Monday, June 17, 2013

CEO - Malaysian Indie Film

It is good to see that local films are jumping on the indie bandwagon. "CEO"(Chief Executive Officer) scores several firsts, being new kid on the block ARAfilm's first feature film production as well as the directorial debut of newcomer Razaiyam Rashid.

Described as a comedy with "quirky elements" by director, "CEO" also marks his feature film.

CEO" came about after Razaisyam entered a kickstarter reality show and being asked about where he saw himself in five years started him thinking about directing a feature film.

The film's lead actors are Remy Ishak of "29 Februari" fame and Beto Kusyairy of "Istanbul Aku Datang". CEO co-stars Cristina Suzanne ("KIL"), Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan and Deanna Yusoff. Before he wrote the script, Razaisyam already had his dream cast in mind, especially the lovely and talented Deanna.

Without being too much of a spoiler, CEO is about Adam (Ishak) the CEO of a successful corporate empire while Sufian (Kusyairy) is a happy go lucky pizza boy whose only aim in life is to play pool after work. In a freak accident their worlds collide that results in Sufian exchanging places with Adam. Having lost everything, Adam is determined to unravel the mystery behind his misfortune.

Filming began on 15 June 2013 around Kuala Lumpur for 25 days, for an expected release date in 2014.

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