Sunday, October 02, 2005

Philips & MTV Launch Season 3 of MTV Whatever Things

Philips & MTV Launch Season 3 of MTV Whatever Things, Announce ‘MTV NY Studio Passport’ Contest

All expenses paid trip for two to chill at MTV’s Times Square studio to catch a live show and hang out with world’s hottest artists and coolest VJs – then co-host a show with Edison Chen!

Good things come in three's, and MTV Whatever Things is proof in point! Back for the third consecutive year, and inspired by free-style spirit of Philips mobiles and MP3 portables, the fun-filled and wacky Season Three of MTV Whatever Things promises to be the coolest yet, with more celebrity appearances, goofier gags and by far the hottest prizes to boot. If you can convince the notorious Aiya Gang that your stunt ideas are the most creative, funky and freestylin’ in Asia then you’ll be jetting off to NYC with your best friend for a few days of star-studded action, hangin’ out at MTV’s Times Square studio, sittin’ in on a live show and chillin’ with the hottest artists and coolest VJs. Sound like fun? Then get off your duff and submit your most creative and wacky stunt ideas now!

The MTV Whatever Things ‘MTV NY Studio Passport’ Contest kicks off across Asia on 16 August 2005.

If a stylin’ trip to New York with Philips and MTV isn’t cool enough for you, then the very sweet icing on the very big cake is that you’ll also get to co-host a show on MTV Asia with Hong Kong’s Crown Prince of Cool…Mr. Edison Chen. Think you can handle it?

If so, you’ve got to enter the Philips and MTV Whatever Things ‘MTV NY Studio Passport’ Contest today! All you need to do is submit your most creative idea for a stunt that you want to see the Aiya Gang perform on the show. If you’re idea is chosen you’ll get full credit plus that dream passport to NYC and all things great at MTV studios. And speaking of dreaming, submitting your freestylin’ stunt ideas couldn’t be easier!

Would-be stunt masters can log onto MTV Asia’s website ( for contest submission details or sign up in person at the Philips and MTV Whatever Things on-the-ground fun fest, kicking off next month across 7 cities in Asia Pacific. (Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Bangalore, Jakarta, Manila and Shanghai) Can’t make it? Don’t have on-line access? Do you live in a cave? Well jot your ideas on a drink coaster or a rock and come in person and we’ll make sure your nutty stunt ideas get submitted to the Aiya Gang! And remember, we’re looking for heroic stunts – candid, creative, freestylin’ outrageous, totally entertaining and non-stop-howling.

Come as you are!

All of the kick-start fun fests across all seven countries are going to feature local MTV VJs, hot bands, tons of cool Philips products and a couple of extreme stunts performed live by Asia’s wackiest and nuttiest group of jesters, the infamous Aiya Gang! It’s a party not to be missed, and the golden opportunity to see the Aiya stars in person and be inspired to up the ante with your coolest stunt idea!

See the action Live!

Be there to witness one of MTV Networks Asia’s best reality missions ever – the MTV Whatever Things 2005, inspired by free-style spirit of Philips mobiles and MP3 portables. Hosted by MTV’s funkiest VJ Colby Miller, with appearances by Aiya Gang (fronted by Hong Kong superstar Edison Chen) and local sensation Ahli Fiqir, there’s no place you should be this October 2nd, other than Sunway Pyramid. This year, MTV Whatever Things is into its 3rd season with more exciting events to offer. This year’s ‘contest’, themed “MTV NY Studio Passport Contest”, is iced with bigger prizes, tastier goodies – and MTV is all set to blast-off with style. Besides endless entertainment such as breakdancing, impromptu stunts and great music, contest participants will stand a chance to win fabulous prizes from Philips, and loads of MTV goodie giveaways. Look forward to seeing you there! Details as follows: Date: Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 Time: 3.30pm Venue: Sunway Pyramid, Oasis Boulevard (near the main entrance)

Tune in now!

MTV Whatever Things season three gets rolling in mid-September on MTV SEA, as well as MTV Philippines, MTV Indonesia, MTV India and MTV China. Check out to sign up for the biggest, the baddest, and the hottest all-Asia talent search and get the inside scoop on MTV Whatever Things. And to get up to speed on Philips latest ultra cool gear, you’ll want to jump into Philips’ consumer product site,

This year’s contest - running in China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and the Philippines - is hoping to uncover the most creative and extreme talent all over Asia. Think you’ve got a shot at being the MTV Whatever Things ‘MTV NY Studio Passport’ Contest winner? Then submit your stunt ideas today!

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