Friday, April 22, 2011

Puma Social Club Tour Comes Full Circle

Press Release

Kuala Lumpur, 15 April 2011: All good things must come to an end, but PUMA, one of the world’s leading Sportlifestyle companies, made sure that its PUMA Social Club Tour ended with nothing short of a proverbial bang! Held at Black Box, Map @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, on a warm Friday evening, the event brought together after-hours athletes of all ages and showcased yet again that sports need not be held on a field or a court to be enjoyed.

The PUMA Social Club Tour kick started at Palete Pallette, 21 Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur on 11 March 2011, and made pit-stops at Monkey Bar, Penang and Cafe Roost Juice + Bar, Johor before coming full circle to Kuala Lumpur, where it provided a platform for groups of friends, both new and old, to play fun sports and games together, with PUMA as the social lubricant bringing them together.

The event got off on the right foot with DJ Anowl, winner of JUICE DJ Quest 2008 mesmerising the crowds with his selection of club step and drum ‘n bass inspired tunes (much to their delight) as guests walked into the make-shift gallery cum club, which has garnered a cult-like following amongst au courant KL-ites.

Upon registration, guests were each given a PUMA Social card and explained the mechanics of PUMA’s pimped-up interpretation of social sports (if they’re newbies, and have never been to any of the past events), before they were ushered to have their pictures taken by a host of PUMA ambassadors.

To get them into the mood of the evening’s proceedings, guests were immediately offered ice cold Heineken beer, whilst a host of PUMA brand ambassadors walked around the bar introducing them to the PUMA Social Life Scoreboard online programme on their iPads. “The Life Scoreboard is an online and mobile programme that allows you to keep a running score on any competition you like. It could be against your brother in ping pong, against your roommate in cheese eating or even between socialites and their jail time. Life Scoreboard allows you to score anything and everything, because life's more fun when you're keeping score, says Gabriel Yap, Head of Marketing for PUMA Malaysia.

“Anyone can participate, and all they need to do is to set up an account at, either via the internet or their iPhone. When we say that they can score anything and everything, we really do mean it: be it "cats versus dogs," "volcanoes versus airplanes," "you versus driving,” you name it! If people, places, or things can compete, they can have a Life Scoreboard.

Kicking off the evening’s proceedings were dynamic duo, Phat Fabes and Ben, flanked by uber sexy and hot, Jay Menon, who got the crowd in the right mood with their witty banter and self-deprecating humour, before handing the stage over to up-and-coming soulster, James Baum, who then showcased his vocal prowess through songs from his debut album, “My Lead”.

With James providing aural pleasures in the background, guests were introduced to the PUMA Social Stars challenge, where they got a chance to play ping-pong and foosball with a host of PUMA Social Friends such as DJs Hackeem, Anowl, Droolotte Tasha and Biggie, Bittersweet, Rina Omar, Zain Saidin, Nadhira, Nicholas Ong, Roshan Narayan, Calvin Cheong and Dennis Lau in exchange for points on their Life Scorecard. Some fared well, others not so good, but it was all in the name of the game to just have fun.

After a short pause, where guests were entertained by DJ Hackeem Elektrischer with his brand of indie electro dance floor tunes, the entertainment for the night escalated a notch higher with a rousing performance by local hip hop princess, Nadhira, before they were introduced to model-actor turned singer, Zain Saidin (yes, whose sister is Sasha Saidin, of now defunct girl group, Elite) who performed a series of songs from his soon-to-be-released debut album, which coincidentally, is produced by DJ Anowl. The highlight for the night was a duet between both popstars-in-the-making on a track written specifically for PUMA in celebration of their successful global campaign, which has gotten many after-hours athletes the world over rejoicing in unison.

At the stroke of midnight, 6 guests (3 males; 3 females) that collected the most number of ball stamps after participating in the array of social games were put through a series of challenges by hosts of the evening, before the top male and female winners were selected. They were then given a not-to-be-missed treat: a 1-minute“all you can grab” shopping spree at the PUMA display. Suffice to say, with encouragement received from the crowd, both winners did extremely well and managed to take home quite a number of products from the latest PUMA Social range.

“To be honest, attending this event is the highlight of my week as it provided me with an opportunity to make some new friends who are big on social sports as I am, while allowing me to catch up with some of my old friends whom I have lost contact with,” said Jason, one of the lucky callers of 8TV Quickie, who scored himself tickets to the talked-about event.

Violin virtuoso, Dennis Lau added, “I only played ping pong and foosball occasionally, so I was a bit rusty when I participated in the games at the kick-off event. However, after attending a few of the PUMA Social Club Tour events, my confidence grew and I actually got a lot better. Having said that, I know that it’s not all about the game, but the camaraderie that it generates; therefore, I have to give props to PUMA for inculcating that via their Social campaign.”

“PUMA pioneered the idea of SportLifestyle and built our brand on having fun,” says Gabriel. “With PUMA Social, we are honouring groups of friends who know the joy of playing sports at the bar, rather than at the gym. The campaign shuns the serious nature of organised sports and celebrates social sports that are timeless and authentic, and aims at bringing together after-hours athletes fans of old school diversions from around-the-world together, online and offline, to share in social banter and some friendly competition.”

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