Thursday, March 31, 2005

Nouvolicious Ladiez Nite presenting DJ Moto and MC Joe 275

Catch DJ Moto from Japan but now spinning in Australia Live in Malaysia alongside MC Joe 275 blastin wicked Hip Hop R&B tunez wif hiz own blend of unique mixing and techniques on turntables. Don't miss this chance to experience this DJ doing his magic rite in front of ya. Not Forgetting our sweetheart ressie DJ Augie and DJ Biggie warming up the nite. Date : 31 March 2005 Time : 10pm till late Venue : The Living Room, Nouvo Cover Charge : Galz free b4 12mn, RM 30 afta Dudez RM25 b4 12mn and RM 35 afta Dress Code : London-Paris-New York Smoove has 100 passes to give away. Free Entry!!! To get it, register on Duago by 6pm Wednesday 30th March and you will get the SMS Invitation by Thursday.

Invitation to Sheila Majid's Private Performance at Astro

Yes the Malaysian Queen of Jazz and Soul is back Only 300 Lucky Lucky fans (for those above 18 years only) will be able to catch Sheila Majid, Live! at an up close and personal preview show of her new album Cinta Kita. When?: 10th April, 2pm, Studio 1, ASTRO, North Entrance Come dressed in Black or Pink.. What you need to do: Fax your Name, IC and Mobile number to 03-20943555 by deadline 25th March And write Cinta Kita as the title. Strictly by invitation and "First Come First Serve" basis. Not the typical Malaysian "Lambat Come No Serve" ok! We know some of you missed the deadline.. As such.. We have 4 more seats to give away. SO if you really want to get up close and personal with Sheila.. Send us an email with your name, ic and mobile number by 3pm Tuesday 5th April. Again.. First Come First Serve.

Zouk and Velvet Events for 1st Week April

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MSC-TDF Business Plan Development Workshop - Free

As part of the Start-up Development Programmes (SDP), the MSC Technopreneur Development Flagship (MSC-TDF) will soon be bringing Technopreneurs the first of a series of business plan development workshops for 2005. The business plan workshops will aim: · To instill in the technopreneur the discipline of developing and maintaining a business plan as a reference document for the operations of their venture; and · To assist technopreneurs to prepare a complete and compelling business plan as a reference document for the active engagement of MSC-TDF clients through the core process. The full two-day workshop will include: · A comprehensive facilitation programme led by experienced leaders from industry; · Interactive tutorials and guided discussion panels; and · Power Lunch - An opportunity to network with participants, in view of developing business synergies. There is no fee to be paid for all those wishing to attend these workshops. For more information about the MSC-TDF workshops, go to Best regards TeAM Secretariat- Visit Us At

Euro-Malaysia ICT Cooperation Event 2005

Greetings From TeAM.. We wish to inform you that Mimos Bhd (Mimos) will host the Euro-Malaysia ICT Co-operation Event 2005 (EuroMalaysia 2005) from 9th-10th June at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. TeAM, and its sister organisation, the New Entrepreneurs Forum (NEF), are co-organisers of this event. A pre-event briefing will be held on 3rd May at the Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel to publicise EuroMalaysia 2005 to members of the Technopreneur community and the press. EuroMalaysia 2005 was initiated within the ambit of the Gapfill project, a project supported by the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme of the European Commission. The objective of this project is to develop scientific and technological co-operation between Europe and Asia in the field of ICT in certain select areas. The IST Programme is to be implemented in partnership between Malaysian and European organisations, whether based in Malaysia or in Europe. EuroMalaysia 2005 is not merely about ICT collaboration. The bigger picture of EuroMalaysia 2005 will comprise the following benefits to both Malaysian and European organisations. At the same time, Gapfill is an exercise to create awareness and promote collaborative ICT activities between organisations in Europe and Asian countries. The European Commission has specifically targeted Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia to become partners in the Gapfill project given the potential boom of the ICT market in these countries. It also strengthens the European presence in ICT in Asia. For more information about the EuroMalaysia 2005 event, the Gapfill project and areas earmarked for ICT collabboration between EU and Malaysian ICT companies, go to Best regardsTeAM Secretariat - Visit Us At

Hypernoise Tune 3 Rock Band Series at Atmosphere

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Jobstreet presents Jen Siow Photography Workshop

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Casting for Reality Dating Show

Looque International are looking for beautiful and eligible ladies and men for the above purpose. The qualities and characteristics of the ladies and men we are looking for must satisfy the below requirements: The Lady Pleasant physical outlook Urban Single, presently not in a relationship Prefer a variety of ethnicity : Pan-Asian, Malay, Chinese, East Malaysian Variety of backgrounds, professions, and characters Able to speak English The Guy Minimum 5’10” tall, prefer 6’ tall Good looking Preferably 25- 28 years old Prefer mixed parentage, pan-Asian – e.g. Malay + Caucasian Speaks good English Minimum completed secondary education Humble, polite, likable Co-operative The chosen candidate must be willing to spend a maximum period of 1 month off site for the production of this reality dating show. Please inform suitable and interested candidates to write in providing the below information : 1. Full Name 2. Age 3. Parentage 4. Height 5. Highest level of education ("o" level, college, degree, post graduate, etc) 6. Recent and clear photograph - half body shot - full body length shot Submissions via e-mail : or via post: Kho Min-Jee, Managing Director, Looque International, 45-7 The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Bionic DJ Course. New intake on April.

In order to fully explore the increasing range of skills necessary to become a professional DJ, we originally brought together some of Malaysia's most prestigious club and radio DJs, Promoters and venues to input their expertise in formulating the Malaysia's first and finest DJ course. Since its launch in 1999, the Bionic DJ course has attracted people from around the country. Naturally, in this fast moving sector, equipment and curriculum are constantly reviewed so that our students are kept at the cutting edge of both technical developments and artistic trends in the music Industry. Bionic is one of the most exciting and innovative DJ-training centre in Malaysia. We have been running this studio and DJ courses successfully and we have experience helping people accomplish their musical dreams and ambitions. We specialise in hands-on tuition in a relaxed atmosphere and offers courses for everybody from beginners to the professional industry. All the courses are conducted from our own in-house DJ studio. It is available for hire and students that excel in the courses will be considered for work experience. We offer three unique courses: the Beginners (Mixing), Advance (Art Of Turntablism - Scratching) Professional (Art Of Turntablism - Beat Juggling). Emceeing techniques will be provided as well in each of the courses offered. Accreditations from Bionic will assist in job applications thereafter. The course' tutors has been a professional DJ for more than 10 years, promoting club events and writing music within the fields of drum 'n' bass, house, hip hop, soul, R&B, breakbeat and more. This unique and innovative course at Bionic enables you to take a complete technical and creative control of your projects, bringing you from a basic DJ to a professional DJ Producer, or even a DJ Artist. Bionic DJ Academy (opposite Times Square) Lot 2.30, 2nd floor, Plaza Berjaya, 12, Jalan Imbi, 55100. Kuala Lumpur. Tel/fax: +603-21433440 , Direct: +6016-2231120 Log on to for more details and pictures about the Dj courses.

