Tuesday, November 29, 2005

MVA -10th Malaysian Video Awards

The MVA Council proudly announced that the 10th Malaysian Video Awards Festival has raised its largest prize money so far, a total of RM 230,000 (Ringgit Malaysia two hundred and thirty thousand) of which, 5 grants worth more than RM 45,000 will be awarded to the Experimental Video and short films awards’ winners by FINAS. Two sets of Adobe software, worth RM 1,200 each, will be sponsored by Adobe Systems Pte Ltd. The software is the prize for the Gold winners of Experimental Video: Animation and Experimental Video: Amateur. The Gold winner of the Short Film: Drama/Fiction will be awarded a grant worth of RM 1,500 by Kodak. The Experimental and Short Films awards were presented on Friday, 7:30 p.m 25th November at the National Art Gallery. The festival was kicked off at 4pm with a screening of this year’s notable entries in the awards, followed by the Official Opening Launch of 10th MVA and the Experimental Video & Short Film Awards Ceremony at 7.30pm. This year, 40 judges worked around the clock for the 25 categories and were satisfied with the quality of works submitted for the festival. The council received an overwhelming 400 entries. The Short Films entries gain positive comments from judges claiming that a number of entries this year are beautifully shoot and well written. The festival also aims to promote and encourage young and talented filmmakers and animators. With hopes of unearthing budding talents and providing them with a helping hand to chart out a career path, the experimental category provides a perfect platform for the young to showcase their talents. Click post title to visit MVA's Website.

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