Friday, December 03, 2004

Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia presents Malaysian Shorts

6th December 2004 . Monday Another power-packed compilation of Malaysian Shorts co-curated by Bernard Chauly and Amir Muhammad, this December edition rounds up some of the best of Malaysian work this year, most of them winners at the 9th Malaysian Video Awards as well as other competitions such as the Cyberjaya Digital Video Competition and Astro Short Film Competition. Venue: 8.00pm, HELP Institute Auditorium, KL Admission: Free! Come early to grab a seat, stay behind to vote for our Audience Choice Awards!!! The Shorts: 1. Grey Avenue (Eugene Foo / 5mins / Animation) 2. Red Drawing (Margaret Bong / 13mins / Narrative) 3. Panic Attacks (Wayne Ho & Quah Chia Seang / 2mins / Experimental) 4. There Is A Day (Brenda Danker / 8mins / Narrative) 5. Cycle Of Thought (Kh Leong / 4mins / Animation) 6. Defiled (Desmond Hew / 18mins / Narrative) 7. Feathered Skin (Johannis Macdonald / 10mins / Experimental) 8. Sama Orige (Bryant Low / 6mins / Narrative) 9. Ave Mobil (Chris Cheng / 6mins / Animation) 10. An Interview With A Pool (Chee Guo Lin / 13mins / Narrative) 11. Arms Of Marianne (Mussadique & Hafez Jordan Suleiman, Rauf Fadzilla, Joshua Wong / 5mins / Music Video) 12. A Tree In Tanjung Malim (Tan Chui Mui / 22mins / Narrative)

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