Thursday, January 20, 2005

Way to cheat a breathalyzer test.

In light of the recent publicity this matter has received since it was published in the Malay Mail front page and inside pages, we have made some additions to this original "you heard it here first" posting. Most of the accounts were true. There's more coverage on the ladies indecent dressing issue and with HAKAM offering their services to them (see below). For those who did get caught that night, tested negative and positive, released and got the pink slip to attend counselling. Please email us about it and we'll tell you what you need to do. We are going to help you contest it. You must move fast though. In future, if anyone of you gets caught in a police or religious authorities raid for alcohol consumption. These are some tips that may get you off the hook. Provided that you haven’t consumed 3 bottles of Mr. Jack or Miss Regal yourself. 1. If the lights come on in the club when it's not time to close, for god’s sake put that damn glass down unless you intend to get caught red handed. You know it’s a raid so start preparing your escape! 2. Go to the bar and ask for a pitcher or carafe of plain water. Drink the whole thing at once. Rule of thumb is to dilute as much crap in your system as fast as possible. 3. Go to toilet and piss. Repeat Step 2. If there’s no bar, then drink the water from the tap in the toilet. It may not be EvIaN, so what, don't be NaIvE, it's still water, H2O. We are still alive and well. Do this as frequent as you can without looking too suspicious, even when you're at the detention centre like every 30 minutes. Drink until you can’t stop going to the toilet. Flush it all out. If possible, try going to the toilet to drink 1-2 mugs full of water just 5 minutes before you get tested. 4. Take very deep and heavy breaths the entire time from the time they detained you till the actual test, to get as much alcohol vapours out of your system. Especially useful if you are hauled onto an open air truck and transported in the wee hours of the morning through town with fresh morning air around. Smoke the fresh air cigarette style. Not sure if actual cigarettes will help or make it worst. The more you breathe out, the less that remains in your body when the test is done, the higher the chances you don’t get detected. 5. Take your time, let others go before you. The more time you have, the more you can sober up and flush your system. 6. When breathing the breathalyzer, breathe out as normal as possible into the tube. Don’t force it and don’t make it too weak. They will detect you are up to something. 7. Cooperate at all times. You do not want to piss off people with more power than you when you are at a disadvantage. They have more power to screw you over ten folds. Let them make as many mistakes as they please to your advantage. Just note it down in your sophisticated phone and spread it to the media, human rights society and power political people in the country. That's when you have an open minded progressive society backing you up to your cause. 8. If all else fails.. Good luck.. ;) (discovered through logic) Additions.. For those of you planning to go out. These are the dates to be careful about. Jan: 20th, 25th, 28th Feb: 1st, 4th, 11th, 15th, 18th, 23rd, 26th. Almost a twice weekly affair. That was all i managed to see on the officers board (which is to the left of the cell in the picture). There was no mention which nightspots was targeted though. This may change if they know their dates have been exposed and compromised. The whole strategy behind these raids is not to deter people but rather, affect the businesses itself as the patrons will feel scared to go and hence affect sales and cash inflows. Sooner or later, due to dropping business and the disruptions, they close down. But history has thought us a few things. When there's a will, there's a way. More new places will mushroom up in place and people will still find ways to have a good time, law abiding or not. My only question right now is the ridiculous ceramah/lecture that we all who got caught have to be subjected to soon. When will these authorities and government training policy writers learn that, a few hours of words is not going to change the mentality of humans that has been programmed by the social environment over a longer period of time? It takes more than that to recondition the mind from its habit. It is a waste of public money and resources. This applies to those Khidmat Negara lectures too. And what was on their mind for doing the raid at 12.40am anyways??? People are still just arriving at that time! Duh?!! Fine, for those tested positive for alcohol, you are old enough to be responsible and accountable for own actions, sins and the repercussions that follows. We all grew up with our religious teachings so pretending to forget is not an excuse. Entertainment existed even in the time of our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). It may have evolved today but that is natural progression. For those who were released and tested negative for alcohol (the cell in the picture is empty as most of the 70-80 people were already released after 5 hours of being locked up, under the wrongful