Entrepreneurship Talk by NTDC TDF and Microsoft

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The State Has No Role in Policing Morality

Special Feature: The State Has No Role in Policing Morality A joint statement by the undersigned It has become apparent in the past few months that we, as Malaysians, can no longer afford to remain silent over the increasing role of the state in policing the morality of its citizens. The arrest of a transgender in the garden of a friend's house by religious authorities in Taiping (The Star, March 2, 2005, p12); the Malacca Belia 4-B campaign to spy on young people under the pretext of controlling morality (, February 22, 2005); and the JAWI raid on a Kuala Lumpur nightclub and subsequent detention and humiliation of approximately 100 Muslim youth (Sunday Mail, Jan 23, 2005, p1) are unfortunate incidents that demonstrate how moral policing violates the personal dignity of humans and their rights as citizens. We question the state's role in defining and controlling the morality of its citizens and its use of punitive religious and municipal laws. Forced and fearful compliance with such laws results not in a more moral society but a mass of terrified, submissive and hypocritical subjects. We are concerned that when religion is so much part of the political arena, it increases the state's inclination to police the private lives of its citizens. Given the multi-religious and multi-ethnic composition of our society, any attempt to regulate a person's conscience, faith or private life has grave implications for all citizens and communities, as well as the relationships between communities. The use of state instruments such as the police, religious and Rela officers to control morality is nothing new. The use of Muslim youth to spy on other Muslims, however, is unprecedented. It violates not only Qur'anic injunctions but also common standards of community trust. Further, it invites vigilantism. Reported plans to rope in non-Muslim youth to spy on non-Muslim couples indicate how quickly such invasive and authoritarian policies can affect Malaysians. We are against the use of these state instruments, and the individuals and groups enlisted as their surrogates, to regulate morality. How people dress and where, how and with whom they socialise are personal choices. The outcry following the nightclub raid and detention of some 100 Muslim patrons by JAWI officers recently and the case of a couple booked by City Hall enforcement officers for holding hands at the KLCC park in August 2003 indicates the Malaysian public's concern over the issue. In the past, many similar incidents went unreported because those who were charged pleaded guilty without legal representation for fear of the shame and discrimination of a prolonged public trial. It is clear that public opinion has changed, and that laws must be changed to reflect our increasingly open and progressive society. Any law that attempts to regulate a citizen's life to the smallest detail has far-reaching consequences to the point that it becomes unjust and unenforceable. The vague provisions of such laws leave them wide open to interpretation and abuse by enforcement officers, which can lead to selective prosecution and victimisation, usually on those from a marginalised class, gender and/or community. The responsibility of the Government is to uphold and protect the rights of its citizens to justice, equality, freedom and dignity at all times. In the spirit of our democratic and pluralistic society, we the undersigned affirm that morality is a matter best dealt with by individuals and their families, and we call for: a) The repeal of provisions in religious and municipal laws that deny citizens their fundamental right to privacy, freedom of speech and expression, and those that overlap with the federal Penal Code; b) The appointment of a committee to monitor the process of repealing these laws, including representation from women's groups, human rights groups, civil society organizations, progressive religious scholars and constitutional experts; c) The strengthening of our pluralism through community dialogue around morals in our society, rather than the divisiveness bred by sub-contracting of moral policing and neighbours spying on neighbours. In response to the increasing actions by the State in policing the morality of its citizens, a few concerned non-government organizations (NGOs) circulated a joint statement which has been endorsed by approximately 40NGOs and 160 individuals (with more endorsements coming in). We are calling for a press conference (followed by a planning meeting ) on this matter and would like to invite you to the event. We would appreciate it if you can forward this release to other members of the press too. The details of the press conference are as follows: Date : 22 March, 2005 (Tuesday) Time : 10am - 11am (followed by planning meeting 11-12.30pm) Venue: Pearl International Hotel, Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur. Endorsed by Organisations: All Women's Action Society (AWAM) Malaysian AIDS Council Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) Metal Industry Employees Union National Human Rights Society (HAKAM) Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Mutiara Sisters in Islam (SIS) Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) Women's Candidacy Initiative Women's Development Collective (WDC) ALIRAN Forum Iqra Knowledge and Rights with Young people through Safer Spaces (KRYSS) Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) MALVU Metal Industry Employees Union REFSA Save Ourselves (SOS) Society for Christian Reflection and many manmy more individuals, Ministers, MP's, companies. You are welcomed to leave your name in the comment box for us to pass it along. We are looking for corporate or private sponsors to assist Human Rights Society in printing handy information cards on your human rights and what to do in cases of enforcement raids for everyone. If you are interested to know more, email us directly. Related postings: Past articles from Al Jazeera, BBC and The Star - A must read Jawi's Letter The Zouk Raid Disclaimer: Ascension Media Communications and the Smoove Guide publication accepts no responsibility for any form of legal damage(s), in any comments and actions that may slander, offend or defame any party involved in this matter. All comments are strictly the personal responsibility of the respective individuals expressing their own views and mentioned without any prejudice and in no way can be used by other parties without the expressed and explicit permission of the author (s). Write your professional opinions in the comment box below, should you wish to voice your thoughts on this matter. Please strictly refrain from any vulgarities, offensive and defamatory remarks.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Simple Plan Underground ‘Dare to Dare’ Contest and Concert

Simple Plan Underground ‘Dare to Dare’ Contest Simple Plan has proven that they are the hottest band in town at this moment. Their second album ‘Still Not Getting Any...’ has recently sold like the hot and tasty ‘Rotiboy’. Released in last November, to date, the album has sold about 25,000 units, achieving the double-platinum status in Malaysia only. On top of that, their second single ‘Shut Up’ has also been receiving tremendous airplay support from the local radio stations, with the song climbing the charts of Hitz.FM Hot 20, Radio 4 ‘Big 20 Countdown’, Radio Muzik, RMKL, Red104.9, and even Cats.FM. Simple Plan ‘Still Not Getting Any Tour’ in Kuala Lumpur will be happening on 29th March 2005 at 7pm, at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club (Indoor Arena). Concert tickets can be purchased via TicketCharge ( and each ticket is priced at RM 98 (excluding processing fee). In conjunction with Simple Plan’s upcoming concert in Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club on 29th March 2005, Warner Music Malaysia would like to invite big fans of Simple Plan to join the Malaysia’s Simple Plan Underground, or also known as the SPU. For those who are interested, you can register yourself as a SPU member by emailing Warner at By registering yourself as a member of SPU, you are entitled to participate in the ‘SPU Dare To Dare Contest’. Log on to Warner Music for more information on how you can participate in this contest. This contest starts from 21st March until 27th March 2005. Two (2) winners will be selected to win a backstage pass each, allowing them to meet-n-greet with Simple Plan. Additionally, if you wish to welcome Simple Plan to Kuala Lumpur at the airport, the band will be arriving in KLIA on 28th March, at 10.30am (TG 419). They will be in KL for 2 nights, before departing to Singapore on 30th March at 8.15pm (SQ 103). For more information about this posting, click here.

