &... Denise Freeman @ Alexis Ampang Feb 24, 2005 (9.30 pm) Back in Malaysia to release her album, Denise Freeman’s world of music glides from folk and blues to soul and... Avanti Friday Nite Jazz - Groove Unction Feb 25, 2005 (10 pm) Smooth, funky jazz nights return for a third season at the Avanti Italian-American Ristorante at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel, with... Classical Guitar Recital - Stefano Grondona Feb 25 & 26, 2005 (8 pm) In an interview of 1985, the maestro AndrĂ©s Segovia named Stefano Grondona as one of his favourite students (together with... Juwita Suwito & Friends @ Alexis Ampang Feb 25 (Fri) & 26 (Sat), 2005 (10.30 pm) You may recognise her name as the voice of Akademi Fantasia’s theme song, 'Menuju Puncak', or as vocal coach of... Bangsawan Megat Panji Alam Feb 25 (Fri) - 27 (Sun), 2005 (8.30 pm) A performance by 3rd year Akademi Seni Kebangsaan students, this popular bangsawan tale tells of the dilemma of Tun Teja... Aayilyamkavile Ponni Feb 26 (Sat), 2005 (8 pm) Malayalee playwright PT Chacko is prolific: he has written numerous plays, 300 songs, and a couple of albums in the... The End of a Love Affair Sat Feb 26 1919 Bistro, which tried to market itself as the hang out for sensitive souls pining for gentler times (and good tapas), has given up. Perhaps not enough sensitive souls (or good tapas) to go around. This Sat Feb 26, they present the last cabaret act. Llewellyn Marsh directs from the piano, with vocals from Cheong Whye Mun, Suzan Manen, and Michelle Nunis. 1919 Bistro, KL. Denise Freeman & Farid Ali @ Backyard Pub Feb 26 (Sat), 2005 (9 pm) The Backyard Pub plays host to a surprise one-night-only special guest in the form of Denise Freeman, who has cut... Evelyn Toh Solo Recital: Sat Feb 26, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, KL This Grand Champion in the Malaysia-Singapore Classical Singing Competition and the National Classical Singing Grand Final competition will present songs in German, French, Italian, and Chinese. M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2005: Sat Feb 26 - Sat Mar 12, 2005, Singapore. Even nearer than Hong Kong, but with a smaller (more realistic?) scope. The festival presents you examinations into themes of mass violence and peace, from the Holocaust to 9-11. Featuring: A reworking of Little Red Riding Hood, a play about Hitler and an art performance about French women who slept with German soldiers. Little Wings Feb 25 - Mar 20, 2005 (Tues - Fri: 10 am; Sat / Sun: 12 pm) From The Little Company that also brought you Rumpelstiltskin, Little Wings is a play for 2 to 6 year-olds. Written...

Valentines at Luna

Share this Valentine's with your love ones at Luna - International Buffet Dinner with 6 carving stations - 1 bottle of Red or White Wine - 1 bouquet of roses for the lady - Special packed praline chocolates - Complimentary photo - Special room rate at Pacific Regency Hotel Apartments inclusive of breakfast for all diners. - 10% off beverage price for all diners All at Rm580 nett per couple. For reservations. Call 03-23327777 ext 6803 or 6809. Luna Live DJ . Cigar . Wine

