Saturday, May 07, 2011

The New Media Asia Conference 2011

The New Media Asia Conference is a 2-day conference on Social Media and the New Media. This includes the many facets of social networks, news portals, podcasts, etc. We will be exploring the usefulness of social media, as well as the reach of new media.

New Media is more than just stereotypically having a static presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a website. It is all about interactions, and the impact it has on the people that the media touches. The conference aims to broaden the views and test new ideas and theories and attendees can put them to use immediately.
The theme for 2011 is: “Impactive Engagement”.

Topics of focus include, but are not limited to:

    * the many facets of new media and how they are leading the way to engagement
    * social media and how media today involves conversations
    * compelling new business models
    * gaming and gamification of applications
    * social networking and social network services
    * digital goods
    * new marketing methodologies
    * how old media and new media collaborate
    * the evolution of media
    * enterprise uses of social media
    * analytics & measurement

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