Press Conference:

10.30am, Zeta Bar, Hilton KL Sentral. 29th March.

After Party: After the Simple Plan concert, Bar Savanh will be hosting the official after party, with an appearance from the band themselves, come join them from 10pm till late, over 18's please. ID required.

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Single & Mingle Party

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Zouk 1st Anniversary Party with Versus Spring-Summer 05

Zouk Club presents Urban Baroque – Zouk Anniversary Year 1 in collaboration with Versus Spring / Summer ‘05 Friday 25th March 2005 @ Zouk Mainroom, Velvet Underground, The Loft & Terrace Bar Zouk is the pleasuredome of all things worldly. The modus vivendi of a true lifestyle represented in each and everyone who walks through our tunnels into the realms of clubbing. Every experience is heralding. Every sight breathtaking. The vibe. The energy. The chemistry. Zouk celebrates the 1st Anniversary in the only way it does best – by throwing an amazing party, as outrageous as it can get. We’re bringing in models, dancers & non-stop entertainment to provoke and inspire the passion within us. Welcome to the Urban Baroque. Zouk will morph into a night of chic splendour complemented with the opulence of baroque inspired classicism. In true uncompromising & decadent style, the night will be celebrated with strong influences of music, fashion and lifestyle in this magical era. Today, fashion, music and dance unite to invigorate and enliven the decade past. In true Zouk tradition, nothing is spared. Admission strictly by invitation only before 11pm. Non-members admission: RM30 (Ladies) / RM35 (Men) + 1 Drink
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Unity (Kul-Jkt) 1st Anniversary at Espanda

Duago is giving away free passes. You have to log on to for more information. Unity is selling value packages to get your support. Rm 60 includes a T-Shirt, a Book, 2 Entry Passes and 2 Drinks. Contact 012-2290889 to order and get it delivered to you before Saturday. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Michael Buble's 2nd Album "It's Time"

We've had a chance to hear it.. We Like!.. It's super sexy! Posted by Hello

The Raleigh International Introduction Weekend camp

Calling all youths aged 17-25! Join the Raleigh International Introduction Weekend camp from 8th - 10th April 2005. What's the objective of Introduction Weekend? The aim of the Introduction Weekend is to challenge you physically and mentally and give you a taste of what "Raleigh life" is like on our 10-week long Raleigh International expeditions. Who should attend? Youths between 17 to 25 years old who are interested to find out more about Raleigh expeditions. Why should you go for this? Come for Intro Weekend and you'll * discover first hand what 11-week long Raleigh International expeditions are all about * discover physical and mental ability that you didn't know you had * meet people that have gone for previous Raleigh expeditions all around the world and hear from their own personal experience about the challenges they faced as well as what they gained from the experience What's going to happen? You'll have fun activities, designed for you to get to know each other better and discover your team strengths. By Sunday morning, you will have picked up some new skills, learnt something new about yourself and about working in a team. You will certainly have had a fun and rewarding experience and have made some new friends. What kit will you need to bring? * Clothes for outdoor activities * Walking/hiking boots * 1 pair of trainers * Swimming trunks and a towel (you may be required to swim during the weekend!) * Torch and spare batteries (this is a must!) * Pen-knife, fork, spoon, cup and a mess tin (Noglassware!!) * Sleeping bag or blanket and a sleeping mat * 2 x water bottle (1.5L) filled with personal drinking water * Clean clothes to go home in (Due to the nature of activities, your clothes will get stained) * Personal medical kit * Note pad and pencil * Sun hat, block and sun glasses * Whistle I want in! How do I sign up? Get your application form by contacting Wei Yin at 012-5591187 or Evangeline at 017-6831419. Or email them at For more information on Intro Weekend and RaleighInternational expeditions please visit

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ryan Cabrera Gives 100% Guarantee

Ryan Cabrera Gives 100% Guarantee

Ryan Cabrera, a well-known name among the radio listeners, has spawned two huge radio hits with his debut singles - 'On The Way Down' and 'True'. Currently charted on the charts in the local radio stations, namely Hitz.FM, Radio 4, and Radio Muzik, this 21 year old Texas singer-songwriter has been playing in a band since he was in middle school. To pursue his dreams, Ryan then toured around the USA until he was spotted and taken under the wings of producer John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Produced by John Rzeznik and Ryan, 'Take It All Away' also sees Ryan's talent in songwriting, sharing contributions from John Rzeznik, Sabelle Breer and Curt Frasca - the duo who penned two tracks on Avril Lavigne's multi-platinum debut 'Let Go', and Jimmy Harry, Kara Dioguardi, and Guy Chambers, the man who has written for Robbie Williams.

To date, Ryan is now climbing the radio charts with his brand new 3rd single called '40 Kinds of Sadness'. Other songs included in the album are 'Exit To Exit', 'Take It All Away', and 'Echo Park' - which are also co-written by Ryan Cabrera.

Hence, Warner Music Malaysia is supporting the effort of this young talented new star by offering a 100% Guarantee campaign on this album. In conjunction with the 100% Guarantee campaign, if you do not like Ryan Cabrera's 'Take It All Away' album, you can return it to the store within 7 days of purchase. Just present the receipt of purchase and you can immediately exchange it for any other album from Warner Music Malaysia.

The Ryan Cabrera 'Take It All Away' 100% Guarantee campaign starts from 21st March 2005 until 31st May 2005, at all participating music outlets.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the latest Ryan Cabrera 'Take It All Away' album with a '100% Guarantee' sticker attached.

Pop Shuvit big in Japan

We are proud to announce that the boys from Pop Shuvit just recently returned from the land of the rising sun from their mini tour of Tokyo and Osaka from 16 February -21 February 2005. The band headlined the two shows throughout their five day invasion of Japan. Their 1st show in Tokyo was covered by MTV Japan while their second show in Osaka was covered by Space Shower TV. Tickets to both shows were completely sold out. During the tour, Pop Shuvit also took the opportunity to promote their latest album "Here & Now" which was released in Japan on the 5th February. Pop Shuvit appeared for in-store appearances and they also did promo interviews with Japanese print and electronic media while they were in Japan. When they visited Tower Records, the boys discovered that they had blown away Jay-Z & Linkin park by 3 spots on the music charts. Pop Shuvit sat on the 12th place while Jay-Z & Linkin Park sat on the 15th place. This weekend Pop Shuvit will be going away on yet another international road trip. They will be leaving for Thailand this Friday to perform at the first-ever Thailand X-Games Cup. The event which will be taking place at Huamak Indoor Stadium in Bangkok is a collaboration between ESPN and the X-Games to support Tsunami Relief Funds so the boys will be performing for a good cause. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