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AsiaSeminar 2005, Singapore

For the first time in Asia, Asia Seminar Pte Ltd is launching a large scale mega-seminar event: ASIASEMINAR 2005 in April 2005. With a record number of over 500 seminar topics and over 400 qualified local as well as international speakers fielded by Industry leaders, ASIASEMINAR 2005 together with supporting government agencies and associations will be presenting a unique platform for Singaporeans and neighboring Asia countries to spend a weekend learning about the latest topics of interest in these 5 major fields : Lifestyle & Personal, Health & Wellness, Wealth & Professional, Business & Career, Kids Think Tank. We will be presenting this event FREE to all attendees. ASIASEMINAR 2005 aims to become Asia's first and largest gathering of industry leaders who come together to share their expertise with the public, educating all who attend the event on current topics of interest. With the high profile nation-wide campaign that will be launched to market ASIASEMINAR 2005's 3 day event complete with goodiebags, lucky draws and exciting contests, plus media partners like Mediacorp TV, Mediacorp Radio and Singapore Press Holdings, ASIASEMINAR 2005, is targeting to achieve for this event and its supporters a total of close to SGD 1 million worth of publicity reaching out to the hearts and minds of all Singaporeans. A quick update, the ASIASEMINAR 2005 event has received a lot of feedback and generated quite a huge interest in the market, From to Marketing Institute of Singapore and more, Everyday we are seeing top brands in the industry confirming their participation for this event. We are now also talking to Jobstreet, MCYS, Ministry of Education, Pacific Internet, IBM and more to come on board aggressively for ASIASEMINAR 2005 ASIASEMINAR 2005 will address the Business only crowd (attendee profile: SMEs, Business owners, Senior Management, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Purchasing Managers etc) on Friday and the general consumer crowd on Saturday and Sunday. Here is an excellent opportunity for Malaysian Businesses and Speakers that are thinking of venturing abroad get maximum marketing mileage by participating in the largest speaking event of 2005. Please feel free to get in touch with me for any queries. We look forward to your response and participation in this exciting event soon. Best regards Emily Tan Director Transcient Associates Sdn Bhd (exclusive marketing partner of Asia Seminar) Tel: 012 3981198 About Asia SeminarAsia Seminar is dedicated to providing individuals and corporations with the necessary knowledge to improve their quality of work or life. Asia Seminars' unique expertise lies in developing synergies between it speakers and seminar attendees. Leveraging on the Internet and information technology, Asia Seminar combines systems, skills and strategies to deliver seminars that are value-for-money, meet the needs of people from all walks life, and on-demand. For more information about Asia Seminar and its seminars, please visit

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Scalini's Valentines Dinner Promotion

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Tsunami Valentine's Dinner Promotion

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Bar Blonde's New 'Islands of The World' Menu

Call to check their Valentines Day Menu. Click to see more information on the Blonde Idol Search. Posted by Hello

Rahsia Bistro & Wine Bar Valentine's Menu 2005

Phone: 03-21425555 for reservations or visit their website for more details. Posted by Hello

Bar Blonde Valentine's Day Party

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Delicious Presents Electric Circus 12th Feb 2005 Saturday @ Atmosphere

Delicious special Chinese New Year guest night. * Electric Circus * Featuring Dj Gregoire Pagnoux [ Paris ] Dj Callen [Excessive Records / Pervert Designs ] Dj Bryan Burger [ Excessive Records / Royale Dj Academy ] Info: Door: RM 40 + 1 Drink Time: 9 Till Late Tel: 03-21459198 / 03-21450600 Fax: 03-21482477 / 03-21450600 Web: Posted by Hello

Send a Valentine Balloon Gift

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"12th Street" RnB Night @ Bliss, TwelveSI, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Every Wednesday! An Exclusive Invitation to You and Your Friends (maximum of 5 guests per person). Join Dj's Nesh and Angelo at 12th Street, the new Wednesday Smoove RnB nites at Bliss. If you wanna be on Ascension's Smoove VIP guestlist for this event, call Nazrul at 03-21459198 or email, mention "Smoove" as the password, with your full name and the number of guests you wish to bring in with you by 6pm Wednesdays. Free Entry strictly by invitation only. Check for your name and number at the Bliss door for entry before midnight. Above 18 Years.

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Charlie's Place Seafood Promotion

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ASA Seminar, 17 FEBRUARY 2005- "Maintaining Ethical Standards in Marketing Communications

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is a self-regulating body set up in 1976. Its function is to ensure industry compliance with the Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice and to promote ethical standards and best practices amongst industry players. ASA will be organising a one-day seminar scheduled for:- Date: 17 February 2005, Thursday Venue: Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya Time: 8.00am - 5.30pm The seminar is aimed at disseminating information and incresing knowledge of the Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice as well as guidelines & regulations administered by the various Ministries Speakers are from: Ministry of Health Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Ministry of Home Affairs Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry NGOs The Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, YB Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal will be officiating the seminar. We hope you share our concern and we look forward to participation from your organisation. Please call Daisy Sidhu at Tel: 76608535 or Fax: 76608532 for further information. Thank you

The International Portrait Design Competition

This international portrait design competition has a total prize money of over $40,000 to be given away to creative winners. More information on this contest can be found at the official website.

