Saturday, October 22, 2005

GEMMA Youth Based Humanitarian Organization

GEMMA has just been born to play its part in trying to make this world a better place. GEMMA is a youth based humanitarian organization. We will be organizing our organization's official press launch on the 18th November 2005 at the Putra World Trade Centre and will be officiated by YA Bhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. We have also invited officials from various government and non government agencies such as The Ministry of Youth and Sports, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Education and The UN to support our organization Launch. We are looking for volunteers to assist this launch. We don’t have much time and resources and hope that you all may be able to help in these departments: 1. Inviting and following up on guests to the launch (Urgent!!). - expected number of guest: 150

- corporate sector - Higher Learning Institutions - NGOs and Youth groups 2. During the event day - usherers - decoration - general helpers GEMMA's vission is to embed the humanitarian spirit within the youths of Malaysia. our objectives are: To provide a platform for the youth to be involved in humanitarian activities; To provide knowledge and skills to the public especially the youth on constructive and positive reactions towards disasters; To provide the best and most effective humanitarian assistance for civilians in any disasters, conflict, or underdeveloped/ impoverished communities; and To promote global humanitarian culture and ideology in Malaysia

GEMMA plans to achieve its objectives by creating and providing a platform for everyone espescially youths in humanitarian related activities and programs such as: a. Humanitarian Workshops GEMMA has identified the basics and the dynamics of working in a humanitarian relief aid environment. Get trained by highly qualified trainers on emergency rescue where you can learn the basics of First Aid, Ascending and Descending (A&D), Search and Rescue (SAR), and safety precautions and coordination. Learn from experienced humanitarians the different aspects of disaster and conflict management, distribution of humanitarian aid, refugee and IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) care, trauma relief, needs assessment techniques, and many more. We hope to cultivate a generation of dynamic and efficient humanitarians. b. GEMMA Humanitarian Expeditions Our humanitarian expeditions is an activity that combines the adventurous experience of backpacking, with the soulful satisfaction of community based work. Travel and experience different and unique cultures, sceneries and people from places like Africa, Aceh, South Asia, Philippines, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, or wherever place that requires humanitarian assistance. Many areas in Malaysia too need a lot of humanitarian assistance in places and communities that have been devastated by flash floods, strong winds and also poverty. Not only you get to travel, we will coordinate participants and volunteers of our expeditions with the vast scopes of humanitarian duties such as Emergency Rescue, IDP and Refugee care, or maybe even education and psychosocial programs. With GEMMA, anybody can be a humanitarian. c. GEMMA Road Show and Humanitarian Campaign One of our strategies of attracting youths here in Malaysia in humanitarian relief is by conducting a National Road Show and a Campaign on Global Humanitarian Plights across higher learning institutions all over the country. The theme of the campaign is "A Touch Of Youth, For The Spirit Of Humanity". The objective of conducting this campaign is to educate the youths of Malaysia and make them aware of global issues such as world poverty, repercussions of war and conflicts, famine, and disasters. We would also like to educate these youths on what is humanitarian relief and the different aspects involved in it. With the backing of potential sponsors, we are hoping that we would be able to do this by early 2006. We are initially planning to have ten of these road shows. Our minimum target of the road show is for GEMMA to be established in the universities and colleges that we visit. We hope that in the future, GEMMA will have humanitarian volunteers from Universities and colleges all over Malaysia. If anyone is interested to help out, please get back to me ASAP. You may contact Zhariff at 016-9298317 or Mr Max 012-6700790. Thank you n god bless.

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