Upcoming Events & The Arts till 31st March

Click here for February's List of Events Ghetto Heaven pres. DJ Fluke and Simon Sez @ Zouk Thu 03 Mar . 10pm Playing at almost every nightclub across Australia, DJ Fluke has also pumped it up for Ja Rule, Naughty By Nature and The Black Eyed Peas. The maestro's indistinguishable sound, scratching style and remixes has got him hot on every club's DJ calendar. Pairing up with Simon Sez, a weekly resident at Melbourne's highest profile hip hop and r 'n' b joint, witness the duo on their return trip to Zouk. RM30 inc. 1 drink. Ladies free bef. 12mn Gilles Peterson @ Velvet Underground Fri 04 Mar . 10pm From his early days as a club and pirate radio DJ to his more recent incarnations as label boss and BBC radio host, Gilles Peterson has shaped tastes through his untiring crusade to spread the side of the dance music spectrum occupied by jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, Latin and house music. He has launched two immensely influential labels, Acid Jazz, which became the term for a new musical movement and was the platform for bands like Incognito, and Talkin' Loud, onetime home to the Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai and Roni Size that has spawned five Mercury Music Award nominations. If you missed this acid jazz pioneer the last time, you'd be mad to miss him again. RM35 bef. 11pm, ladies RM40, men RM45 aft., inc. 1 drink. Ministry of Hip Hop pres. U Got Served @ Shadows Fri 04 Mar . 8pm Who says we don't dig it here? Shadows keeps it real with a breakdance competition for the b-boys and fly girls, and lets the turntables soundtrack the freestyle rap battle. If you wanna live the 8 Mile and move to The Wade Robson Show, get all twisted up in the game. No cover. G.14 Promenade, Jln. Hang Kasturi, Central Market, KL. T: 2274 2022 Passion pres. Ibiza Tour feat. Alchemic Storm @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI Fri 04 Mar . 10pm Alchemic Storm is a nomad and the icon DJ of Paradise parties across the world. A former 5-year ressie of Locomotive in Paris, he has struck his tribal, tech house and sometimes trance works upon Tokyo, Vienna, New York and Russian dancefloors, and has since produced a total of 15 remixes and compilations. The Founder of Paradise Records, he brings his tumultuous noise to KL and cooks up a storm. Let no one steal his thunder. RM40 inc. 1 drink. Shagadelic Party @ Nouvo *Smoove's Surprising Find* Fri 04 Mar . 10pm Ressies, Augi and Biggie aka Dinesh (winner of JUICE DJ Quest 2004), spin old and nu school hip hop and r 'n' b, manifesting a bit of Brooklyn and London in the atmosphere to encourage a hint of attitude and a lot of wickedness out of The Living Room's partakers. RM20 inc. 1 drink. Zoukfest @ Genting Highlands 5 March . Saturday . 6pm till late. The dance pilgrimage to ZoukOut Singapore docks here, releasing a barrage of turntable masters. The line-up will have you tugging at your hair. Sharing the Zouk Arena with Fono and Ray Soo are Mr. C, Futureshock, Filterheadz and remix wizards, Way Out West. At the Velvet Underground Arena, Shazz and Leonard T preside with Jon Cutler, Hardsoul, ATFC and Gabriel working the decks in a return alliance with acclaimed Producer, Haze. The Ghetto Heaven Arena doles out the phat beats with preliminary tunes from Fluke & Simon Sez, while Too Phat's Joe Flizzow and Phlowtron's Crazy Carleed work their lyrical rhymes into Goldfish and T-bone's block party. Channelling through multiple video screens, behold the stimulating imagery of Japanese VJ, Shinji Murakoshi. 7pm. RM45 (inc. 1 drink ) are still available at the venue on Saturday or at Zouk KL from 9pm onwards on Friday 4th March. (RM35 Pre Sale Tickets are Sold Out) To view more on this event, click here Godskitchen pres. Solar Stone @ The Backroom (Former Federal Cinema) Lengkok Raja Chulan, Off Jln. Ipoh, Chow Kit, KL. Sat 05 March . 8pm. 8-10pm by invite only The favourite back room and after partaay turf has not disappeared from the face of the dance scene. The official launch happens tonight and hovering behind the decks making some magic is international duo Solar Stone, trance masters of 8 years with famous releases 'The Calling', 'Seven Cities' and 'Solarcoaster' including chart-topping remixes 'Liquid State' and 'Young Parisian'. Joining them are ressies Mr Q and Gilbert with Eric E on the harmonica. For the old-timers, you know what to do. RM60 after 11pm, free flow all night. Funk Is Free ft. MC Flexidite @ Teasers Sat 05 Mar . 10pm. Play that funky music. Following their first get-together at Bar Madrid in Bangsar, Funk Is Free! moves to Teasers with a chock full of funk topped with a coating of old skool breakbeats and drum and bass. Tonight features Johan and Six with MC Flexidite hosting the party. It's all about the drums, they say! No cover. For info log onto Breakers, PT 4512 Jln. 23/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL. Ghetto Heaven pres. DJ Fluke and Simon Sez @ Zouk Thu 10 Mar . 10pm Playing at almost every nightclub across Australia, DJ Fluke has also pumped it up for Ja Rule, Naughty By Nature and The Black Eyed Peas. The maestro's indistinguishable sound, scratching style and remixes has got him hot on every club's DJ calendar. Pairing up with Simon Sez, a weekly resident at Melbourne's highest profile hip hop and r 'n' b joint, witness the duo on their return trip to Zouk. RM30 inc. 1 drink. Ladies free bef. 12mn. Glow - Shuffle Into The New Dance Era @ Orange Fri 11 Mar . 7pm Hardcore clubbing comes to town with massive shuffling, lighting effects, the latest glow gear and unseen footage of shuffling shows and competitions. DJs Xyle, Darryl and the Bass Agents take charge of the music while professional shufflers, Hayden from Melbourne, and other performers show us what the pioneers have got going. For those who want to learn to get the most out of rave parties, you don't want to miss this one. And it's for charity! All proceeds and donations collected at the event will be donated to the Malaysian Red Cross Society in aid of the tsunami disaster. RM30, presale RM25. For info, call Groove Syndicate at 03-6203 1644. Pete Heller @ Zouk Fri 11 Mar . 10pm Hailing from Brighton, Pete Heller began his DJ career playing hip hop, funk and rare groove. As one half of Heller & Farley, he worked as a Remixer and Producer, collaborating with artists like Kylie Minogue and achieving chart success in the UK and Europe with 90s dancefloor hits like 'Ultra Flava' and 'Big Love'. Since then, he's continued to produce more club monsters through DJ Sputnik, Cevin Fisher and Inner City, and has launched his own label, Phela Records. It's time for KL to show him some love. RM30 bef. 11pm, ladies RM35, men RM40 aft., inc. 1 drink. Delicious pres. Joey G @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI Fri 11 Mar . 