Monday, December 13, 2004

Little Violet & the Angel @ Actor's Studio and more

Little Violet & the Angel Now showing at Actor's Studio Bangsar Shopping Complex till December 30th. Featuring Sandra Sodhy, Manomaniam and Joanna Bessey. "Kids will love the angels and puppets" You think being an angel is all harps and cotton wool? Think again! This holiday season, Gardner & Wife presents ‘Little Violet and The Angel’ by Philip Osment – the perfect play for the whole family! Joint winner of the UK’s prestigious Peggy Ramsay Award for Best New Play 2000, this magical play is funny, tender and true. A great introduction to theatre’s magic, it includes puppetry, live music and song to create a wondrous adventure, and an unforgettable exploration of the joys and heartaches of living and loving. It has delighted audiences worldwide from the UK to Singapore, and will be presented in Malaysia for the first time! Thu Dec 9 - Thu 30, 2004 (8.30pm nightly, except Mondays, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Sundays and Wednesdays: additional 3pm shows. On Saturdays: additional 12pm shows.) RM 52.00 / RM 67.00 Promotions: RM 208 (Early bird Family Package for 4 centre seats, valid 11 – 15/12/04 evening shows) Charity Shows in aid of Calvary Life ministries: RM 80.00 / RM 100.00 (9 - 11 Dec, 2004) Down Memory Lane With Alfred Ho Date: 24 December @ 8pm Presented by The Actors Studio. Featuring the Jose Feliciano of Malaysia, Alfred Ho with guest artistes Amin Sharif B. Abdullah on keyboard and Theresa Ng on Gu Zheng. Alfred Ho is best known for his unbeatable repertoire of Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and Johnny Horton. Price: RM 32 (Adults) & RM 17 (Students, Sr. Citizens & Disabled) Dangerous Children Date: 1 Jan 2005 @ 8.30pm 2 Jan 2005 @ 3pm & 8.30pm Presented by The Actors Studio. Written and directed by Mark Beau de Silva. Featuring Adrian Chang, Fiza Salleh, Fariza Ariffin, Lee Chun Kit, and Brenda Ng. There's a new boy at Sekolah Menengah Seri Feri, and he's in for a treat! Used to the 'safe' confines of a co-ed school, Boon is shocked at Sekolah Menengah Seri Feri, an all boys' school, complete with scary repressed cikgus and sexually confused students. Then, amidst the confusion and change, he sees this weird brown boy flipping the Avon catalogue, and the weird boy smiles...and it begins. A friendship, between a boy, and a boy. Boon, and Eddie. As their friendship blossoms, Boon is introduced to a world where young girls regard pineapples as more than a fruit. He learns why some teachers never get to marry, and why there are weird sounds from the all boys asrama at night. It's a dangerous world at Sekolah Menengah Seri Feri, and the only way to deal with it is to be just as bad. Price: RM22(Adults) & RM 12(Students) Krismas In Kulim @ Greenhall Date: 28 - 30 December @ 8.30pm Presented by The Actors Studio. Written and directed by Mark Beau de Silva. Featuring Fariza Ariffin, Adrian Chang, Lucille Dass, Lee Chun Kit and Chee Pheng. Caroline Jane has decided to make the ultimate sacrifice this Christmas for her new husband; to celebrate the season with her in-laws in Kulim. Determined to play Santa Claus, Mother Teresa and Jesus all at once, Caroline is confident that her enthusiasm will change the quiet Kulim although she does say, 'I don't think the spirit of Christmas is anywhere near a place called, Kulim, or Machang Bubok'. As she introduces her traditional Christmas, of perfect presents, carols and a turkey, the in-laws'; Pa, Mak and the irrepressible Ah Noi have other plans... Christmas in Kulim is an unlikely Christmas story set in an 'unChristmasy' part of Malaysia, but there will be carols, presents, and a big bowl of steamed herbal frogs soup...all in the spirit of the season! Price: RM 25 (Adults) & RM 15 (Students & Sr. Citizens) See Actor's Studio for more details.

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