assumption by the authorities, that we were guilty of drinking alcoholic beverages), then why are we forced to attend it mandatorily when we have committed no offense by law? What is the crime here? For being in a public premise? Hell, if that's the case, lock us up for being in KLCC then! What's the difference? Lets be a regressive society forget all the accepted norms, and be a narrow minded country that is the laughing stock of others around the world. I am simply questioning the interpretations of the Islamic teachings and laws by the authorities and the public who are inconvenieced by these questionable practicality of it. If i commit a sin, then it is between me and Allah. No where do i see any other person or state law being a party to it. Has the original logic and common sense applied in the original teachings been twisted, distorted and intepretations deviated by those in position to do so? The summons carry the ink stamp of "Jabatan Perdana Menteri". We were not caught in the act of drinking and neither is there any evidence. I enjoy dancing and i love music. I'm not taking drugs and other substances. I was there for a business meeting. Most of us there are there to meet friends and de-stress after a long day of work in good clean fun manner. If we are innocently standing and observing in that venue or even dancing, then please show me the law that prohibits Muslims from being there and doing such acts. I do not see a signage that says, "Muslims are not allowed to enter this premises". So why are we being forced and subjected to attend a religious lecture with the pink slip that was given to each and everyone of us. Why is there nothing written in the charges section of the slip? It was partially completed (see picture of summon). Under what offense are we being charged under? Blank on the slip. If we are released and free to go, therefore the conclusion is, we are innocent and have been wrongfully arrested and detained by the authorities right? Then why is failure to attend the lecture result in a court order? What? I demand justice. Syariah lawyers out there, please advise us our basic human and religious rights. My legal question remains unanswered. Do we still have to go for this lecture even when we have been tested negative? And if we don't go, what can they do? No crime, no punishment right? As a famous local Chef once said, "Tolonglah! Ia sebuah kelab tarian dan sudah tentu niat saya pergi ke sana untuk menari. Bagi saya itu tidak salah kerana niat saya untuk berhibur sambil bersenam. Bukankah menari satu daripada riadah seperti aerobik?" Your open minded comments welcomed. Click on the left comment boxes for the 1st letter received from Hakam (Human Rights Society) for those who need their help and this link for another article on this. A new valued response from Hakam. There are a number of ways where one can seek redress. The one which I recommend, esp. by those who were abused and humiliated is to pursue criminal charges against the offending person. To put it simply, the Syariah jurisdiction covers only very small areas and cannot 'bercanggah dengan' the laws of the land passed in parliament. And when it comes to being abused, or if there has been a dereliction of duties, then it becomes a state matter and the actual Courts cover these areas. One can file a police report and give a witness statement. With that, either the police or the complainant (or both) can go to the Attorney General's office to pursue a case of wrongful confinement, abuse etc. For example in the Penal Code, there are a few sections that their experiences constitute a crime eg. 'uttering any word or making any gesture intended to insult the modesty of a person' or even 'act caused by inducing a person to believe that he/she will be rendered an object of Divine displeasure'. The other is taking a civil suit. This is also applicable whether or not one was caught by Jawi or whoever. If you have suffered abuse in the hands of the state including wrong confinement, religious bodies, you have a case and entitled to damages. The basic point is that you and your friends passed the test, and are innocent. No reason why you have to be 'punished' any more than you have already endured. Speed is of the essence here. We should act fast. If you & your friends like, HAKAM can even arrange a meeting with those detained and members of the Human Rights Bar Committee if you want more detailed advice, or if you want more clarification of your rights. Hey don't forget you all are not alone. A lot of people are in support of all of you, and want to help out.


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I salute your noble intentions and useful tips. But correct me if I'm wrong. The breath analyser readings are not conducted like drink driving enforcement. With driving, the law sets a minimum blood alcohol level. Caught below that your're OK.

In JAWI's case, they can still bust you if you have 000.1 % alcohol. And that can be easily confirm by a follow-up blood test after the initial blow job.

So the mouth gurgling, deep breaths may not work at all as there are bound to be micro residues which are detectable. Don't mean to be a party pooper, just thought you should know.