10pm The cable guy takes a break from dealing with the TV screen to return to his first love-the turntables and the secluded comfort of the DJ console. It's going to be just him, his progressive house and techno, and the roaring crowd beneath his ruling. It's a reunion for the old school patrons of Atmosphere. RM40 inc. 1 drink. Body & Soap pres. Heather Wildman @ Bliss, TwelveSI Sat 12 Mar . 9pm. Heather the "Wild Child" keeps it down low, being the mysterious but recognised voice behind club parties and live rave fests around the UK such as Raindance, Universe and for The Prodigy, including her involvement with instrumentalist Kenny G. Her capability to adapt to DJ sets and uplift a crowd with her luxurious, powerful voice has been a trademark, while ressie, Jose, adds some human touch to the decks and vinyl. RM40 inc. 1 drink. Meet Takuma Sato & The Honda F1 Racing Team 16th March, 4pm Mid Valley Centre Court. Catch The Honda F1 Racing Team at Gurney Plaza, Penang, 25-27th February Mahkota Parade, Melaka, 4-6th March The Curve, Damansara Perdana, 9-13th March Mid Valley Megamall, 16-20th March You may stand a chance to win entry passes to the The Honda F1 Racing Team Party Pepsi pres. Grandmaster Flash @ Zouk Thu 17 Mar . 9pm Of Bajan decent, Joseph Saddler aka Grandmaster Flash, was born and raised in the boogie of the Bronx. It was the streets that fuelled his inspiration and after spinning at countless block parties in the 70s, he founded rap outfit, The Furious Five, which went on to become the most important and influential group in hip hop history. The Grandmaster's knack for innovation and experimentation through his pioneering quick mixing and scratching techniques has since extended to all corners of the globe into the 21st century, as he continues to educate the masses as a spokesperson for the hip hop generation. RM40 inc. 1 drink, ladies free bef. 12mn. Toshio Matsuura @ Velvet Underground Friday 18 Mar . 10pm Pioneers of the Japanese acid jazz sound, the United Future Organization has laid the foundation for artists like Jazzanova, Koop and the Cinematic Orchestra, and their jazzy beats, Latin-esque licks and stylish looks have become a template to be emulated the world over. As a member of UFO, DJ/Producer, Toshio Matsuura, has played in over 25 countries, impressing club and festival audiences with his eclecticism in hip hop, lounge and broken beat masterpieces, just to name a few. Now flying solo, he will unleash the groovy vibes that leave you breathless. RM35 bef. 11pm; ladies RM40, men RM45 aft., inc. 1 drink. Eclectic Phunk ft. DJ Hyper @ Zouk Fri 18 Mar Eclectic Phunk throws punches in the air with breaks and funk from ressie, Blink and DJ Hyper. Hyper, who is currently also on tour with The Crystal Method, has just released his double A side single 'Outsider/Shockproof', remixed tracks for Paul van Dyk, the Sugababes and Sarah McLachlan, and gains regular support from BBC Radio 1 DJs, Seb Fontaine and Fergie. His latest project is the mix album, Wired, featuring his most cutting edge set yet. RM30 bef. 11pm; ladies RM35, men RM40 aft., inc. 1 drink. Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2005 18-20 March 2005 To view more on this event, click here Regenerate Red Zone @ Helipad Sepang International Circuit Sat 19 Mar . 8pm The Formula 1 is back. It's yet another reason to throw an outdoor party and who better to do it than masters of the open air rave, Tempo. Returning to Sepang, Regenerate brings you escalating bpms from DJs that'll get you spinning around circuit. Tall Paul churns out his hard edged house anthems, Felix da Housecat releases magnetic electroklash and Eddie Halliwell doles out some infectious tech trance, hard dance and techno. Adding to the exhilaration are local favourites, Ben Katana and Blink, who rip out the speakers with a nu breed of sounds. Burn baby, buuuurn. RM30 inc. 1 drink, free for 1st 300 walk-ins. For info, log on to Prodigy (UK) Live In Kuala Lumpur @ KL Tower Sat 19 Mar . 8pm Click here for more information Delicious pres. F1 Weekend with John "00" Fleming @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI Sat 19 Mar . 10pm Boasting regular appearances at Godskitchen and The Gallery, John 00 Fleming has long been injecting his blend of hard edged, progressive trance into the UK's top clubs. With a career spanning nearly 20 years, his impeccable talent has made him a renowned face of the genre. Besides being a DJ, he fuels the production behind numerous mix albums, artist singles and remix projects, and heads his own underground label, Joof Recordings. Watch him bang his gongs since last year's stint at Regenerate. RM40 inc. 1 drink. Urban Baroque @ Zouk Fri 25 Mar Zouk is 1! Celebrating its birthday, the club presents Urban Baroque in collaboration with Versus' Spring/Summer 2005 collection. The Mainroom morphs into a chic 80s haven with baroque inspired classicism. In a night of pure decadence, the party will embrace strong influences in music and fashion in this magical era of pop rock and disco. Help the team blow out their, erm, candle in style. 9pm. By invite only bef. 11pm; ladies RM30, men RM35 aft., inc. 1 drink. Delicious pres. Ministry of Sound feat. Paulette @ Atmosphere, TwelveSI Fri 25 Mar . 10pm Paulette loves music. She lives it and if she could eat it, she would never go hungry. She demonstrates an uncanny ability to understand what it takes to entertain people no matter if it's hard, jacking house or sweet, soulful sounds. Starting her debut show on Ministry of Sound radio in October 2000, from humble beginnings, Paulette has now become a master at creating, producing, mixing and presenting. You'll just have to experience it for yourself. RM40 inc. 1 drink. Solid Glow @ The Disco Fri 25 Mar . 10pm The 80s craze is a neverending catastrophe, and there's no better atmosphere to embrace it than at The Disco, where true fans gather and memorise every line out of every song. Get your shoulder pads sorted; it's Madonna, Bananarama, New Order, Tears For Fears and Michael Jackson ruling the fashion catwalk, so be a thriller, be pretty in pink or be some kind of wonderful. RM28 inc. 1 drink. 1st Flr., 3.04, Central Mkt. Annexe, Jln. Hang Kasturi, KL. T: 10am-6pm: 03-2026 5039, 6pm-3am: 03-2078 5909 Unity 1st Anniversary @ Espanda Sat 26 Mar . 