Regulars Club Nites worth checking out

Luna Bar Above the city, under the stars, beside the pool, amongst beautiful people. We're not telling you where it is but if you do eventually find out and make it there, we will be chilling on the sundeck chairs, watching the sunset over KL and waiting for the stars to pop up one by one in the breezy sky, enjoying our drinks and delicious pizza's, listening to soothing chill out music.. this is heaven.. perfect at anytime. Rm 50 Cover Charge on Weekends Nights and Eve of Public Holidays. The Loft @ Heritage Row Enjoy the Japanese Fine Cuisine downstairs and head into Upstairs for a night of dancing. Thursdays is RnB, while Friday & Saturday is House. Classy upmarket fun chic crowd. Zeta Bar @ Hilton KL Sentral The talk about town for its jazzy and stylish decor and refreshing music. A combination of house, latin jazz, live percussionists playing with the DJ's surrounded by the who's who of KL high society. Another place where you can chill and unwind like Luna after work on weekdays too. Rm 60 Cover Charge on Weekends Nights and Eve of Public Holidays. Cream @ Renaissance Hotel Posh decor with spacious sections with music to cater to the classy clubbers who enjoy disco house to trancey stuff. Sugar Club @ Mutiara Crown Regency A new joint at the old Tin Mine. Totally new with plush refursbishments and groovy mix of tunes to satisty different crowds on different nights. Wednesdays: Mambo Jambo @ Velvet Underground Jumble up your music senses every Wednesday to the familiar tunes at Velvet's Mambo Jambo. DJ Leonard T will serve up a variety of music madness with a mix of New Wave, 70s & 80s disco funk, weaved in occasionally with the latest hits. So put on your dancing shoes and lose yourself to the good 'ol vibes of retro-cool. Resident DJ Leonard T supplying the grooves. It's just so awesome going down memory lane even if you get screwed at work the next day. RM25 (incl. 1 drink) 12 Street @ Bliss DJs Nesh and Angelo heat things up with their smoove dose of RnB tunes. Entry by invitation. Call Nazrul at 03-23812088 and mention Ascension for guestlist. Smoove @ 12 Street, Bliss Sensual.Chill.Groove.Friends Nu Soul with T-Bone @ The Loft, Zouk NuSoul, RnB and Acid Jazz is the order of the night. Free Entry. Live Jazz @ La Bodega Chill out to warm soulful sounds of Jazz. Ground Floor 14-16, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Ladies Nite @ Budaba Weekly ladies night. Free Entry and promotions. Ladies Nights @ Spiral's R&B Club Free entry for ladies and complimentary drinks. Phileo Promenade Thurdays: Ghetto Heaven @ Zouk Resident DJs Goldfish & T-Bone serve up a wicked dose of RnB & Hip Hop to make you dance all night. Usually very packed and filled with Fly girls and B-boyz with Bling Bling's everywhere. It's da shizzie.. RM28 (incl. 1 drink) Ladies Free entry before midnight Groove Nation @ The Loft, Heritage Row RnB and Hip Hop on the latest hotspot to be seen at even on weekends. Shazz Deep Space @ The Loft, Zouk Let Resident DJ Shaz take you into a journey of Deep House, Nu Jazz and World Music. Free Entry Peaches & Cream @ Velvet Underground Every Thursday's Indulge in delightful sins every Thursday's Free admission for ladies before midnight & Free drinks for ladies while stocks last. Groovalicious Ladies Nite with DJ Nesh & Angelo @ Nouvo This two rascals are the ones responsible for bringing us out to Nouvo on a weekday night pre-Passion and Zouk times and guess what.. they are still rockin the joint solid despite the competition with mad skills playin RnB and Hip Hop. Props to my crew. U still da best Nesh. Free entry for ladies all night long. Free drinks for the 1st 100 ladies before midnight. Sensual @ Passion Club Soak into the tunes of funky club house with DJ Desire. Free entry all night long Ladies Night @ Bar Flam, Bangsar Free margaritas for Ladies on Thursdays. Fridays: Well.. there's a whole choice, from Atmosphere, Bliss, Nouvo, Sangria, Passion, Poppy, Zouk, Velvet, Espanda, Frangipani, Budaba, Rush, Savanh's Retro nite, Spirals, Orange, Bangsar, etc etc etc.. so we're confused as to where to go already.. Smoove Soul Seduction RnB Friday & Saturday Nights @ Poppy Garden / Passion 10pm onwards. A potent dose of sexy old skool RnB from 90's till current club hits blended with Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, exclusive Remixes and more. Only the good stuff to make you warm up, dance, loosen up, meet everyone before you all go together to attack the other clubs. Have some juicy dinner, chill out under the stars open air (there's a retractable roof to keep us super dry even if it rains!!!), party a lil and come back for more. You could be stuck in a place that's too smoky, too filled with people moving around past you till you can't even dance for more that 