Saturday, March 08, 2008

Shayna Zaid (NYC) - Live in Concert at Bar Savanh Too, Plaza Mont Kiara KL

Malaysian-American singer and songwriter, Shayna Zaid is coming back to share a piece of her heart through her second album, Half A World Away, as well as exclusive tracks from her highly anticipated third album to be released in 2008. These albums were produced in New York City and were specially recorded in celebration of her roots here in Malaysia as a dedication to her culture and heritage. Shayna Zaid’s unique vibe and signature sound encompasses many culturally diverse influences stemming from her childhood in Malaysia to her coming of age in the United States. Shayna’s soulful voice is unmistakable; powerful yet tender, strong yet sweet, and mature beyond her years. Combining very catchy hooks, heavily textured background vocals, clever lyrics, and beat driven music, Shayna’s music can compete with anything on radio today. Charisma and personality pour out of Shayna and her music, making it remarkably commercial, yet authentic and unique. The album is a “first of its kind” blend of American Pop, R&B, fused with traditional musical elements that originate from this part of the world which Shayna still proudly calls home. A concert not to be missed !!! The event also features DJ Johan to continue with the after party of R&B and Housexy music. Ticket counter opens by 8pm. Entry: RM35 (which include 1 drink) Time: 9pm-3am Bar Savanh Too is located directly behind McDonalds at Sunrise Plaza Mont Kiara.

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