10pm Already throwing two outrageously successful parties, Unity puts another party together for the dance music loving community. DJs who need no introduction raise the stakes with colossal beats that'll blow you away. Roxy and Groovedoctor give off the infectious vibes, Yansi and Joey G trash out the proggy basslines, and guest DJ, Anton from Jakarta, releases his blend of salacious beats. Backing them up are David on bass and Justin Lim banging on the skins, plus cultural performances. United we stand. RM40 inc. a party pack and 2 drinks, RM60 inc. a t-shirt, CD and 2 drinks. For info, call Arie at 012-674 6565 or Yansi at 016-301 9184. The Arts Scene and Stuff, contributed by Kakiseni Sepet Feb 24 onwards Catch Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet at screens in One Utama, Midvalley Megamall, Suria KLCC, Berjaya Times Square, and various cinemas in... Musiccanteen Charity Tour Feb 26 (Sat) - Mar 13 (Sun), 2005, run by that cool insurance company PanGlobal, offers the music of local artistes at RM3 per track. Distance Feb 28, 2005 (8 pm) Four disparate individuals go into the forest together to visit the site where their relatives were executed by their own... M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2005 Feb 26 - Mar 12, 2005 The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is an annual festival of theatre, installation, film, music and forum created and presented by... Little Wings Feb 25 - Mar 20, 2005 (Tues - Fri: 10 am; Sat / Sun: 12 pm) From The Little Company that also brought you Rumpelstiltskin, Little Wings is a play for 2 to 6 year-olds. Written... Leif Ove Andsnes and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra Mon Feb 28 - Tue Mar 1 Multiple award-inning pianist teams up with his countrymen to bring us two Mozart piano concertos (the very thought of which alone can induce pleasure). Also presenting works by Bach, Haydn, Schubert, and Leif’s favourite composer and fellow Norwegian, Grieg. Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, KL. The Royal London Circus 21st Anniversary Special Edition Feb 25 (Fri) - Apr 10 (Sun), 2005 (Mon - Fri: 8 pm; Sat: 4 pm & 7 pm; Sun: 1 pm, 4 pm & 7 pm) The Lee family has managed the Royal London Circus since 1988. By staying true to the rich and age-old traditions... The Little Prince Mar 2 (Wed) - 6 (Sun), 2005 (8.30 pm; Sun: 3 pm) The embassy of Sweden, Alliance Francaise Kuala Lumpur and Masakini Theatre Company will be presenting an adaptation of Antoine de... Actorlympics! 2005 Mar 2 - 6, 2005 (9 pm; Sun matinee: 3 pm) See some of the best of Malaysia's live improv-comedy performers onstage in another instalment of Actorlympics! as they try to... Disney On Ice Princess Classics Mar 3 (Thu) - 8 (Tue), 2005 Disney frequently places humans in costumes of their characters and makes them prance in an ice-skating ring. Disney On Ice... MPO Series - Viola Virtuoso Gerard Causse Plays French Romantics Mar 4 & 5, 2005 (8.30 pm); Mar 6, 2005 (3pm) The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra plays: Hector Berlioz's Harold in Italy, Op 16 and Romeo and Juliet, Op 17 (five orchestral movements). Conducted... Olavi & Kelavi Louhivuori @ Alexis Ampang Mar 4 (Fri) & 5 (Sat), 2005 (10.30 pm) In just a short time, prodigal brothers Olavi (on drums) and Kelavi (on trumpet) have achieved a strong presence. Avanti Friday Nite Jazz - Farid Ali Mar 4 (Fri), 2005 (10 pm) The Avanti Friday Nite Jazz series returns for a fourth season at the Avanti Italian-American Ristorante at Sunway Lagoon Resort... Soul Cause Mar 4 (Fri), 2005 (8 pm) A concert with Julian Mokhtar and Band; Purple Haze; Paint It Black; Vijay + Fasy; and Stormy Weather; with a... Dari Bangsar Ke Bukit Nenas Mar 5 (Sat), 2005 (1 pm) Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur subjects Malaysiakini's office roof to the Shock System, Priceless Stupid Box, Lucy in the Loo,... Farid 'Mr. Gambus' Ali & Friends Mar 5 (Sat), 2005 (8.30 pm) Featuring Farid 'Mr. Gambus' Ali playing on his custom made gambus by Luthier Jeffrey Yong. Backed by Eric Li (keyboard),... The Vagina Monologues Sat Mar 5 - Sun 6 Thankfully, the long arms of DBKL have short fingers. Sabahan chicks get to tell us how angry their vaginas are. Sabah Trade Centre Theatre. Shiroi Te (The Pale Hand) Mar 5 (Sat), 2005 (4.30 pm) Masaru, a 5th grade student, is forced to befriend Takakiyo, a new classmate with sphincter problems. Afraid to be seen... Cik Siti Wan Kembang Mar 6 (Sun), 2005 (8 pm) Pelajar Fakulti Bahasa Moden serta pelajar Fakulti Pengajian Pendidikan yang mengambil subjek BBK 3305 (Kesusasteraan Rakyat Melayu) akan mengadakan satu... A Decade Under The Influence Mon Mar 7 A documentary paying tribute to American films from the seminal 70s. This nostalgic worship of those once-radical directors like Scorcese, Coppola, Altman, et al, should be inspiring for young filmmakers. Just remember: these rebels eventually became part of the institution and brought about their own redundancy, though they blamed it on Jaws and Star Wars. Help Institute, KL. Prana & Friends @ The Actors Studio Bangsar Mar 8 (Tue) & 9 (Wed), 2005 (8.30 pm) Presented by Work Trend PR Sdn Bhd, Prana is a versatile Malaysian fusion ensemble of talents, bringing together the "chill...
'My Indon Maid' by Mark Beau - TAS' Theatre in Progress @ The Actors Studio Bangsar
10 & 11 March
Entrance free with discussion after the show
A Gamesmanship from Penang - @ The Actors Studio Bangsar
12 & 13 March 100 Years Of Abdullah Ariff Dec 16, 2004 - Mar 13, 2005 (10 am - 6 pm) Known widely as the first significant Western influenced Malay artist, Abdullah Ariff (1904 – 1960) has contributed illustriously to the... Takung Jan 29 - Mar 20, 2005 (10 am - 6 pm) In February 2004, 29 visual artists gathered in Grik, Perak and took part in the Banding Lake Art Exploration, a... Lessons from Nature - exhibition by Zainal Musa Feb 1 - Mar 31, 2005 Lessons from Nature displays a selection of Zainal Musa's signature Malaysian landscapes in the French Impressionist style, set in the... The World of the Peranakan: Baba & Nyonya Heritage of South East Asia Feb 4 - Apr 3, 2005 (9 am - 6 pm daily) The World of the Peranakan - The Baba & Nyonya Heritage of South East Asia exhibition will re-create the lived... XL Show - an exhibition of Extra Large Works Feb 4 - Mar 12, 2005 (11 am - 8 pm; closed Sun) XOAS plays host to an exhibition of extra large artwork by Jolly Koh, Ismail Latiff, Eric Quah, Richard Wong, Lim... Art, Politik and Power Feb 5 - Apr 5, 2005 At the National Art Gallery's Peti Seni Di Sini - that box in the carpark - Art, Politik and Power... Click here to see exhibitions listings