30 seconds without being interrupted, the cigarette burns, the spilt drinks, the sweats, the heat, the elbowing, the foot stepping, or you could be here with us, cool night air, good tunes (Choice of RnB outside, Jazz Band inside and House in Passion upstairs), beautiful people, etc. Call Lyn or Joanna 03-21418888 for table reservations. Smoove @ Poppy Garden / Passion Food.Chill.Groove.Friends Twilight Action Girl @ The Loft, Zouk Get sorted with KL's only indie night as the gang tear apart The Loft every Friday night, mashing through a mind bogging mix of 1980s indie classics, new wave, post punk, Britpop to Radiohead & electro-clash. For a weekend bender of electro-punk rock & roll & everything between, the Twilight mothership residency is docked at The Loft, Zouk KL each & every Friday. Free Admission Passion Nights @ Atmosphere Fridays 9pm onwards : Passion presents ... Get into the mood for elektro with cutting-edge, electronic, nu-beats. Keep your shirt on when surprise local/ international guest DJs, turntablist or 4-deck dj set cranks up the temps further! RM30 + 1 drink* Avanti Friday Nite Jazz Every Friday 10pm till midnight Some like it hot. Some like it cool. But everyone likes it delivered with passion. What better place to give in. Click here for more details. The Piano Cafe @ 1919 Bistro & Wine Bar 9:30pm 'til midnight Live Cabaret/Theatre Music with vocalist and a Grand Piano plus good food. Click here for more details. Friday Night Stylus @ Rush, Eastin Feel a mixture of RnB, Commercial and Underground Dance/House Hits with the Triple B DJ's - Bernard, Bryan and Benz Lee Others on our personal favourites are Zeta Bar, Luna Bar, Poppy, Velvet Underground, Passion, Bliss, DV8, Sangria, Bar Code, Frangipani's for now. Saturdays: Passion / Poppy Garden The Friday & Saturday nite RnB sessions. Look out for a new outdoor RnB experience under the stars as stated above while Passion serves house and Havanita serves Live Jazz. Bar Savanh The current hotspot for RnB. Packed, filled with the who's who and celebs out there. The music is aite and tight. Mind the fish ponds though. If it gets too packed, well there's always Wine Bar, Bar Blonde, The Ivy and a host of eateries along there to keep you busy. Upstairs on Heritage Row A new place along the infamous Heritage Row, playing a dose of stylish house entertaining the posh clubbers. Saturday Night Live with Goldfish & Friends @ The Loft, Zouk Goldfish, Shazz & Friends channel the spirits of Larry Levan, Kool Herc & David Mancuso to bring you the true roots of all modern dance music. A melange of dirty disco, p-funk, hip hop & electronica swirl together into a musical melting pot that's smokin' all night long! Delicious @ Atmosphere Saturdays 9pm onwards Join the resident legionnaires of funk, Gregoire, Romel & guest DJs with Austin on percussions & Zam on visuals, for a sonic feast. RM40 + 1 drink* Push @ Zouk Delivering a distinctive profusion of cutting-edge and innovative sounds, Push aims to break the homogeneity and predictability of local dance music and promote open-mindedness for newer musical genres and soundscapes. Featuring Zouk residents Fono, Gabriel & RaySoo on main deck duties, this new, regular Saturday club night will also host lesser-known yet still brilliant and inventive international DJs and performers that will further advocate Push's unique music policy. Admission + 1 Drink* RM30 (men & ladies) Free admission for ladies before midnight Sensual @ Rush, Eastin Feel a mixture of RnB, Commercial and Underground Dance/House Hits with the Triple B DJ's - Bernard, Bryan and Benz Lee The Piano Cafe @ 1919 Bistro & Wine Bar 9:30pm 'til midnight Live Cabaret/Theatre Music with vocalist and a Grand Piano plus good food. Click here for more details. Others on our personal favourites are Velvet Underground, Passion, Poppy. For the after parties. There's always Emergency Room, Carlos, Amber, Rush, K-Club, Waikiki, Furama Chicken Rice on Petaling Street, Nasi Lemak and such at Kampung Baru, Bangsar and Home. Alternatively, there's DV8, Q-Bar, Beach Club, Thai Club & Cowboy Cafe, Grand Modesto's, Bangsar Outlets - Club 11:15 & Bar Flam and others on Telawi 3, Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, The Dragon, Ice and a whole bunch of other outlets to check out if you fancy a change of scene. Sundays: Bliss Boys @ Bliss Sundays 9 pm onwards This one’s for the boys. Last call to shake that booty to DJ Bobby B’s funky, house vibes before the Monday blues roll in! RM25 + 1 drink Sunday Sundae @ Velvet Underground Every last Sunday of the Month Zouk's monthly themed boys night. Rm 25 for ladies, Free for Men! These are all based on feedback our regulars friends we usually hang out with give. There's more than 100 of them. We apologise if some of the information is outdated.