Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Carlos Weekend Listings

*FRIDAY 09.07.04* "REINFORCE [4] PREVIEW PARTY @ CARLOS" (Friday 09.07.04) - 12-4am Line-up : - VICTOR G (Obsession/KL) - SAMUEL L SESSIONS (Sweden) "RESONANCE @ CARLOS" (Friday 09.07.04) - 4am- very late Line-up : - GLYNN TANDY ================================================ *SATURDAY 10.07.04* "RESIDENTIAL" - ALAM & MINTO ================================================ *SUNDAY 11.07.04* "SLEEPWALKERS" presents SANJAY MISTRY (UK) Sanjay Mistry began his addiction to house when he was only 13, and like many kids his age, was later inspired by the sounds of Pete Tong and Danny Rampling on Radio 1. Gradually, Sanjay became more involved with the music and quickly started tracking down the local records shops in his home town, Leicester. Their, his sound had really started to develop, being introduced to all forms of house music. At only 17 at the time, Sanjay hosted his own ‘Housewerk’ radio show on Loughborough student station, LCR. Here, he channelled his efforts into producing and hosting a show which would hopefully attract DJs he had long-admired for, such as DJs U-Freqs, Rob Mello, Tyler Stadius, Chris Duckenfield, and Asad Rizvi amongst a hatful of others, as well as championing ‘local/unknown talent’ that he is fond of. His hard work had paid off with the show receiving great accolades from many of the DJs that had appeared, and was later featured in the last ever issue of ‘Muzik’ magazine, describing him as ‘the next Pete Tong !’ ================================================= COVER CHARGE APPLIES Carlos @ 'The Place', G13A & G15, Damansara Perdana, 47820,

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