The Moet Love Rendezvous

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Nokia Fantasy Football

Calling all wannabe football managers. This is your chance to show that you're better than the top guys in the EPL. Choose your players and play Nokia Fantasy Football. It's your chance to win a trip to the Final of the Barclay's English Premier League - to catch the action for real! Limber up! You'll need quick reflexes and wily strategy to play this game and win PINs to Nokia Fantasy Football. Plus Win a Nokia 7710 The kickoff is at Nokia Malaysia Posted by Hello

Friday, March 18, 2005

"I am a Force Of Nature" International Artist Concert

Force of Nature Concert for Tsunami Aid Date : 18 March 2005 Time : 7:00pm Venue : Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Venue : Kuala Lumpur "I Am A Force Of Nature" is our rallying cry. It is a campaign to educate and empower people throughout the world with the belief that every individual can make a diffrence in the long-term aid of tsunami-affected countries. The centerpiece of this effort is a multi-artist benefit concert aimed to raise funds and motivate a worldwide audience to act now and continue to do so for the years to come. This year, Force of Nature Concert for Tsunami Aid will take place Friday, March 18, 2005 at Stadium Putra in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Artist line-up (Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, Black Eyed Peas, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Sheila Majid, Anuar Zain, Dayang Nurfaizah, Innuendo,.. and more artists to be announced.. See Picture Above) All ticket proceeds go towards the long-term aid and assistance of the Tsunami victims. Ticket Price: Category A - RM552 Category B - RM352 Category C - RM242 (Sold Out Online) Category D - RM182 (Sold Out Online) Category E - RM82 (Sold Out Online) but we have a few more tickets left.. Call 012-3712312 for more info.. first come first serve.. prices may vary. We're Are Still Taking Orders.. somehow.. (u can still SMS/Call to enquire on Friday.. you never know..) All Collections at Nouvo KL :) Press Release 9th March Fans of major acts like Black Eyed Peas, Boyz II Men and Backstreet Boys will have the chance to catch them in concert and at the same time help rebuild countries affected by the Dec 26 tsunami. The Force of Nature concert, to be held on March 18 at Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, will include major local performers and artistes from Hong Kong, India, China and the United States. The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Tsunami Disaster Aid and Assistance Tan Sri Razali Ismail said the event would be broadcast live with the help of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Event organiser, the newly launched Force of Nature Foundation, hopes to raise RM10mil from the concert, he said at a press conference at the TV3 headquarters in Sri Pentas. Razali said he hoped Malaysians would support the event even though they had earlier donated generously to tsunami victims. He added that they hoped to fill the 80,000-capacity stadium and that ticket prices and ticketing locations would be determined in a week's time. The foundation, launched at the media briefing yesterday, is a fund-raising vehicle which comprises private organisations and individuals from here and abroad. The foundation will provide assistance to tsunami victims and to victims of other natural disasters. Razali, who is also the foundation's special ambassador, added that prominent Malaysians like Datuk Michelle Yeoh were among its members. Press Release 7th March Backstreet Boys, Black Eyed Peas and other international acts are hoping their music can help soothe the trauma of the Dec 26 Tsunami when they gather for a "Force of Nature" charity concert in Malaysia this month. "If we can lend our music to a situation something of this nature, to bring a relief to the situation, we'll always do that," said Wanya Morris of the Grammy-winning R&B quartet Boyz II Men, one of the bands that will perform in Kuala Lumpur on March 18. The Force of Nature Concert for Tsunami Aid is the first initiative of a nonprofit organization in Kuala Lumpur dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the victims of natural disasters, spearheaded by former Malaysian diplomat Razali Ismail, the country's tsunami envoy. Proceeds will go toward rebuilding communities devastated by the tsunami in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. A total of 173,041 to 182,340 people died in 11 countries, most of them in Indonesia. The number of missing ranges from 107,985 to 129,897. Some 60,000 children were orphaned. Joining Boyz II Men are Black Eyed Peas, boy band Backstreet Boys, and Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean, former members of hip-hop trio the Fugees. "When you see something like that (tsunami) happen, that is just incomprehensible. You want to definitely do anything you can possibly to raise money to even just lift people's spirits up and make them happy again," said Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys. A transcript of the comments of the artists made in a promotional video taped Thursday was sent to The Associated Press on Friday. The videotapes were distributed to television stations worldwide (As seen on Astro). "The relief part of it is done. But now comes the hard part with the reconstruction and redevelopment. It's also trying to heal these deep wounds they have undergone; to overcome the trauma," Razali said, speaking on the videotape. For posting of previous press release, click here. See Force of Nature website and Bluehyppo for more information or Axcess Tickets to purchase your tickets online or call +603-77115000 now. Smoove & Ascension supports Tsunami Aid. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Regenerate Red Zone @ Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2005

Press Release Regenerate Red Zone @ Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2005 Helipad, Sepang International Circuit Saturday, 19 March 2005 Featuring DJs Eddie Halliwell (UK) Adam Freeland (UK) Felix Da Housecat (US) Ben Katana (M’SIA) Romel (M’SIA) VJs Visuals by 4youreye (eyecon-vienna-austria) In conjunction with the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2005, Sepang International Circuit and Tempo Event Sdn Bhd, will be organizing an outdoor party within the vicinity of the race circuit during the grand prix weekend. The event will be the 1st dance party to be organized during Formula 1 Grand Prix in Malaysia. Event Information Theme : Regenerate Red Zone Date : Saturday, 19th March 2005 Venue : Helipad Sepang International Circuit Time : 7.00 pm – 3:00am Tickets Information : Ticket Hotline : 03 2072 9443 Door Tickets : RM 30 + 1 drink Race Ticket Holders : RM 25 (Race tickets must be presented as proof of purchase) Free Passes for the first 300 from 7pm to 9pm. Bus Transportation : Free Shuttle Pick up from Crown Regency, Jalan P.Ramlee to Helipad, Sepang International Circuits (SIC) 8pm, 9pm, 10, 11pm, 12am. SIC to Crown Regency, Jalan P. Ramlee 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am By Car There is ample parking at the venue. Designated Parking PA1 Event Website : Posted by Hello

Prodigy (UK) Live @ KL Tower

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International Concert at Sepang Circuit

For those who have tickets for the F1 Petronas Grand Prix. Please note that you have access to attend the International Concert to be held on Sunday 20th March immediately after the F1 Race. The stage is located immediately behind the Support Paddock facing the Hillstand. You can ask the Circuit staff for directions. Artistes include: Status Quo (UK) Tata Young (Thailand) Shanti (Indonesia) Frequency Cannon (Malaysia) and more.. Free for all F1 ticket holders

Bed Supperclub featuring Fred Jungo at Passion

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China White's (London) "DJ Philharmonic" at Nouvo

Nouvolicious presents DJ Philharmonic (London)
with warm up by DJ Augie and DJ Biggie at Nouvo
17th & 18th March 2005.
10pm till late.
DJ Philharmonic has blasted his tunes in London's West Clubs like Wax, Elysium, Trap, Click, Browns, Mayfair Club, CC Club, Cirque, NYT, Privy 57, Attica, China White & Aura and entertained at after parties for Busta Rhymes, Cassidy, Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas, Puff Daddy, Eve, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and more.. You know you can't miss this.. Thursday Before 12 Midnight - Ladies Free, Guys Rm 30 After Midnight - Ladies Rm 30, Guys Rm 40 Friday Before 12 Midnight - Ladies 25, Guys Rm 30 After Midnight - Ladies Rm 30, Guys Rm 40 And look out for DJ Fuzz (of Teh Tarik Crew) spinnin RnB this Sunday night. Smoove recommends this event at Nouvo for the unofficial after party the Force Of Nature concert laaaa... The official one is at the Stadium (by Invitation Only of coz).. cus it's gonna be R&B with a dash of Old Skool Flavaz "Straight Up London Style".. we like.. :) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Grand Master Flash @ Ghetto Heaven, Zouk Mainroom

Pepsi presents Grand Master Flash @ Ghetto Heaven, Zouk Mainroom Thursday 17th March 2005 During hip-hop’s nearly 30-year history, few names have become as well-known to music lovers across the globe as that of Grandmaster Flash. Not only is he responsible for inventing the musical genre called Hip-Hop but his pioneering use of the turntables make him The First DJ to play the Turntables as a Musical Instrument. Thus, helping to elevate the status of the DJ to a masterful, artistic position, and he is responsible for assembling one of the earliest and greatest rap groups of all time – The Furious Five – these are some of the hallmarks of a career which has extended from the Bronx in the early 1970s to all corners of the globe into the 21st century. Do not miss The Godfather of Hip Hop in action. Admission (incl. 1 drink): RM40 Ladies enter free before midnight Brought to you by Pepsi

Coming in Zouk and Velvet this weekend

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Hot and Cool F1 Party

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Unique F1 Memorabilia On Auction At E-Bay Malaysia

media release Unique F1 Memorabilia On Auction At E-Bay Malaysia Monday, March 14, 2005 Racing fans now have the opportunity to be proud owners of unique Formula One memorabilia including the 2003 racing suits of Ferrari’s dynamic duo Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, which are currently on auction in the internet at e-bay Malaysia. Offered at a starting auction price of RM1, the other items on auction include a Ferrari V10 engine, Jarno Truli’s Renault F1 race suit, Felipe Massa’s racing suit and replica helmet and Jacques Villeneuve’s racing suit and replica helmet. “All these items have already been put on auction at since March 8 and bids will close on Thursday night on March 17,” says Azhar Ghazali, the Press Officer of Sepang International Circuit. “These are all priceless; collectors’ items that are very, very rare. Fans can check the full list and the current highest bid at the website,” he said, adding that proceeds from the auction would be channelled to the Tsunami disaster fund. Apart from the auction through e-bay, Sepang International Circuit would also be raising funds for the Tsunami victims through a charity auction to be conducted at the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Ice Gala. Organised for the first time, Ice Gala will be held on March 17 at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. Apart from a long list of other F1 memorabilia, other items to be placed under the auctioneer’s hammer at the Ice Gala would include jewellery and fine watches from Audemars Piquet. They would be putting a special show of their watches and jewellery that night. The Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Ice Gala will be graced by His Majesty the King and Her Majesty The Queen, the Ice Gala would be attended by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet members, celebrities, socialites, captains of the industry, F1 drivers and team principals and officials from Formula One Management (FOM) and All Sports Management – the commercial arm of FOM. With Grammy Award winning jazz diva Diana Krall as the performing artist, CNN anchorwoman Lorraine Hahn as the master of ceremony and an attendance of high profile guests, the F1 promoter hoped to create a spectacular evening to reflect the glamour and glitz of the Formula One event. Malaysia will organize Round 2 of the 2005 Formula One Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix, which would be held this weekend at Sepang Circuit.Posted by Hello

A Stellar Sold Out Event – Recharge@Zoukfest

A Post Event write up on ZoukFest at Genting Highlands The promise of a mind liberating experience combined with the energy and vibe of the celebration while uniting the power of music at Recharge @ Zoukfest has become a vision come true. Living up to the promise of presenting an unforgettable outdoor experience in the cool and refreshing highlands of Genting, Zoukfest opened its gates and welcomed an entire platoon of excited clubbers by the thousands. Spanning a broad spectrum of style, ambience & genres, Zoukfest proudly brings Zouk Mainroom, Ghetto Heaven & Velvet Underground away from the smog of the city, and into the clouds up in the highlands. Driving up the winding steep road to the First World Hotel Bus Terminal with only one thing in mind… to party! While it was invigorating to breakaway from KL city’s congestion, the thick fog and strong winds, plus a slight drizzle at the beginning of the night set droplets of water which sent chills across the skin of partygoers… but none to dampen the spirit of partying. Whetting the appetite of a sold out crowd totaling to 16,000 pax, party animals from all over the region turned up in anticipation of a top notch festival. The three arenas – Zouk Main Arena, Velvet Underground Arena and Ghetto Heaven Arena featuring Hip-Hop and R&B beats (the first for a Malaysian outdoor festival!) showcased amazing light and laser shows plus twisted fringe performances. Drawing crowds from around the region, partygoers feasted their auditory & optical senses to a wide array of international DJ’s supported by our Zouk ressies and local artistes. The Zouk Main Arena kicked off at 7pm with our very own Fono, followed by RaySoo pumping the decks at 8.15pm, who warmed up for Mr. C who rocked the early crowd at 9.30pm. Futureshock defied gravitational forces at 11pm, while raising the pulses skywards on the dance floor that was packing up. When Way Out West started at 12.30am, Omi’s vocals shone with Nick Warren and Jodi Wisternoff behind the decks. At precisely 2.30am, Filterheadz took over and rocked the crowd wild. The highly interactive duo made their presence felt while the appreciative party goers cheered them on. Simultaneously, the Ghetto Heaven Arena pioneering the first outdoor hip-hop & R&B party in Malaysia started with Australian DJ’s Fluke & Simon Sez at 7pm. Joining forces while pumping up the crowd is Zouk’s very own Ghetto Heaven resident DJ T-Bone behind the decks together with Joe Flizzow of Too Phat showcasing his vocal talents on live PA at 9pm. By 11pm, Goldfish claimed his throne of the decks with his selection, while Crazy Carleed took over the mic with his vocal skills. At 1am, Deadly Avenger’s proved his fearsome reputation on the turntables by bringing up the notches. Cut La Roc’s set wowed the crowd starting 2.30am and sent them into a massive dancing frenzy with party stoking anthems all the way til 4.15am. By then, Goldfish & T-Bone popped up a surprise by playing back to back for the already elated groove enthusiasts. Standing majestically perched exclusively on the helipad, the Velvet Underground Arena presented a jaw dropping optical feast for the eyes. With resident DJ Shazz warming up the crowd at 8pm, our very own Leonard T then charmed them with his selection at 9pm. Velvet Underground’s ressie DJ Gabriel teamed up with vocalist, songwriter and producer Haze for a combined taskforce which mesmerized everyone that lasted until a half hour before midnight. By then, the crowd was hyped up for Jon Cutler who played the decks with his careful selection of quality house music. Hardsoul picked up the pace at 1am til ATFC took over at 2.30am. DJ Gabriel reigned the decks again starting 4am til closing. While all the main arenas served a concoction of soul grooving tunes, fringe performers further entertained with mind boggling costumes & non-stop interaction with the crowd. A wide array of sumptuous stalls offering fresh and warm mouth watering food whetted the appetite of many. The Recharge Spa offered the cure to aching feet and muscles with massages and holistic therapies. The overwhelming vibe and energy at Zoukfest 05 lives on, and many experiential journeys will continue through the years. The passion for party, music and life injects soul to the Zouk experience. See you next year.